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Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Martha  Abt 1750Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I686 Tree001D 
2 ALLWOOD, Mary  Abt 1668Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I47643 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
3 ASHBY, Ann  Abt 1594Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I20328 Tree001D 
4 ATKINS, Elizabeth  Abt 1702Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I54481 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
5 BACKLER, Charles  1789Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I14451 Tree001D 
6 BARKER, Ansell  Abt 1755Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I19839 Tree001D 
7 BARKER, Thomas  Abt 1714Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I20385 Tree001D 
8 BARKER, William  Abt 1742Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I24511 Tree001D 
9 BEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1735Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I22905 Tree951DJ 
10 BEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1735Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I14341 Tree001D 
11 BRADFORD, Walter  Abt 1695Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I19808 Tree001D 
12 BRAND, Mary  Abt 1712Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I58918 Tree001D 
13 BRIDGE, Margaret  Abt 1602Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I47232 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
14 BRIDGE, Mary  Abt 1739Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I697 Tree001D 
15 BROWN, George  Abt 1757Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I542 Tree001D 
16 CARTER, Philip  Abt 1662Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I1231 Tree001D 
17 COCKERTON, Ann  1780Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I15811 Tree001D 
18 CRANFIELD, Elizabeth  1755Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I766 Tree001D 
19 CRISP, John  Abt 1765Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I38129 Tree001D 
20 DISS, Robert  Abt 1750Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I14339 Tree001D 
21 DODD, Hannah  Abt 1759Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I544 Tree001D 
22 ELSDEN, Mary  Abt 1610Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I47298 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
23 FITCH, Mary  Abt 1747Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I61878 Tree001D 
24 FLACK, Ambrose  Abt 1645Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I12573 Tree001D 
25 FLACK, Ann  Abt 1601Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I6720 Tree001D 
26 FLACK, Elizabeth  Abt 1638Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I12583 Tree001D 
27 FLACK, Henry *  Abt 1666Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I41916 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
28 FLACK, John *  Abt 1584Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I23066 Tree001D 
29 FLACK, John *  Abt 1604Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I46784 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
30 FLACK, John *  1751Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I14362 Tree001D 
31 FLACK, Richard *  Abt 1656Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I41945 TREE999D_REST 
32 FLACK, Robert *  Abt 1600Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I47221 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
33 FLACK, Thomas *  Abt 1673Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I54405 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
34 FOLKER, Sarah  Abt 1716Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I20384 Tree001D 
35 FREEMAN, Ann  Abt 1770Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I62717 Tree001D 
36 FULLER, Alice  Abt 1683Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I41926 TREE999D_REST 
37 GREEN, Mary  Abt 1759Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I12900 Tree001D 
38 LAWRENCE, John  Abt 1752Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I37030 Tree001D 
39 LIVERMORE, Mary  1816Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I11228 Tree001D 
40 LOFTS, Elizabeth  Abt 1684Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I59091 Tree001D 
41 LOFTS, Naomi  Abt 1799Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I38265 Tree001D 
42 LOVEDAY, Anne  Abt 1734Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I19841 Tree001D 
43 MALLYON, Benjamin  1736Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I13186 Tree001D 
44 MANSFIELD, Ann  Abt 1762Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I22896 Tree951DJ 
45 MANSFIELD, Ann  Abt 1762Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I14330 Tree001D 
46 MANSFIELD, Elizabeth  Abt 1770Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I13214 Tree001D 
47 MARCH, Ellen  Abt 1589Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I21377 Tree001D 
48 MILLAR, Mary  Abt 1733Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I4775 Tree001D 
49 OSBOURNE, Elizabeth  Abt 1658Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I1230 Tree001D 
50 OVERHILL, James  1757Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire I771 Tree001D 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FLACK / STUBBING  Abt 1596Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire F17798 Tree001D 
2 FLACK / UNKNOWN  Abt 1603Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire F8012 Tree001D 
3 FLACK / UNKNOWN  Abt 1698Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire F4879 Tree001D 
4 LORD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1680Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire F1175 Tree001D 
5 MANSFIELD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1741Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire F473 Tree001D 
6 RAWLINSON / UNKNOWN  Abt 1717Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire F91 Tree001D 
7 TURPIN / UNKNOWN  Abt 1777Pos West Wickham, Cambridgeshire F21762 Tree001D 

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