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Walgett, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Maude Mary  1885Walgett, NSW, Australia I8420 Tree001D 
2 COLLESS, Arthur J  Abt 1910Walgett, NSW, Australia I79826 Tree001D 
3 COLLESS, Arthur Vivian  1880Walgett, NSW, Australia I8611 Tree001D 
4 COLLESS, Caroline S F  1906Walgett, NSW, Australia I8512 Tree001D 
5 COLLESS, Cecil C  1882Walgett, NSW, Australia I8615 Tree001D 
6 COLLESS, Cecil Henry  1884Walgett, NSW, Australia I8616 Tree001D 
7 COLLESS, Cecil Henry  1910Walgett, NSW, Australia I8618 Tree001D 
8 COLLESS, Clarence T  1907Walgett, NSW, Australia I79823 Tree001D 
9 COLLESS, Clarice Elizabeth  1880Walgett, NSW, Australia I8190 Tree001D 
10 COLLESS, Dulcie  1885Walgett, NSW, Australia I8194 Tree001D 
11 COLLESS, Elizabeth M  1886Walgett, NSW, Australia I8622 Tree001D 
12 COLLESS, Elsie Lillian  1898Walgett, NSW, Australia I8197 Tree001D 
13 COLLESS, Eric Joseph  17 Dec 1911Walgett, NSW, Australia I8112 Tree001D 
14 COLLESS, Evelyn Violet  1900Walgett, NSW, Australia I8198 Tree001D 
15 COLLESS, Harold William  1906Walgett, NSW, Australia I79822 Tree001D 
16 COLLESS, Harry Aldewin  1884Walgett, NSW, Australia I8193 Tree001D 
17 COLLESS, Irene Eliza  1877Walgett, NSW, Australia I8188 Tree001D 
18 COLLESS, Keith Gilchrist  1908Walgett, NSW, Australia I79824 Tree001D 
19 COLLESS, Oliver Byrnes  26 Oct 1908Walgett, NSW, Australia I8514 Tree001D 
20 COLLESS, Pearl M  1894Walgett, NSW, Australia I81015 Tree001D 
21 COLLESS, Ronald  1888Walgett, NSW, Australia I8195 Tree001D 
22 COLLESS, Ruby  1890Walgett, NSW, Australia I8196 Tree001D 
23 COLLESS, Ruby A M  1909Walgett, NSW, Australia I79825 Tree001D 
24 COLLESS, Stella V I  1882Walgett, NSW, Australia I8192 Tree001D 
25 COLLESS, Thelma Maude  1902Walgett, NSW, Australia I8199 Tree001D 
26 COLLESS, Vera  1891Walgett, NSW, Australia I81014 Tree001D 
27 COLLESS, Victoria May  1881Walgett, NSW, Australia I8612 Tree001D 
28 COLLESS, Wilfred M  1908Walgett, NSW, Australia I8516 Tree001D 
29 COLLESS, William D  1897Walgett, NSW, Australia I81017 Tree001D 
30 COLLESS, Willie James  1879Walgett, NSW, Australia I8189 Tree001D 
31 DODD, William J  1906Walgett, NSW, Australia I8355 Tree001D 
32 EVANS, Albany Edwin  17 Jul 1890Walgett, NSW, Australia I8341 Tree001D 
33 EVANS, Alfred John  16 Jul 1873Walgett, NSW, Australia I8650 Tree001D 
34 EVANS, Alice H  1884Walgett, NSW, Australia I8711 Tree001D 
35 EVANS, Alwin Thomas  1881Walgett, NSW, Australia I8654 Tree001D 
36 EVANS, Arthur H  1897Walgett, NSW, Australia I8716 Tree001D 
37 EVANS, Charles Irving  28 Mar 1877Walgett, NSW, Australia I8651 Tree001D 
38 EVANS, Clarice P  1897Walgett, NSW, Australia I79494 Tree001D 
39 EVANS, Clive William  1889Walgett, NSW, Australia I8340 Tree001D 
40 EVANS, Cuthbert  1880Walgett, NSW, Australia I8653 Tree001D 
41 EVANS, Edna Iris  1903Walgett, NSW, Australia I79495 Tree001D 
42 EVANS, Edwin Charles  1872Walgett, NSW, Australia I8765 Tree001D 
43 EVANS, Edwin Thomas  5 Mar 1868Walgett, NSW, Australia I8720 Tree001D 
44 EVANS, Ethel Viola De R  18 Jun 1883Walgett, NSW, Australia I8810 Tree001D 
45 EVANS, Eva G  1893Walgett, NSW, Australia I79492 Tree001D 
46 EVANS, George E  1886Walgett, NSW, Australia I9192 Tree001D 
47 EVANS, George Ernest  1887Walgett, NSW, Australia I8806 Tree001D 
48 EVANS, Gladys Amy   I8418 Tree001D 
49 EVANS, Gwendolyn I  1901Walgett, NSW, Australia I8778 Tree001D 
50 EVANS, Harry Malcolm  1874Walgett, NSW, Australia I8761 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLERTON, George Alexander  2 Oct 1920Walgett, NSW, Australia I8040 Tree001D 
2 BYRNES, May A M  29 Aug 1924Walgett, NSW, Australia I8511 Tree001D 
3 COLLESS, Albert Athell  30 Apr 1947Walgett, NSW, Australia I8079 Tree001D 
4 COLLESS, Arthur J  1911Walgett, NSW, Australia I79826 Tree001D 
5 COLLESS, Arthur William  3 Apr 1950Walgett, NSW, Australia I8074 Tree001D 
6 COLLESS, Cecil C  1882Walgett, NSW, Australia I8615 Tree001D 
7 COLLESS, Dulcie  18 Jun 1938Walgett, NSW, Australia I8194 Tree001D 
8 COLLESS, Eric Joseph  18 Dec 1911Walgett, NSW, Australia I8112 Tree001D 
9 COLLESS, Irene Eliza  1945Walgett, NSW, Australia I8188 Tree001D 
10 COLLESS, Keith Gilchrist  1971Walgett, NSW, Australia I79824 Tree001D 
11 COLLESS, Peter Edward  1954Walgett, NSW, Australia I8521 Tree001D 
12 COLLESS, Roy Nelson  14 Jan 1968Walgett, NSW, Australia I8519 Tree001D 
13 COLLESS, Stella V I  1912Walgett, NSW, Australia I8192 Tree001D 
14 COLLESS, Wilfred M  1908Walgett, NSW, Australia I8516 Tree001D 
15 COLLESS, William George  1969Walgett, NSW, Australia I8149 Tree001D 
16 COLWELL, William R  30 Jun 1956Walgett, NSW, Australia I8637 Tree001D 
17 DEROZZOLI, Octavia Margaretta Farola  2 Jul 1947Walgett, NSW, Australia I8709 Tree001D 
18 EVANS, Albany Edwin  1953Walgett, NSW, Australia I8341 Tree001D 
19 EVANS, Edwin  1 Jul 1921Walgett, NSW, Australia I8037 Tree001D 
20 EVANS, George Colless  20 Aug 1883Walgett, NSW, Australia I8042 Tree001D 
21 EVANS, Horace D'Arcy Allerton  24 Sep 1983Walgett, NSW, Australia I79607 Tree001D 
22 EVANS, Hugh  1889Walgett, NSW, Australia I9193 Tree001D 
23 EVANS, James York  1941Walgett, NSW, Australia I8641 Tree001D 
24 EVANS, Lavinia  1910Walgett, NSW, Australia I8186 Tree001D 
25 EVANS, Martha Phoebe  1942Walgett, NSW, Australia I8216 Tree001D 
26 EVANS, Walter Adrian L  1912Walgett, NSW, Australia I8334 Tree001D 
27 HOATH, John  11 Mar 1913Walgett, NSW, Australia I7300 Tree001D 
28 LEES, David  13 Mar 1880Walgett, NSW, Australia I7292 Tree001D 
29 LEES, George  4 Aug 1925Walgett, NSW, Australia I7276 Tree001D 
30 LEES, Timothy  31 Aug 1876Walgett, NSW, Australia I5750 Tree001D 
31 LEWIS, Alice  11 Aug 1892Walgett, NSW, Australia I10299 Tree001D 
32 LEWIS, George Henry  7 Feb 1891Walgett, NSW, Australia I10298 Tree001D 
33 MANNIX, James Patrick  1937Walgett, NSW, Australia I8153 Tree001D 
34 MORRIS, John  26 May 1896Walgett, NSW, Australia I7267 Tree001D 
35 MORRIS, Joseph  10 Jan 1892Walgett, NSW, Australia I10137 Tree001D 
36 MORRIS, Susannah  10 Jan 1892Walgett, NSW, Australia I7297 Tree001D 
37 PEACOCK, George  31 Dec 1880Walgett, NSW, Australia I10147 Tree001D 
38 PEACOCK, James Rueben  11 Aug 1878Walgett, NSW, Australia I10143 Tree001D 
39 PEACOCK, Maria Comfort  16 May 1884Walgett, NSW, Australia I10141 Tree001D 
40 PEACOCK, William  1 Aug 1936Walgett, NSW, Australia I10129 Tree001D 
41 PERRY, Mabel Wild  1947Walgett, NSW, Australia I8520 Tree001D 
42 REECE, William James  3 Jan 1935Walgett, NSW, Australia I8157 Tree001D 
43 RULE, Agnes Brown  1920Walgett, NSW, Australia I56001 Tree001D 
44 TURLEY, Keziah  1909Walgett, NSW, Australia I8168 Tree001D 
45 WALTER, Alan George  2 Feb 1946Walgett, NSW, Australia I8344 Tree001D 
46 WALTER, Ivor L  1893Walgett, NSW, Australia I8346 Tree001D 
47 WALTER, William  17 Sep 1902Walgett, NSW, Australia I8342 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALLERTON / COLLESS  1920Walgett, NSW, Australia F24931 Tree001D 
2 BARRINGTON / WALTER   F3304 Tree001D 
3 BISHOP / WALTER  1915Walgett, NSW, Australia F3270 Tree001D 
4 CATCHPOOL / LOOSHON  1898Walgett, NSW, Australia F10065 TREE999D_REST 
5 CHAPMAN / WALTER   F3297 Tree001D 
6 COLLESS / EVANS  18 Mar 1876Walgett, NSW, Australia F3121 Tree001D 
7 COLLESS / EVANS  1890Walgett, NSW, Australia F24932 Tree001D 
8 COLLESS / EVANS  1910Walgett, NSW, Australia F3214 Tree001D 
9 COLLESS / EVANS  1910Walgett, NSW, Australia F3356 Tree001D 
10 COLLESS / STAUNTON  1903Walgett, NSW, Australia F3178 Tree001D 
11 COLWELL / COLLESS  1909Walgett, NSW, Australia F3208 Tree001D 
12 COLWELL / COLLESS  1909Walgett, NSW, Australia F3215 Tree001D 
13 COLWELL / COLLESS  1920Walgett, NSW, Australia F3218 Tree001D 
14 CROOK / COLLESS  1903Walgett, NSW, Australia F3355 Tree001D 
15 DODD / EVANS  1903Walgett, NSW, Australia F3225 Tree001D 
16 EVANS / COLLESS  1904Walgett, NSW, Australia F3211 Tree001D 
17 EVANS / COLLESS  1909Walgett, NSW, Australia F3213 Tree001D 
18 EVANS / COLLESS  1909Walgett, NSW, Australia F3217 Tree001D 
19 EVANS / COLLESS  1923Walgett, NSW, Australia F3219 Tree001D 
20 EVANS / MUNN  1909Walgett, NSW, Australia F3375 Tree001D 
21 EVANS / PULSFORD  1919Walgett, NSW, Australia F3516 Tree001D 
22 FIELDING / MORRIS  8 Nov 1879Walgett, NSW, Australia F2762 Tree001D 
23 FULLER / COLLESS  1934Walgett, NSW, Australia F3362 Tree001D 
24 HOATH / MORRIS  12 Jul 1870Walgett, NSW, Australia F2783 Tree001D 
25 HUMPHRIES / WALTER  5 Nov 1941Walgett, NSW, Australia F3296 Tree001D 
26 LEES / MORRIS  29 May 1875Walgett, NSW, Australia F2764 Tree001D 
27 MCPHERSON / WALTER  1963Walgett, NSW, Australia F3293 Tree001D 
28 METCALFE / EVANS   F3288 Tree001D 
29 MORRIS / MORRIS  22 May 1883Walgett, NSW, Australia F2782 Tree001D 
30 MUSSETT / LEES  2 Aug 1881Walgett, NSW, Australia F2773 Tree001D 
31 PALMER / EVANS  1909Walgett, NSW, Australia F3371 Tree001D 
32 PEACOCK / O'KEEFE  1913Walgett, NSW, Australia F3840 Tree001D 
33 SILLS / WALTER  1937Walgett, NSW, Australia F3295 Tree001D 
34 WALTER / BAKER  17 Jun 1908Walgett, NSW, Australia F3265 Tree001D 

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