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North Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ABERNATHY, Ivah Mae  9 Jan 1890North Carolina, USA I39822 Tree703J 
2 ABERNETHY, Lallie  13 Jan 1888North Carolina, USA I49275 Tree703J 
3 ABRAMS, Annie Bee  3 Apr 1896North Carolina, USA I43111 Tree703J 
4 ABRAMS, William Gaston  Sep 1856North Carolina, USA I46515 Tree703J 
5 ADAIR, James Henderson  Est 1820North Carolina, USA I43768 Tree703J 
6 ADAIR, James Sherman  Est 1864North Carolina, USA I43578 Tree703J 
7 ADAIR, Ruby Mae  20 Jun 1912North Carolina, USA I41632 Tree703J 
8 ALEXANDER, Ethel  20 Nov 1898North Carolina, USA I39558 Tree703J 
9 ALLEN, Edgar (Ed)  8 May 1903North Carolina, USA I43433 Tree703J 
10 ALLEN, Elijah Patten  15 Aug 1832North Carolina, USA I42282 Tree703J 
11 ALLEN, John D   I42091 Tree703J 
12 ALLEN, John Gray  North Carolina, USA I42081 Tree703J 
13 ALLEN, Lollie (Lallie)  Aug 1881North Carolina, USA I42066 Tree703J 
14 ALLEN, Mabel   I42090 Tree703J 
15 ALLEN, Thomas  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA I42064 Tree703J 
16 ANDERSON, Edna L  Aug 1875North Carolina, USA I44100 Tree620J 
17 ANDREWS, Elva D  21 Nov 1902North Carolina, USA I42860 Tree703J 
18 ANDREWS, Samuel W  Abt 1865North Carolina, USA I42861 Tree703J 
19 ANTHONY, Henry Jacob  Est 1818North Carolina, USA I41833 Tree703J 
20 ANTLEY, Georgia Mack  11 Aug 1890North Carolina, USA I44504 Tree703J 
21 APPLE, Eula  23 May 1911North Carolina, USA I38424 Tree664J 
22 APPLE, Fletcher William  9 Aug 1910North Carolina, USA I38406 Tree664J 
23 APPLE, Laura Mozelle  Est 1908North Carolina, USA I38418 Tree664J 
24 APPLE, Russell Bryant  24 Aug 1909North Carolina, USA I38419 Tree664J 
25 APPLE, Thames  23 Apr 1908North Carolina, USA I38405 Tree664J 
26 APPLE, Willie  1907North Carolina, USA I38423 Tree664J 
27 APPLE, Zilla  Est 1904North Carolina, USA I38422 Tree664J 
28 ARROWOOD, Fred J  2 Sep 1894North Carolina, USA I27207 Tree703J 
29 ARROWOOD, Martha Jane  7 Jun 1898North Carolina, USA I40822 Tree703J 
30 ARROWOOD, Merrill Wilson Sr.  16 May 1900North Carolina, USA I43530 Tree703J 
31 ATCHLEY, Horace Earl  North Carolina, USA I42949 Tree703J 
32 ATKINS, Charles Lyddale  1850North Carolina, USA I41796 Tree703J 
33 BABER, George W  Est 1805North Carolina, USA I41472 Tree703J 
34 BABER, William A  Est 1840North Carolina, USA I41466 Tree703J 
35 BALSLEY, William George  11 Nov/Dec 1847North Carolina, USA I38931 Tree664J 
36 BARNES, Cleo  21 Aug 1910North Carolina, USA I40877 Tree703J 
37 BARRETT, Geneva  Est 1912North Carolina, USA I38743 Tree664J 
38 BARRETT, James  North Carolina, USA I40164 Tree703J 
39 BARTLES, Julia  Abt 1848North Carolina, USA I41798 Tree703J 
40 BARTLES, Mary  Abt 1850North Carolina, USA I41797 Tree703J 
41 BATES, Emma  North Carolina, USA I42669 Tree703J 
42 BATES, Sarah  21 Oct 1853North Carolina, USA I40956 Tree703J 
43 BAXTER, Arthur  Aug 1894North Carolina, USA I44171 Tree620J 
44 BAXTER, James  Dec 1898North Carolina, USA I44170 Tree620J 
45 BAXTER, Newton  Feb 1875North Carolina, USA I44167 Tree620J 
46 BEAL, Herman Leslie  19 Apr 1905North Carolina, USA I28819 Tree703J 
47 BEATY, Adam Henderson  North Carolina, USA I42434 Tree703J 
48 BELL, Dicey Catherine  Abt 1842North Carolina, USA I41495 Tree703J 
49 BELL, Dock Pinkney  18 Sep 1881North Carolina, USA I42214 Tree703J 
50 BIGGERSTAFF, Vernan Calbert  Nov 1854North Carolina, USA I42980 Tree703J 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ABERNETHY, Lallie  1 Mar 1987North Carolina, USA I49275 Tree703J 
2 ADAIR, James Sherman  Bef 1900North Carolina, USA I43578 Tree703J 
3 ALEXANDER, Mary Ross  16 Dec 2013North Carolina, USA I49268 Tree703J 
4 ALLEN, Elijah Patten  13 Jan 1902North Carolina, USA I42282 Tree703J 
5 ATKINS, Charles Lyddale  1892North Carolina, USA I41796 Tree703J 
6 BATES, Sarah  25 Aug 1936North Carolina, USA I40956 Tree703J 
7 BRADLEY, Mary L  21 Mar 1909North Carolina, USA I43162 Tree703J 
8 BRANNOCK, Ledora 'Dora' Virginia  24 Aug 1914North Carolina, USA I26239 Tree664J 
9 BRANNOCK, William Henry  2 Aug 1905North Carolina, USA I26233 Tree664J 
10 BUTLER, Loine Yvonne  20 Sep 1960North Carolina, USA I10578 Tree001D 
11 CAFFEY, Mary (Polly)  15 Mar 1890North Carolina, USA I37861 Tree664J 
12 CARROLL, Warren Franklin  1 Nov 1945North Carolina, USA I26856 Tree703J 
13 CLAPP, Mary  30 Jan 1834North Carolina, USA I38926 Tree664J 
14 COON, Margaret  1896/1900North Carolina, USA I39632 Tree703J 
15 CULBRETH, Herbert C  6 Nov 1942North Carolina, USA I26618 Tree703J 
16 DAVIS, Daffney H  22 Jul 1966North Carolina, USA I44203 Tree620J 
17 DUNLAP, Isaac 'Ike' Hunter  27 Dec 1946North Carolina, USA I26412 Tree664J 
18 DUNLAP, Whaneta May  1895North Carolina, USA I26403 Tree664J 
19 EPLEY, Hattie  21 Feb 1963North Carolina, USA I43518 Tree703J 
20 FINLEY, John Hardin  29 Jul 1907North Carolina, USA I27192 Tree703J 
21 FLACK, Arnold (Arnol) *  28 Dec 1901North Carolina, USA I43976 Tree620J 
22 FLACK, Cora E  1906North Carolina, USA I38277 Tree664J 
23 FLACK, David G  2 Aug 1912North Carolina, USA I39073 Tree664J 
24 FLACK, Doctor Monroe  1858North Carolina, USA I39086 Tree664J 
25 FLACK, Hugh Hudlow  15 Aug 1917North Carolina, USA I39194 Tree703J 
26 FLACK, John Mills  14 Oct 1947North Carolina, USA I42352 Tree703J 
27 FLACK, Mary Ann  12 Sep 1919North Carolina, USA I38166 Tree703J 
28 FORNEY, Alexander L  27 Jan 1914North Carolina, USA I44069 Tree620J 
29 FORNEY, Grayson  16 May 1953North Carolina, USA I44104 Tree620J 
30 FORNEY, Henry Grayson  1 Jul 1952North Carolina, USA I44080 Tree620J 
31 FOUST, Daniel Nathaniel  28 Feb 1882North Carolina, USA I38925 Tree664J 
32 GOFORTH, Cornelius Daily  10 Feb 1963North Carolina, USA I44394 Tree703J 
33 GUION, Margaret  24 Nov 1878North Carolina, USA I38477 Tree664J 
34 HALL, Nancy  1 Jan 1915North Carolina, USA I3492 Tree703J 
35 HALL, Rebecca  1907North Carolina, USA I39701 Tree703J 
36 HARRIS, Elbridge Crayton  3 Nov 1927North Carolina, USA I3493 Tree703J 
37 HARRIS, Nannie Neal  1923North Carolina, USA I26232 Tree664J 
38 HAYNES, Alfred W  3 May 1906North Carolina, USA I39467 Tree703J 
39 HAYNES, Mary  5 Aug 1931North Carolina, USA I5137 Tree703J 
40 HENSLEY, Demaris  10 Dec 1927North Carolina, USA I42474 Tree703J 
41 HIGGINS, Mills Alberta  4 Sep 1900North Carolina, USA I39584 Tree703J 
42 HILL, Joseph Hughlon  26 Nov 1939North Carolina, USA I29070 Tree703J 
43 HOWARD, Robert Rowley  11 Mar 1963North Carolina, USA I26563 Tree703J 
44 HUDLOW, Tommie Mary  26 Jun 1916North Carolina, USA I39191 Tree703J 
45 JACKSON, Hattie  1884North Carolina, USA I26520 Tree703J 
46 JOHNSON, Thomas Loran  17 Oct 1955North Carolina, USA I44648 Tree703J 
47 JOHNSON, Vance  20 Nov 1933North Carolina, USA I41320 Tree703J 
48 KEITH, Vashtie  16 Feb 1907North Carolina, USA I27191 Tree703J 
49 KERNODLE, Dale Douglas  Jan 1971North Carolina, USA I38757 Tree664J 
50 LANDRETH, Emeline 'Emma' E  1880/1882North Carolina, USA I18523 Tree664J 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 FORNEY, Henry Grayson  3 Jul 1952North Carolina, USA I44080 Tree620J 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUSHEY, Martha Myers  North Carolina, USA I48297 Tree608J 
2 LAWING, Nolan Hubert  1996North Carolina, USA I42252 Tree703J 
3 NASH, Loy Arthur  North Carolina, USA I46506 Tree703J 
4 WALKER, Mary Mildred  Feb 2003North Carolina, USA I46511 Tree703J 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALBERTY / FLACK  Abt 1920North Carolina, USA F16507 Tree664J 
2 ALEXANDER / EDWARDS  Abt 1918North Carolina, USA F17973 Tree703J 
3 ALLEN / ROBERSON  Est 1880North Carolina, USA F13964 Tree703J 
4 ALLEN / UNKNOWN  Est 1925North Carolina, USA F13981 Tree703J 
5 APPLE / PATRUM  1917/1920North Carolina, USA F12870 Tree664J 
6 APPLE / SULLIVAN  Est 1906North Carolina, USA F12865 Tree664J 
7 APPLE / TICKLE  Est 1901North Carolina, USA F12868 Tree664J 
8 APPLE / ZIMMERMAN  Est 1905North Carolina, USA F12869 Tree664J 
9 ARNOLD / HILL  Est 1926North Carolina, USA F14230 Tree703J 
10 ARROWOOD / BLANKENSHIP  Est 1920North Carolina, USA F14454 Tree703J 
11 ARROWOOD / GREENE  Abt 1944North Carolina, USA F14457 Tree703J 
12 ARROWOOD / OWNBEY  Aft 1984North Carolina, USA F14456 Tree703J 
13 ARROWOOD / RADFORD  Aft 1945North Carolina, USA F14455 Tree703J 
14 BAXTER / FORNEY  Est 1898North Carolina, USA F14682 Tree620J 
15 BELL / NANNEY  Est 1912North Carolina, USA F14019 Tree703J 
16 BRAFFORD / FLACK  1900North Carolina, USA F12837 Tree664J 
17 BRAFFORD / LINDLEY  Abt 1924North Carolina, USA F16511 Tree664J 
18 BROWN / BLANTON  1771North Carolina, USA F4204 Tree656J 
19 BROWN / BRANNOCK  Abt 1901North Carolina, USA F16595 Tree664J 
20 BROWN / FLACK  Abt 1923North Carolina, USA F16509 Tree664J 
21 BROWN / HENDREN  Abt 1904North Carolina, USA F16801 Tree664J 
22 BROWN / LAMBETH  1808North Carolina, USA F16758 Tree664J 
23 BROWN / LAMBETH  12 Jun 1908North Carolina, USA F16640 Tree664J 
24 BROWN / WALKER  6 Jan 1904North Carolina, USA F16612 Tree664J 
25 BROWN / WINCHESTER  Abt 1914North Carolina, USA F16802 Tree664J 
26 BROWN / WYRICK  23 Mar 1902North Carolina, USA F16608 Tree664J 
27 BROWN / WYRICK  Abt 1927North Carolina, USA F16600 Tree664J 
28 BURGESS / NANNEY  Est 1906North Carolina, USA F13612 Tree703J 
29 BUSICK / CAMPBELL  9 Feb 1943North Carolina, USA F16525 Tree664J 
30 BUSICK / HARRISON  1994North Carolina, USA F16527 Tree664J 
31 BYRD / FLACK  1910/1920North Carolina, USA F13546 Tree703J 
32 CAMP / MOORE  Abt 1907North Carolina, USA F9604 Tree703J 
33 CAMPBELL / PEARSON  9 Jan 1952North Carolina, USA F14808 Tree703J 
34 CARPENTER / MCARTHUR  Est 1891North Carolina, USA F13238 Tree703J 
35 CARROLL / PLOUFF  Abt 1912North Carolina, USA F16330 Tree703J 
36 CARROLL / RATLEY  1920North Carolina, USA F16328 Tree703J 
37 CARSWELL / FOWLER  Est 1916North Carolina, USA F14485 Tree703J 
38 CHAMPION / ADAIR  19 Apr 1914North Carolina, USA F14553 Tree703J 
39 CHANDLER / VANSTORY  Abt 1893North Carolina, USA F16780 Tree664J 
40 CLAPP / ALBERTSON  Est 1911North Carolina, USA F12908 Tree664J 
41 CLAPP / SUMMERS  12 Feb 1807North Carolina, USA F3934 Tree664J 
42 COBB / HARRIS  Abt 1923North Carolina, USA F16772 Tree664J 
43 COBLE / SHEPHERD  Est 1893North Carolina, USA F12953 Tree664J 
44 CONSTANCE / ARLEDGE  19 Mar 1897North Carolina, USA F13261 Tree703J 
45 CONSTANCE / LEDBETTER  Est 1922North Carolina, USA F13249 Tree703J 
46 CRAWFORD / HEMPHILL  19 Dec 1877North Carolina, USA F13268 Tree703J 
47 CRAWFORD / KRABER  17 Jun 1913North Carolina, USA F13282 Tree703J 
48 CRAWLEY / HAWKINS  Est 1885North Carolina, USA F14002 Tree703J 
49 CROWELL / UNKNOWN  Est 1888North Carolina, USA F14071 Tree703J 
50 DALTON / RADFORD  1 Feb 1920North Carolina, USA F14459 Tree703J 

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