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Tennessee, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADKERSON, Mary Leona  16 Oct 1917Tennessee, USA I13640 Tree720J 
2 ALLEN, Nannie R  4 Jan 1867Tennessee, USA I28232 Tree664J 
3 AMORINE, Marguerite  Abt 1906Tennessee, USA I22443 Tree719J 
4 ARCHER, Minnie Lee  9 Nov 1882Tennessee, USA I28465 Tree664J 
5 ASHMORE, Sidney Jones  25 Feb 1881Tennessee, USA I49874 USA_pa_strays 
6 ATKINS, Cathrine L  Sep 1881Tennessee, USA I43727 Tree664J 
7 ATKINS, Frank M  Apr 1886Tennessee, USA I43722 Tree664J 
8 ATKINS, Harry T  Mar 1888Tennessee, USA I43723 Tree664J 
9 ATKINS, James A  Abt 1845Tennessee, USA I43720 Tree664J 
10 ATKINS, James W  Feb 1873Tennessee, USA I43721 Tree664J 
11 ATKINS, John A  Oct 1875Tennessee, USA I43725 Tree664J 
12 ATKINS, Maud B  Nov 1879Tennessee, USA I43664 Tree664J 
13 ATKINS, Olivia H  Aug 1877Tennessee, USA I43726 Tree664J 
14 ATTAWAY, Ellen Mariah  Apr 1861Tennessee, USA I9877 Tree664J 
15 BALDRIDGE, Anabel  Abt 1920Tennessee, USA I26342 Tree664J 
16 BALDRIDGE, Byron B  20 Oct 1922Tennessee, USA I26341 Tree664J 
17 BALDRIDGE, Charles William Rev  31 Mar 1886Tennessee, USA I26344 Tree664J 
18 BALDRIDGE, Russeline  20 Jun 1924Tennessee, USA I26340 Tree664J 
19 BALDRIDGE, Sylvester O  Abt 1919Tennessee, USA I26343 Tree664J 
20 BARKLEY, William Barney  Abt 1859Tennessee, USA I3301 Tree656J 
21 BARRETT, Charles E  10 Sep 1907Tennessee, USA I28359 Tree664J 
22 BARRETT, John A  11 Jul 1843Tennessee, USA I28365 Tree664J 
23 BARTLES, Elulere   I41379 Tree703J 
24 BARTLES, Joyce D  20 Jul 1929Tennessee, USA I41376 Tree703J 
25 BARTLES, Lilyan Erma  20 Dec 1926Tennessee, USA I41372 Tree703J 
26 BARTLES, Louis   I41378 Tree703J 
27 BATTOE, Lillian  Est 1897Tennessee, USA I43653 Tree664J 
28 BAXTER, Glenn  22 May 1906Tennessee, USA I28222 Tree664J 
29 BAXTER, Leland C  4 Mar 1904Tennessee, USA I28223 Tree664J 
30 BAXTER, Ray P  23 Nov 1914Tennessee, USA I28221 Tree664J 
31 BAXTER, Thomas E  2 Jul 1880Tennessee, USA I28224 Tree664J 
32 BELL, Ellen  Tennessee, USA I38088 Tree664J 
33 BLEDSOE, James M  Est 1832Tennessee, USA I40643 Tree703J 
34 BLEDSOE, Tabitha  10 Nov 1836Tennessee, USA I38256 Tree664J 
35 BOBO, George Dixon  4 Oct 1878Tennessee, USA I28312 Tree664J 
36 BOBO, Lula  14 Aug 1874Tennessee, USA I28199 Tree664J 
37 BOEHER, Ada G  18 Feb 1914Tennessee, USA I17348 Tree733J 
38 BONNER, Betsy   I28367 Tree664J 
39 BONNER, Edward Forrest   I28366 Tree664J 
40 BONNER, Terrell Levins  20 Nov 1899Tennessee, USA I28368 Tree664J 
41 BRADSHAW, Howard H  26 Apr 1918Tennessee, USA I43265 Tree703J 
42 BRAWLEY, Jessie Elmo  1882Tennessee, USA I38362 Tree664J 
43 BRILEY, Glen M  11 Jun 1907Tennessee, USA I49105 Tree720J 
44 BRUCE, James  Est 1808Tennessee, USA I38497 Tree664J 
45 BRYANT, Rachel  Tennessee, USA I41597 Tree703J 
46 BURCH, Charles  Est 1880Tennessee, USA I41035 Tree703J 
47 BURCH, Charlie  Est 1908Tennessee, USA I41032 Tree703J 
48 BURCH, Clay H  Est 1906Tennessee, USA I41031 Tree703J 
49 BURCH, Edna  Est 1903Tennessee, USA I41029 Tree703J 
50 BURCH, James Nelson  Jun 1882Tennessee, USA I41026 Tree703J 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ATKINS, Maud B  1965Tennessee, USA I43664 Tree664J 
2 BALDRIDGE, Byron B  11 Jun 1937Tennessee, USA I26341 Tree664J 
3 BALDRIDGE, Charles William Rev  22 Apr 1965Tennessee, USA I26344 Tree664J 
4 BATTOE, William Oscar  6 May 1964Tennessee, USA I43717 Tree664J 
5 BRAWLEY, Jessie Elmo  1963Tennessee, USA I38362 Tree664J 
6 DARR, Joseph W  Sep 1911Tennessee, USA I43651 Tree664J 
7 DAUGHTRY, Louis A  1907Tennessee, USA I38353 Tree664J 
8 DOUGHTERTY OR DAUGHERTY, Susan or Susannah  1850Tennessee, USA I9880 Tree664J 
9 DRISKELL, James Robert  Aft 1940Tennessee, USA I49104 Tree720J 
10 FLACK, Alvis  Abt 1855Tennessee, USA I39168 Tree664J 
11 FLACK, Anthony Tate  1900/1910Tennessee, USA I44876 Tree664J 
12 FLACK, Ella  1937Tennessee, USA I38345 Tree664J 
13 FLACK, Mattie Lee  1965Tennessee, USA I38325 Tree664J 
14 FLACK, Robert Lee  1961Tennessee, USA I38344 Tree664J 
15 FLACK, Ruby Marguerite  2 Jan 2013Tennessee, USA I15836 Tree720J 
16 FLACK, Thomas  16 Jun 1857Tennessee, USA I9607 Tree664J 
17 FLACK, William Peter Henry  29 Mar 1920Tennessee, USA I38320 Tree664J 
18 FLAKE, Andrew L.  3 Mar 1938Tennessee, USA I11933 Tree690J 
19 FLAKE, Josie  27 Aug 1898Tennessee, USA I12106 Tree690J 
20 FLAKE, William Hyson  1954Tennessee, USA I12097 Tree690J 
21 FLAKE, William S.  10 Sep 1867Tennessee, USA I11931 Tree690J 
22 GLOVER, Benjamin Franklin  7 Jul 1963Tennessee, USA I49087 Tree720J 
23 GREEN, Samuel Guinn  1959Tennessee, USA I26357 Tree664J 
24 HARRIS, William M Blake  15 Feb 1960Tennessee, USA I28462 Tree664J 
25 HOVIS, Cordelia  27 Mar 1928Tennessee, USA I27759 Tree664J 
26 HUFFINES, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1929Tennessee, USA I9740 Tree664J 
27 KOON, Raymond Eugene  14 Oct 1993Tennessee, USA I40803 Tree703J 
28 LOWERY, Floyd  Aft 2001Tennessee, USA I38338 Tree664J 
29 MEALS, Lewis Harrison  1935Tennessee, USA I12141 Tree690J 
30 MOORE, Ben Roy  3 Dec 1965Tennessee, USA I28476 Tree664J 
31 MOORE, Horris  22 Sep 1884Tennessee, USA I28479 Tree664J 
32 MOORES, Cyrus Lemuel  26 Aug 1964Tennessee, USA I27763 Tree664J 
33 MOORES, Cyrus Sugg  16 Jul 1943Tennessee, USA I27760 Tree664J 
34 NAFE, Emma  9 Jul 1965Tennessee, USA I49901 USA_pa_strays 
35 NAFE, Rollie Burton  3 Sep 1939Tennessee, USA I49903 USA_pa_strays 
36 PEAL, Wietzel Jackson  16 Aug 1950Tennessee, USA I28436 Tree664J 
37 REES, James Holman  Oct 1980Tennessee, USA I27643 Tree664J 
38 ROUNTREE, James Columbus  4 Sep 1839Tennessee, USA I28338 Tree664J 
39 ROUNTREE, Mary Ann  1888Tennessee, USA I28341 Tree664J 
40 ROUNTREE, Rufus Flack  19 Nov 1849Tennessee, USA I28339 Tree664J 
41 ROUNTREE, Susan Lucinda  26 Apr 1838Tennessee, USA I28340 Tree664J 
42 SLATER, Emmett Hill  1951Tennessee, USA I43658 Tree664J 
43 SNELL, Charlie Thompson Jr  1919Tennessee, USA I28458 Tree664J 
44 SPILLER, Lula  3 Jun 1960Tennessee, USA I49095 Tree720J 
45 TATE, Uphan Frances 'Fanny'  Aft 1850Tennessee, USA I9621 Tree664J 
46 TOWNSEND, Minnie L  23 May 1972Tennessee, USA I49069 Tree720J 
47 WAGGONER, William A  27 Feb 1920Tennessee, USA I28285 Tree664J 
48 WATSON, Mandy Eudora  5 Feb 1976Tennessee, USA I28446 Tree664J 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANASTON / HOLMAN  Abt 1927Tennessee, USA F9751 Tree664J 
2 ASHMORE / CASTLEMAN  16 Dec 1907Tennessee, USA F18646 USA_pa_strays 
3 BURCH / UNKNOWN  Est 1901Tennessee, USA F13651 Tree703J 
4 DARR / UNKNOWN  Est 1923Tennessee, USA F14548 Tree664J 
5 DAVIS / TALBOT  Abt 1889Tennessee, USA F14931 Tree664J 
6 DEATON / HOOPER  Abt 1830Tennessee, USA F12679 Tree601J 
7 DRISKELL / GLOVER  Abt 1927Tennessee, USA F17201 Tree720J 
8 FLACK / BURCH  Est 1910Tennessee, USA F13637 Tree703J 
9 FLACK / JOLLY  Tennessee, USA F3887 Tree664J 
10 FLACK / PHILLIPS  Est 1920Tennessee, USA F3180 Tree720J 
11 FLACK / UNKNOWN  Est 1930Tennessee, USA F12858 Tree664J 
12 HARRIS / MOORE  1925Tennessee, USA F10317 Tree664J 
13 HEMPHILL / SMITH  Est 1922Tennessee, USA F13304 Tree703J 
14 HOLMAN / MOORE  Jan 1875Tennessee, USA F9941 Tree664J 
15 HOLMAN / RAU  Abt 1903Tennessee, USA F10048 Tree664J 
16 HOLMAN / UNKNOWN  Abt 1928Tennessee, USA F10047 Tree664J 
17 JENKINS / DAVIS  Est 1902Tennessee, USA F14932 Tree664J 
18 JOUETT / FLEMMING  29 Oct 1794Tennessee, USA F14899 Tree664J 
19 LOWERY / FLACK  Bef 1993Tennessee, USA F12850 Tree664J 
20 MILLER / SMITH  Est 1904Tennessee, USA F13310 Tree703J 
21 MOORE / WATSON  Abt 1915Tennessee, USA F10078 Tree664J 
22 NANNEY / BLANKENSHIP  2 Jan 1879Tennessee, USA F14347 Tree703J 
23 PEAL / MOORE  1942/1944Tennessee, USA F10314 Tree664J 
24 POE / BOBO  Abt 1920Tennessee, USA F10267 Tree664J 
25 ROUNTREE / FLACK  4 Dec 1825Tennessee, USA F12822 Tree664J 
26 SLATER / FAVER  20 Jun 1899Tennessee, USA F14512 Tree664J 
27 SLATER / UNKNOWN  Est 1922Tennessee, USA F14536 Tree664J 
28 SLATER / UNKNOWN  Est 1927Tennessee, USA F14537 Tree664J 
29 SLATER / UNKNOWN   F14549 Tree664J 
30 SLATER / ZANONE  8 Feb 1893Tennessee, USA F14511 Tree664J 
31 SOMERS / ZANONE  Est 1918Tennessee, USA F14535 Tree664J 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 CARLOCK / CRAIG  Bef 1880Tennessee, USA F12735 Tree664J 

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