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Withersfield, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Em  29 Oct 1688Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3434 Tree001D 
2 ADAMS, John  9 Jun 1690Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3433 Tree001D 
3 ADAMS, Laurence  27 Sep 1703Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3427 Tree001D 
4 ADAMS, Lydia  19 Apr 1700Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3429 Tree001D 
5 ADAMS, Margaret  22 Apr 1711Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3423 Tree001D 
6 ADAMS, Margaret  30 Oct 1713Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3422 Tree001D 
7 ADAMS, Mary  24 May 1697Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3430 Tree001D 
8 ADAMS, Mary  13 Feb 1705/06Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3426 Tree001D 
9 ADAMS, Phillip  1 Mar 1701/02Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3428 Tree001D 
10 ADAMS, Sarah  17 Feb 1707/08Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3424 Tree001D 
11 ADAMS, Thomas  5 Jan 1694/95Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3431 Tree001D 
12 BENTLEY, Elizabeth  1776Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2100 Tree001D 
13 BENTLEY, Hannah  1778Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1699 Tree001D 
14 BENTLEY, John  1788Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1697 Tree001D 
15 BENTLEY, Joseph  1795Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1695 Tree001D 
16 BENTLEY, Mary  1791Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1696 Tree001D 
17 BENTLEY, Michael  1784Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1698 Tree001D 
18 BINKS, Sophia Ellen  1844Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2408 Tree001D 
19 BROWN, Arthur William  1892Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1719 Tree001D 
20 BROWN, Cornelius  1845Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1710 Tree001D 
21 BROWN, Edith Maud  1888Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3739 Tree001D 
22 BROWN, Eli  1850Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3745 Tree001D 
23 BROWN, Herbert  1894Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3815 Tree001D 
24 BROWN, James  1798Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1716 Tree001D 
25 BROWN, John  1810Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1713 Tree001D 
26 BROWN, John  1839Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1711 Tree001D 
27 BROWN, John  1890Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3738 Tree001D 
28 BROWN, Mary  1812Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1712 Tree001D 
29 BROWN, Mary  4 Oct 1812Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2745 Tree001D 
30 BROWN, Mary Ann  1897Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1721 Tree001D 
31 BROWN, Matilda  1842Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2677 Tree001D 
32 BROWN, Sarah  1853Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1709 Tree001D 
33 BROWN, Sidney William  1899Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1720 Tree001D 
34 BROWN, Stephen  1815Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3737 Tree001D 
35 BROWN, Thomas  1794Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2673 Tree001D 
36 BROWN, William  1807Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1715 Tree001D 
37 CHALLICE, Mary  1798Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1722 Tree001D 
38 CHALLICE, Sarah  1793Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1727 Tree001D 
39 CHALLICE, William  1795Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1723 Tree001D 
40 EVERETT, Anne  1805Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1469 Tree001D 
41 EVERETT, Anne  1817Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1461 Tree001D 
42 EVERETT, Eliza  1820Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1483 Tree001D 
43 EVERETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1806Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1466 Tree001D 
44 EVERETT, Frances  1810Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1465 Tree001D 
45 EVERETT, Hester  1823Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1460 Tree001D 
46 EVERETT, James  1808Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1467 Tree001D 
47 EVERETT, James  1815Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1462 Tree001D 
48 EVERETT, John  1812Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1463 Tree001D 
49 EVERETT, Lucy  1811Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1475 Tree001D 
50 EVERETT, Mary  1821Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1473 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BENTLEY, Elizabeth  1864Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2100 Tree001D 
2 BENTLEY, Joseph  May 1795Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1695 Tree001D 
3 BENTLEY, Richard  1832Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1701 Tree001D 
4 BIGMORE, Elizabeth  1862Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1478 Tree001D 
5 BRAND, Harriet  1859Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2678 Tree001D 
6 BROWNE, Susan  Mar 1835Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3850 Tree001D 
7 COPPING, Sarah  1848Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1640 Tree001D 
8 COWLE, Charlotte  2 Jun 1922Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2429 Tree001D 
9 CRANFIELD, Sarah  1852Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2735 Tree001D 
10 EVERETT, John  1841Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1480 Tree001D 
11 EVERETT, Mary  1829Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1473 Tree001D 
12 EVERITT, Thomas  1863Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1477 Tree001D 
13 FREE, Charlotte  1857Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1679 Tree001D 
14 FREE, Elizabeth  Sep 1795Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1690 Tree001D 
15 FREE, George  1827Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1694 Tree001D 
16 FREE, James  1798Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1706 Tree001D 
17 FREE, James  Oct 1812Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1687 Tree001D 
18 FREE, John  1849Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3735 Tree001D 
19 FREE, William  1871Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1684 Tree001D 
20 KIDDY, Arthur Edward  Mar 1893Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2715 Tree001D 
21 KIDDY, William  1829Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2756 Tree001D 
22 KIDDY, William  1831Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2762 Tree001D 
23 KIDDY, William  Mar 1855Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2121 Tree001D 
24 KIDDY, William  Jul 1872Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2746 Tree001D 
25 KIMMENCE, Caroline  Sep 1846Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1652 Tree001D 
26 KIMMENCE, Edith  Aug 1851Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1655 Tree001D 
27 KIMMENCE, Henry  Feb 1877Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1653 Tree001D 
28 KIMMENCE, John  1867Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1660 Tree001D 
29 KIMMENCE, John  1873Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2702 Tree001D 
30 KIMMENCE, Mary Ann  Dec 1846Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1659 Tree001D 
31 KIMMENCE, Stephen  1834Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1663 Tree001D 
32 LOVEDAY, Ann Matilda  Aug 1857Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3875 Tree001D 
33 LOVEDAY, Caroline  Mar 1847Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3841 Tree001D 
34 LOVEDAY, Celia  May 1836Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3851 Tree001D 
35 LOVEDAY, Charles  Feb 1879Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3853 Tree001D 
36 LOVEDAY, Charles Kiddy  1843Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3526 Tree001D 
37 LOVEDAY, Eliza  Oct 1840Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3846 Tree001D 
38 LOVEDAY, Harriet  1842Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3857 Tree001D 
39 LOVEDAY, James Worledge  1868Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3855 Tree001D 
40 LOVEDAY, John Stephen  1875Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3831 Tree001D 
41 LOVEDAY, William  Dec 1819Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3856 Tree001D 
42 MEDCALF, Sarah Ann  1869Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2729 Tree001D 
43 METCALFE, George  1846Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1645 Tree001D 
44 METCALFE, Sarah  1822Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1486 Tree001D 
45 OSBORN, Elizabeth  1867Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1651 Tree001D 
46 RAWLINSON, Frances  1796Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1700 Tree001D 
47 RAWLINSON, Mary  1868Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2671 Tree001D 
48 SCOTT, Phoebe  1873Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3840 Tree001D 
49 SPARKES, Lydia  1874Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2326 Tree001D 
50 TATTERSOLE, Samuel  1826Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1626 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BENTLEY, Elizabeth  10 Nov 1864Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2100 Tree001D 
2 BENTLEY, Joseph  20 May 1795Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1695 Tree001D 
3 BENTLEY, Richard  28 May 1832Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1701 Tree001D 
4 BIGMORE, Elizabeth  18 Sep 1862Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1478 Tree001D 
5 BRAND, Harriet  20 Feb 1859Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2678 Tree001D 
6 BROWNE, Susan  28 Mar 1835Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3850 Tree001D 
7 COPPING, Sarah  30 Jul 1848Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1640 Tree001D 
8 CRANFIELD, Sarah  11 Nov 1852Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2735 Tree001D 
9 EVERETT, John  7 Sep 1841Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1480 Tree001D 
10 EVERETT, Mary  27 May 1829Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1473 Tree001D 
11 EVERETT, Sarah  2 Oct 1832Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1472 Tree001D 
12 EVERETT, Thomas  1 May 1870Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2987 Tree001D 
13 EVERITT, Thomas  12 Nov 1863Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1477 Tree001D 
14 FREE, Charlotte  26 Jul 1857Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1679 Tree001D 
15 FREE, Elizabeth  28 Sep 1795Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1690 Tree001D 
16 FREE, George  22 Feb 1827Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1694 Tree001D 
17 FREE, James  26 Aug 1798Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1706 Tree001D 
18 FREE, James  18 Oct 1812Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1687 Tree001D 
19 FREE, John  11 Nov 1849Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3735 Tree001D 
20 FREE, William  14 Dec 1871Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1684 Tree001D 
21 KIDDY, Edith  22 Nov 1875Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2565 Tree001D 
22 KIDDY, William  5 Dec 1829Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2756 Tree001D 
23 KIDDY, William  1 Oct 1831Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2762 Tree001D 
24 KIDDY, William  27 Mar 1855Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2121 Tree001D 
25 KIDDY, William  7 Mar 1872Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2741 Tree001D 
26 KIDDY, William  31 Jul 1872Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2746 Tree001D 
27 KIDDY, William Charles  18 Jan 1865Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2726 Tree001D 
28 KIMMENCE, Caroline  23 Jun 1835Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1656 Tree001D 
29 KIMMENCE, Caroline  24 Sep 1846Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1652 Tree001D 
30 KIMMENCE, Edith  4 Aug 1851Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1655 Tree001D 
31 KIMMENCE, Henry  14 Feb 1877Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1653 Tree001D 
32 KIMMENCE, John  29 Jan 1867Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1660 Tree001D 
33 KIMMENCE, John  17 May 1873Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2702 Tree001D 
34 KIMMENCE, Mary Ann  11 Dec 1846Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1659 Tree001D 
35 KIMMENCE, Stephen  28 Jan 1834Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1663 Tree001D 
36 LOVEDAY, Ann Matilda  31 Aug 1857Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3875 Tree001D 
37 LOVEDAY, Caroline  7 Mar 1847Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3841 Tree001D 
38 LOVEDAY, Celia  17 May 1836Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3851 Tree001D 
39 LOVEDAY, Charles  3 Mar 1879Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3853 Tree001D 
40 LOVEDAY, Eliza  14 Oct 1840Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3846 Tree001D 
41 LOVEDAY, Harriet  29 May 1842Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3857 Tree001D 
42 LOVEDAY, James Worledge  5 Feb 1868Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3855 Tree001D 
43 LOVEDAY, John Stephen  8 Aug 1875Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3831 Tree001D 
44 LOVEDAY, William  7 Dec 1819Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3856 Tree001D 
45 METCALFE, George  12 Apr 1846Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1645 Tree001D 
46 METCALFE, Sarah  24 Jun 1822Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1486 Tree001D 
47 OSBORN, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1867Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1651 Tree001D 
48 RAWLINSON, Frances  27 Jun 1796Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1700 Tree001D 
49 RAWLINSON, Mary  1 Apr 1868Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2671 Tree001D 
50 RAWLINSON, Rebecca  19 Jul 1868Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1476 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 BENTLEY, Elizabeth  26 May 1776Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2100 Tree001D 
2 BENTLEY, Hannah  20 Sep 1778Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1699 Tree001D 
3 BENTLEY, John  5 Oct 1788Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1697 Tree001D 
4 BENTLEY, Joseph  10 May 1795Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1695 Tree001D 
5 BENTLEY, Mary  12 May 1791Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1696 Tree001D 
6 BENTLEY, Michael  11 Apr 1784Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1698 Tree001D 
7 BRADNAM, Albert  15 May 1870Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2645 Tree001D 
8 BRADNAM, Catherine Julia  25 Dec 1864Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3816 Tree001D 
9 BROWN, Arthur William  1 May 1892Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1719 Tree001D 
10 BROWN, Cornelius  11 May 1845Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1710 Tree001D 
11 BROWN, Edith Maud  16 Sep 1888Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3739 Tree001D 
12 BROWN, Eli  19 May 1850Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3745 Tree001D 
13 BROWN, Herbert  1 Jul 1894Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3815 Tree001D 
14 BROWN, James  18 Feb 1798Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1716 Tree001D 
15 BROWN, John  24 Jun 1810Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1713 Tree001D 
16 BROWN, John  19 May 1839Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1711 Tree001D 
17 BROWN, John  6 Apr 1890Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3738 Tree001D 
18 BROWN, Mary  5 Jul 1812Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1712 Tree001D 
19 BROWN, Mary Ann  4 Apr 1897Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1721 Tree001D 
20 BROWN, Matilda  27 Mar 1842Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2677 Tree001D 
21 BROWN, Sarah  3 Apr 1853Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1709 Tree001D 
22 BROWN, Sidney William  30 Apr 1899Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1720 Tree001D 
23 BROWN, Stephen  16 Jul 1815Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3737 Tree001D 
24 BROWN, William  10 May 1807Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1715 Tree001D 
25 CHALLICE, Mary  9 Sep 1798Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1722 Tree001D 
26 CHALLICE, Sarah  10 Feb 1793Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1727 Tree001D 
27 CHALLICE, William  5 Apr 1795Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1723 Tree001D 
28 CORNELL, Alice  24 Dec 1871Withersfield, Suffolk, England I3722 Tree001D 
29 EVERETT, Anne  24 Nov 1805Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1469 Tree001D 
30 EVERETT, Anne  4 May 1817Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1461 Tree001D 
31 EVERETT, Eliza  13 Aug 1820Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1483 Tree001D 
32 EVERETT, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1808Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1466 Tree001D 
33 EVERETT, Frances  13 May 1810Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1465 Tree001D 
34 EVERETT, Hester  6 Jul 1823Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1460 Tree001D 
35 EVERETT, James  21 Feb 1808Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1467 Tree001D 
36 EVERETT, James  1 Jan 1815Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1462 Tree001D 
37 EVERETT, John  30 Mar 1812Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1463 Tree001D 
38 EVERETT, Lucy  22 Dec 1811Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1475 Tree001D 
39 EVERETT, Mary  11 Mar 1821Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1473 Tree001D 
40 EVERETT, Milley  10 Apr 1811Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1464 Tree001D 
41 EVERETT, Rebecca  22 Mar 1807Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1468 Tree001D 
42 EVERETT, Robert Kimmence  28 Oct 1838Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1482 Tree001D 
43 EVERETT, Samuel  29 Mar 1818Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1474 Tree001D 
44 EVERETT, Sarah  24 Aug 1823Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1472 Tree001D 
45 EVERETT, Sarah  22 Nov 1840Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2988 Tree001D 
46 EVERETT, Susannah  10 Sep 1826Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1471 Tree001D 
47 EVERETT, Thomas  17 Sep 1815Withersfield, Suffolk, England I2987 Tree001D 
48 EVERETT, Thomas  31 Aug 1845Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1479 Tree001D 
49 FREE, Charles  8 Oct 1775Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1691 Tree001D 
50 FREE, Charles  3 Apr 1836Withersfield, Suffolk, England I1708 Tree001D 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BENTLEY / RAWLINSON  17 Apr 1776Withersfield, Suffolk, England F828 Tree001D 
2 BROWN / CHALLICE  13 Oct 1797Withersfield, Suffolk, England F831 Tree001D 
3 BROWN / TATTERSOLE  1838Withersfield, Suffolk, England F830 Tree001D 
4 COLE / KIDDY  14 Aug 1923Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1071 Tree001D 
5 EVERETT / BIGMORE  18 Nov 1804Withersfield, Suffolk, England F763 Tree001D 
6 EVERETT / EVERETT  1 Jul 1838Withersfield, Suffolk, England F766 Tree001D 
7 EVERITT / RAWLINSON  25 Jun 1809Withersfield, Suffolk, England F765 Tree001D 
8 FREE / BENTLEY  26 Dec 1796Withersfield, Suffolk, England F827 Tree001D 
9 FREE / PLUMB  20 Oct 1825Withersfield, Suffolk, England F823 Tree001D 
10 FREE / WILLINGS  2 Nov 1773Withersfield, Suffolk, England F825 Tree001D 
11 KIDDY / BROWN  2 Feb 1833Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1206 Tree001D 
12 KIDDY / KIMMENCE  3 Jul 1836Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1196 Tree001D 
13 KIDDY / KIMMENCE  3 Aug 1891Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1115 Tree001D 
14 KIDDY / MAYES  8 Dec 1826Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1205 Tree001D 
15 KIDDY / MEDCALF  13 Nov 1858Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1200 Tree001D 
16 KIDDY / ROWLINSON  Dec 1875Withersfield, Suffolk, England F962 Tree001D 
17 KIMMENCE / BACKLER  16 Nov 1809Withersfield, Suffolk, England F812 Tree001D 
18 LOVEDAY / BROWNE  14 Dec 1833Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1505 Tree001D 
19 LOVEDAY / KIDDY  3 Oct 1917Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1086 Tree001D 
20 LOVEDAY / LING  23 Oct 1836Withersfield, Suffolk, England F1104 Tree001D 
21 METCALFE / SPARKES  1 Oct 1830Withersfield, Suffolk, England F806 Tree001D 
22 ROWLINSON / COWLE  25 Dec 1841Withersfield, Suffolk, England F802 Tree001D 
23 TATTERSOLE / RAWLINSON  9 Nov 1809Withersfield, Suffolk, England F801 Tree001D 
24 TATTERSOLE / WILLINGS  14 Oct 1784Withersfield, Suffolk, England F800 Tree001D 

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