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Theydon Bois, Essex



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 COUSINS, James  1847Theydon Bois, Essex I61652 Tree001D 
2 COUSINS, John  1851Theydon Bois, Essex I61653 Tree001D 
3 CROUCHMAN, Bessie  3 Dec 1893Theydon Bois, Essex I94563 Tree001D 
4 FLACK, Albert Edward  29 Mar 1902Theydon Bois, Essex I62813 Tree001D 
5 FLACK, Clara  27 Dec 1907Theydon Bois, Essex I103211 Tree001D 
6 FLACK, Emma Mary  1 Sep 1879Theydon Bois, Essex I40546 Tree001D 
7 FLACK, Eva Rose Ann  9 Dec 1908Theydon Bois, Essex I74363 Tree001D 
8 FLACK, Florence Maud  10 Oct 1890Theydon Bois, Essex I40532 Tree001D 
9 FLACK, Frederick Charles  25 Jan 1894Theydon Bois, Essex I40534 Tree001D 
10 FLACK, George  13 Apr 1858Theydon Bois, Essex I40543 Tree001D 
11 FLACK, Henry  1869Theydon Bois, Essex I103877 Tree001D 
12 FLACK, Henry  27 Dec 1907Theydon Bois, Essex I103212 Tree001D 
13 FLACK, Hilda May  1 Oct 1905Theydon Bois, Essex I61354 Tree001D 
14 FLACK, Hilda May  5 May 1906Theydon Bois, Essex I74361 Tree001D 
15 FLACK, Maude Alice  1884Theydon Bois, Essex I40529 Tree001D 
16 FLACK, Sarah Ann  1865Theydon Bois, Essex I40544 Tree001D 
17 FLACK, Sarah Ann  1883Theydon Bois, Essex I103878 Tree001D 
18 FLACK, William  13 Nov 1907Theydon Bois, Essex I74362 Tree001D 
19 FLACK, William Alfred  11 Jan 1892Theydon Bois, Essex I40533 Tree001D 
20 FLACK, William Thomas G  1905Theydon Bois, Essex I103924 Tree001D 
21 FRANKS, Louisa  1833Theydon Bois, Essex I54604 Tree001D 
22 MOORE, William Henry Thomas  1865Theydon Bois, Essex I57635 Tree001D 
23 RULE, Ann Elizabeth  25 Oct 1862Theydon Bois, Essex I40545 Tree001D 
24 SHOAT, Alice  27 Feb 1886Theydon Bois, Essex I61982 Tree001D 
25 SHOAT, Charles Ernest  1884Theydon Bois, Essex I51903 Tree001D 
26 SHOAT, Ellen  1891Theydon Bois, Essex I51893 Tree001D 
27 SHOAT, Mary  10 Jan 1888Theydon Bois, Essex I60901 Tree001D 
28 WEBB, Bertha Ella  1910Theydon Bois, Essex I62851 Tree001D 
29 WEBB, Daisy Maud  1904Theydon Bois, Essex I62837 Tree001D 
30 WEBB, Jessie May  1908Theydon Bois, Essex I62850 Tree001D 
31 WEBB, Sarah  1810Theydon Bois, Essex I54477 Tree001D 
32 WEST, Florence Edith  16 Oct 1899Theydon Bois, Essex I62739 Tree001D 
33 WHITE, George  1899Theydon Bois, Essex I74381 Tree001D 
34 WHITE, James  5 Feb 1877Theydon Bois, Essex I74380 Tree001D 
35 WHITE, Violet  1907Theydon Bois, Essex I74383 Tree001D 
36 WHITE, William  1903Theydon Bois, Essex I74382 Tree001D 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEER, Florence Mary  20 Jun 1903Theydon Bois, Essex I40531 Tree001D 
2 FLACK, Clara  Jan 1908Theydon Bois, Essex I103211 Tree001D 
3 FLACK, George  Oct 1876Theydon Bois, Essex I40540 Tree001D 
4 FLACK, George  16 Jul 1924Theydon Bois, Essex I40543 Tree001D 
5 FLACK, George James  Nov 1918Theydon Bois, Essex I40547 Tree001D 
6 FLACK, Henry  Jun 1870Theydon Bois, Essex I103877 Tree001D 
7 FLACK, Henry  Jan 1908Theydon Bois, Essex I103212 Tree001D 
8 FLACK, John  Jul 1893Theydon Bois, Essex I40542 Tree001D 
9 FLACK, Sarah Ann  Nov 1885Theydon Bois, Essex I103878 Tree001D 
10 FLACK, William  Apr 1900Theydon Bois, Essex I40539 Tree001D 
11 FLACK, William George  1900Theydon Bois, Essex I54792 Tree001D 
12 FLACK, William Thomas G  1905Theydon Bois, Essex I103924 Tree001D 
13 NIGHTINGALE, Ann  Nov 1902Theydon Bois, Essex I54652 Tree001D 
14 PAGE, Emma  May 1870Theydon Bois, Essex I40588 Tree001D 
15 PASSOWAY, Mary  Jul 1872Theydon Bois, Essex I40538 Tree001D 
16 RULE, Ann Elizabeth  22 Jul 1948Theydon Bois, Essex I40545 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FLACK / SHOAT  25 Dec 1913Theydon Bois, Essex F20626 Tree001D 
2 FLACK / WEST  28 Jun 1920Theydon Bois, Essex F14686 Tree001D 
3 PEAD / FLACK  25 Dec 1918Theydon Bois, Essex F14670 Tree001D 

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