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Shildon, Durham, England



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLINSON, Esther May  2 May 1904Shildon, Durham, England I38033 Tree951DJ 
2 ALLINSON, Mary  Abt Jan 1908Shildon, Durham, England I38032 Tree951DJ 
3 ALLINSON, Robert Henry  Abt Apr 1903Shildon, Durham, England I38034 Tree951DJ 
4 ALLINSON, Sarah Jane  Abt Jul 1909Shildon, Durham, England I38031 Tree951DJ 
5 BRUNSKILL, Annie  Abt Apr 1871Shildon, Durham, England I38092 Tree951DJ 
6 CLAREY, Mary Eva  28 Sep 1905Shildon, Durham, England I38049 Tree951DJ 
7 HODGSON, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Oct 1897Shildon, Durham, England I38090 Tree951DJ 
8 HODGSON, Francis Linsley  31 Jul 1905Shildon, Durham, England I38088 Tree951DJ 
9 HODGSON, Joseph  17 Dec 1868Shildon, Durham, England I38094 Tree951DJ 
10 HODGSON, Thomas Herman  16 Mar 1900Shildon, Durham, England I38089 Tree951DJ 
11 HOPES, Edith Mary A  18 Jun 1883Shildon, Durham, England I38062 Tree951DJ 
12 LENG, Jane  Abt Apr 1852Shildon, Durham, England I38100 Tree951DJ 
13 LENG, John  Abt Jan 1847Shildon, Durham, England I38103 Tree951DJ 
14 LENG, Joseph  Abt Apr 1850Shildon, Durham, England I38101 Tree951DJ 
15 LENG, Mary  Abt 1848Shildon, Durham, England I38102 Tree951DJ 
16 LENG, William  Abt Jan 1861Shildon, Durham, England I38096 Tree951DJ 
17 PETTY, James  Abt Apr 1898Shildon, Durham, England I38087 Tree951DJ 
18 RACE, Eveline Leng  3 Feb 1889Shildon, Durham, England I38043 Tree951DJ 
19 RACE, Georgina  5 Jul 1893Shildon, Durham, England I38041 Tree951DJ 
20 RACE, Henrietta Leng  26 Jun 1890Shildon, Durham, England I38042 Tree951DJ 
21 RACE, Jane Elizabeth  Abt Jan 1880Shildon, Durham, England I38051 Tree951DJ 
22 RACE, Mary  Abt 1884Shildon, Durham, England I38047 Tree951DJ 
23 RACE, Ruby Annie  12 Jun 1895Shildon, Durham, England I38040 Tree951DJ 
24 RACE, Sarah Ann  13 May 1886Shildon, Durham, England I38044 Tree951DJ 
25 STEELE, George  Abt 1883Shildon, Durham, England I38075 Tree951DJ 
26 WORTHY, Ethel  3 Oct 1897Shildon, Durham, England I38085 Tree951DJ 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARTER, Elizabeth  15 May 1853Shildon, Durham, England I8210 Tree951DJ 
2 CARTER, George Allison  6 Dec 1857Shildon, Durham, England I460 Tree951DJ 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURDON, William Rowland  28 Apr 1959Shildon, Durham, England I38014 Tree951DJ 
2 CANT, Henry  1 Jul 1932Shildon, Durham, England I38061 Tree951DJ 
3 LENG, Elizabeth Jane  Abt Oct 1892Shildon, Durham, England I38081 Tree951DJ 
4 LENG, George  20 Sep 1949Shildon, Durham, England I38082 Tree951DJ 
5 LENG, Mary  Abt Jul 1869Shildon, Durham, England I38102 Tree951DJ 
6 RACE, Henrietta Leng  Abt Apr 1891Shildon, Durham, England I38042 Tree951DJ 
7 RACE, Henry  24 Mar 1921Shildon, Durham, England I38052 Tree951DJ 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 HODGSON, Joseph  3 Feb 1869Shildon, Durham, England I38094 Tree951DJ 
2 LENG, Elizabeth Ann  1 Sep 1844Shildon, Durham, England I38104 Tree951DJ 
3 LENG, Elizabeth Ann  3 Feb 1898Shildon, Durham, England I38007 Tree951DJ 
4 LENG, George  3 Jun 1874Shildon, Durham, England I38082 Tree951DJ 
5 LENG, Hester 'Esther' Ann  3 Oct 1855Shildon, Durham, England I38098 Tree951DJ 
6 LENG, John  18 Jun 1848Shildon, Durham, England I38103 Tree951DJ 
7 LENG, Joseph  9 Jun 1850Shildon, Durham, England I38101 Tree951DJ 
8 LENG, Mary  18 Jun 1848Shildon, Durham, England I38102 Tree951DJ 
9 LENG, Susannah  3 Sep 1854Shildon, Durham, England I38099 Tree951DJ 
10 LENG, William  13 Feb 1861Shildon, Durham, England I38096 Tree951DJ 
11 RACE, Eveline Leng  6 Mar 1889Shildon, Durham, England I38043 Tree951DJ 
12 RACE, Georgina  2 Aug 1893Shildon, Durham, England I38041 Tree951DJ 
13 RACE, Henrietta Leng  16 Jul 1890Shildon, Durham, England I38042 Tree951DJ 
14 RACE, Ruby Annie  10 Jul 1895Shildon, Durham, England I38040 Tree951DJ 
15 TULLY, Thomas  31 Oct 1852Shildon, Durham, England I38060 Tree951DJ 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HODGSON / BRUNSKILL  Abt Jan 1890Shildon, Durham, England F10230 Tree951DJ 
2 HODGSON / LENG  14 May 1865Shildon, Durham, England F10759 Tree951DJ 
3 LENG / HUNT  Abt Apr 1907Shildon, Durham, England F10204 Tree951DJ 
4 THOMPSON / TULLY  31 Dec 1898Shildon, Durham, England F10920 Tree951DJ 

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