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Queensland, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BENSTEAD, Elsie Myrtle  13 Jun 1897Queensland, Australia I3977 Tree001D 
2 BENSTEAD, Percy William  27 May 1903Queensland, Australia I3976 Tree001D 
3 BENSTEAD, Robert Samuel  10 Feb 1897Queensland, Australia I3989 Tree001D 
4 BRININ, Clifford William  1911Queensland, Australia I69852 TREE999D_REST 
5 BRININ, Francis Arthur  1909Queensland, Australia I69855 TREE999D_REST 
6 BRININ, Harold Lennard  1912Queensland, Australia I69853 TREE999D_REST 
7 BRININ, Jean  1915Queensland, Australia I69858 TREE999D_REST 
8 BRININ, Phyllis Mary Ellen May  1914Queensland, Australia I69854 TREE999D_REST 
9 BUTLER, Alfred  13 Sep 1863Queensland, Australia I38524 Tree001D 
10 BUTLER, Alice  12 Jun 1902Queensland, Australia I4425 Tree001D 
11 BUTLER, David Conrad  1913Queensland, Australia I4423 Tree001D 
12 BUTLER, Edward  Abt 1889Queensland, Australia I38285 Tree001D 
13 BUTLER, George Samuel  29 Nov 1898Queensland, Australia I4428 Tree001D 
14 BUTLER, Gladys  1 May 1901Queensland, Australia I4426 Tree001D 
15 BUTLER, James  Abt 1887Queensland, Australia I38283 Tree001D 
16 BUTLER, James  1897Queensland, Australia I4429 Tree001D 
17 BUTLER, Maude  9 Nov 1899Queensland, Australia I4427 Tree001D 
18 BUTLER, Thomas  Abt 1888Queensland, Australia I38284 Tree001D 
19 BUTLER, William  Abt 1891Queensland, Australia I38286 Tree001D 
20 CARDIFF, Susan   I1048 Tree001D 
21 CARDIFF, Vincent John  3 Oct 1930Queensland, Australia I1053 Tree001D 
22 FLACK, Edwin Stanley  1920Queensland, Australia I56770 TREE999D_REST 
23 FLACK, Frances Edith Maude  1904Queensland, Australia I69864 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
24 FLACK, Frederick George  8 Sep 1904Queensland, Australia I83438 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
25 FLACK, Henry James  16 Jun 1899Queensland, Australia I83444 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
26 FLACK, Kathleen Ferol  14 Nov 1896Queensland, Australia I83443 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
27 FRAZER, Colin Robert Hopetown  1902Queensland, Australia I69732 TREE999D_REST 
28 FRAZER, Gladys Eleanor  1897Queensland, Australia I69731 TREE999D_REST 
29 FRAZER, Hazel Ena Alice  1908Queensland, Australia I69729 TREE999D_REST 
30 FRAZER, Roy Horatio  1905Queensland, Australia I69730 TREE999D_REST 
31 FRAZER, William Henry  1895Queensland, Australia I69733 TREE999D_REST 
32 GARTRELL, Ron   I9546 Tree001D 
33 GREENBURY, Harry  9 Sep 1899Queensland, Australia I38372 Tree001D 
34 GREER, Louisa Jane  22 Jun 1878Queensland, Australia I4437 Tree001D 
35 GREER, Mary Ann  23 May 1875Queensland, Australia I4430 Tree001D 
36 HALPIN, Alice Edith  11 Apr 1877Queensland, Australia I3999 Tree001D 
37 HALPIN, James  6 Oct 1883Queensland, Australia I3994 Tree001D 
38 HALPIN, John  14 Oct 1879Queensland, Australia I3997 Tree001D 
39 HALPIN, John Lewis  22 Sep 1880Queensland, Australia I3996 Tree001D 
40 HALPIN, Joseph Francis  1 Jul 1882Queensland, Australia I3995 Tree001D 
41 HALPIN, Margaret  18 Apr 1876Queensland, Australia I4000 Tree001D 
42 HALPIN, Martha Margaret  17 Nov 1885Queensland, Australia I3993 Tree001D 
43 HALPIN, Richard  9 Aug 1878Queensland, Australia I3998 Tree001D 
44 HANSEN, Albert Harold  28 Aug 1894Queensland, Australia I37597 Tree001D 
45 HARRIS, Emma Elizabeth  1876Queensland, Australia I55345 TREE999D_REST 
46 HEILBRONN, Mary Amy  1875Queensland, Australia I69865 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
47 HEILBRONN, Mary Bailey  1869Queensland, Australia I69866 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
48 JOHNSON, Arthur Alick  14 Nov 1875Queensland, Australia I4366 Tree001D 
49 JOLLY, Coral  Abt 1920Queensland, Australia I4416 Tree001D 
50 JOLLY, Laurence  Abt 1918Queensland, Australia I4417 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAINBRIDGE, Ann  13 Apr 1800Queensland, Australia I523 Tree951DJ 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLOMFIELD, Frank Allman  31 Dec 1870Queensland, Australia I80993 Tree001D 
2 BODSWORTH, Howell Oswald  1978Queensland, Australia I81545 TREE999D_REST 
3 BRININ, Clifford William  1911Queensland, Australia I69852 TREE999D_REST 
4 BRININ, Jean  1915Queensland, Australia I69858 TREE999D_REST 
5 BRININ, William John Carlyle  1944Queensland, Australia I55356 TREE999D_REST 
6 BUTLER, David Conrad  30 Jun 1913Queensland, Australia I4423 Tree001D 
7 BUTLER, George Samuel  1899Queensland, Australia I4428 Tree001D 
8 BUTLER, Maude  30 Jun 1900Queensland, Australia I4427 Tree001D 
9 CATCHPOLE, Ivy Agnes Amelia  1981Queensland, Australia I83921 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
10 CHANDLER, Dorothy May  1983Queensland, Australia I83470 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
11 COWDRY, Arthur Stanley  5 Jun 1945Queensland, Australia I75853 TREE999D_REST 
12 COWDRY, George Herbert  16 Jul 1917Queensland, Australia I75855 TREE999D_REST 
13 COWDRY, Mary Louisa  1 Mar 1959Queensland, Australia I75854 TREE999D_REST 
14 COWDRY, William  9 Oct 1924Queensland, Australia I75851 TREE999D_REST 
15 FLACK, Charlie  1980Queensland, Australia I83863 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
16 FLACK, Esther Mary  1 Oct 1957Queensland, Australia I55355 TREE999D_REST 
17 FLACK, Harry  1972Queensland, Australia I83860 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
18 FLACK, James *  1913Queensland, Australia I40452 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
19 FLACK, Mary  9 Nov 1918Queensland, Australia I56762 TREE999D_REST 
20 FLACK, William Matthews  1896Queensland, Australia I48189 TREE999D_REST 
21 GEDDES, John Horley  1986Queensland, Australia I83463 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
22 GRILLS, Lilian Harlene  19 Jun 1987Queensland, Australia I78945 Tree001D 
23 GROGAN, Leslie  1935Queensland, Australia I1979 Tree951DJ 
24 HALPIN, John  15 Oct 1879Queensland, Australia I3997 Tree001D 
25 HALPIN, Margaret  28 Apr 1876Queensland, Australia I4000 Tree001D 
26 HALPIN, Martha Margaret  1 Mar 1910Queensland, Australia I3993 Tree001D 
27 HALPIN, Richard  15 May 1884Queensland, Australia I3998 Tree001D 
28 HEILBRONN, Adolf  1952Queensland, Australia I46458 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
29 HEILBRONN, Frederick Muckleston Heilbronn  1940Queensland, Australia I46453 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
30 HEILBRONN, George Illidge  1913Queensland, Australia I69871 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
31 HEILBRONN, George William  1923Queensland, Australia I69873 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
32 HEILBRONN, John  1890Queensland, Australia I46626 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
33 HEILBRONN, John  1920Queensland, Australia I69874 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
34 HEILBRONN, Lucas Percival  1901Queensland, Australia I69872 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
35 HEILBRONN, Mary Bailey  1870Queensland, Australia I69866 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
36 HEILBRONN, Rowland Muckleston  1913Queensland, Australia I46450 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
37 HEILBRONN, Thomas Illidge  1890Queensland, Australia I69876 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
38 ILLIDGE, Mary Bailey  1911Queensland, Australia I46627 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
39 LEE, Henry Clifford Thomas  1943Queensland, Australia I69848 TREE999D_REST 
40 LONGHURST, Dorris Annie May  20 May 1976Queensland, Australia I4359 Tree001D 
41 MANSFIELD, Harold  4 Jul 2002Queensland, Australia I1010 Tree001D 
42 MANSFIELD, Ida  19 Nov 1901Queensland, Australia I38652 Tree001D 
43 MANSFIELD, John  30 Jun 1914Queensland, Australia I38630 Tree001D 
44 MANSFIELD, Roswell  2 Apr 1911Queensland, Australia I38631 Tree001D 
45 MATTHEWS, Ivy Myrtle Elizabeth  1986Queensland, Australia I4409 Tree001D 
46 OTTAWAY, Gordon John  1978Queensland, Australia I83926 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
47 OTTAWAY, Harry Neville  1975Queensland, Australia I83923 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
48 POLLARD, Louisa Ann  1945Queensland, Australia I83939 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
49 RANDALL, Olive May  Queensland, Australia I37567 Tree001D 
50 SMITH, David  1892Queensland, Australia I69736 TREE999D_REST 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BENSTEAD / GILLESPIE  20 Feb 1896Queensland, Australia F1544 Tree001D 
2 BENSTEAD / SQUIRE  1930Queensland, Australia F1539 Tree001D 
3 BRININ / KERR  1930Queensland, Australia F18548 TREE999D_REST 
4 COWDRY / MCLEAN  1 Oct 1902Queensland, Australia F28587 TREE999D_REST 
5 COWDRY / WRIGHT  3 Apr 1899Queensland, Australia F28588 TREE999D_REST 
6 DAGLEISH / SMITH  1916Queensland, Australia F25326 TREE999D_REST 
7 EVANS / BUTLER  11 May 1908Queensland, Australia F12473 Tree001D 
8 FLACK / CATCHPOLE  1924Queensland, Australia F20 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
9 FLACK / DAVIS  1903Queensland, Australia F14618 TREE999D_REST 
10 FLACK / HARRIS  9 Oct 1907Queensland, Australia F20849 TREE999D_REST 
11 FLACK / HITCHMAN  1912Queensland, Australia F19307 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
12 FLACK / JONES  1913Queensland, Australia F20938 TREE999D_REST 
13 FLACK / NAGAN  1940Queensland, Australia F21765 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
14 FLACK / POLLARD  1912Queensland, Australia F26039 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
15 FRAZER / HUDDY  1894Queensland, Australia F25292 TREE999D_REST 
16 HALPIN / BENSTEAD  11 Mar 1876Queensland, Australia F1552 Tree001D 
17 HANSEN / SMITH  7 Apr 1917Queensland, Australia F12301 Tree001D 
18 HEILBRONN / ANDERSON  11 Feb 1931Queensland, Australia F30082 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
19 LAWSON / PATERSON  1911Queensland, Australia F22603 Tree001D 
20 LEE / FLACK  14 Jan 1901Queensland, Australia F20854 TREE999D_REST 
21 LENIHAN / FLACK  1925Queensland, Australia F20862 TREE999D_REST 
22 RANKIN / SANDERSON  8 Aug 1936Queensland, Australia F27278 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
23 SHEARER / HEILBRONN  16 Apr 1921Queensland, Australia F30081 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
24 SMITH / OBRIEN  Aft Oct 1940Queensland, Australia F12293 Tree001D 
25 STEVENSON / FLACK  1923Queensland, Australia F5915 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
26 SYMES / GREEN  1878Queensland, Australia F20861 TREE999D_REST 
27 TIMMS / FLACK  11 Mar 1909Queensland, Australia F20857 TREE999D_REST 
28 TOWNSON / GOODWIN  12 Sep 1911Queensland, Australia F12588 Tree001D 
29 TOWNSON / HILSDOWN  24 Jul 1912Queensland, Australia F12587 Tree001D 
30 YATES / FLACK  1924Queensland, Australia F26784 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 

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