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Newtown, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASTRIDGE, Jessica L  1909Newtown, NSW, Australia I70242 TREE999D_REST 
2 ASTRIDGE, John Henry  1912Newtown, NSW, Australia I79631 TREE999D_REST 
3 BARRINGTON, Shirley June   I6363 Tree001D 
4 BURTON, Allan Arthur  1901Newtown, NSW, Australia I79538 TREE999D_REST 
5 BURTON, Ellen  1906Newtown, NSW, Australia I79541 TREE999D_REST 
6 BURTON, Herbert Arnold  1905Newtown, NSW, Australia I79540 TREE999D_REST 
7 BURTON, May Florence  1903Newtown, NSW, Australia I79539 TREE999D_REST 
8 BURTON, Mildred  1906Newtown, NSW, Australia I79542 TREE999D_REST 
9 COLLESS, Adin Major  1905Newtown, NSW, Australia I8559 Tree001D 
10 COLLESS, Dorothy May  1904Newtown, NSW, Australia I8661 Tree001D 
11 COLLESS, Tremain E B  1901Newtown, NSW, Australia I7973 Tree001D 
12 COLLESS, Vivian Norman  1903Newtown, NSW, Australia I8555 Tree001D 
13 COULDWELL, Sidney  1888Newtown, NSW, Australia I7353 Tree001D 
14 COWLEY, Percy N  1886Newtown, NSW, Australia I79979 Tree001D 
15 DAWES, Philip Henry  3 Jun 1857Newtown, NSW, Australia I37826 Tree001D 
16 DOUGLASS, Amy I  1893Newtown, NSW, Australia I79748 Tree001D 
17 DOUGLASS, Minnie A  1906Newtown, NSW, Australia I79753 Tree001D 
18 FLACK, Dulcie V  1908Newtown, NSW, Australia I84034 Tree001D 
19 FLACK, Irvin Ralph   I83765 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
20 FLACK, John King  1911Newtown, NSW, Australia I49780 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
21 GORMAN, Verdi Milton Lees  1901Newtown, NSW, Australia I9109 Tree001D 
22 HODGE, Andrew  1901Newtown, NSW, Australia I10071 Tree001D 
23 KEEBLE, Gladys May  23 Aug 1898Newtown, NSW, Australia I2153 Tree951DJ 
24 LAWSON, Helena Heather  1895Newtown, NSW, Australia I79463 Tree001D 
25 MACKEN, Patrick James  1881Newtown, NSW, Australia I16584 Tree001D 
26 NURSE, Charlotte A  1895Newtown, NSW, Australia I80734 Tree001D 
27 NURSE, Violet E  1892Newtown, NSW, Australia I80733 Tree001D 
28 POCKLINGTON, Gladys Annie  1895Newtown, NSW, Australia I11823 Tree001D 
29 POWELL, Mary G  1861Newtown, NSW, Australia I79281 Tree001D 
30 SMITH, Rita M  1902Newtown, NSW, Australia I79816 Tree001D 
31 STEWART, Nellie M  1902Newtown, NSW, Australia I10037 Tree001D 
32 STUTCHBURY, Harriet May  1882Newtown, NSW, Australia I79066 Tree001D 
33 TELFER, Sarah May  1886Newtown, NSW, Australia I1162 Tree001D 
34 TELFER, William Charles  1888Newtown, NSW, Australia I1157 Tree001D 
35 THOMPSON, Emily Martha May  1881Newtown, NSW, Australia I16464 Tree001D 
36 THROSBY, Annie  1875Newtown, NSW, Australia I10344 Tree001D 
37 TRICK, Iris Daphne  1912Newtown, NSW, Australia I70206 TREE999D_REST 
38 VERMEESCH, Leonard Rudolph  1894Newtown, NSW, Australia I79910 Tree001D 
39 WOOD, Myrtle May  1914Newtown, NSW, Australia I8459 Tree001D 
40 WRIGHT, William Goddard  23 Mar 1911Newtown, NSW, Australia I4881 Tree951DJ 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALANSON, Sarah E  1905Newtown, NSW, Australia I80020 Tree001D 
2 ALLEY, Percy Underwood  1957Newtown, NSW, Australia I79609 Tree001D 
3 BAKER, Emily Ada  1916Newtown, NSW, Australia I7953 Tree001D 
4 BERTRAM, Verle John  1968Newtown, NSW, Australia I7790 Tree001D 
5 BLACKMAN, Adelaide Mary  1906Newtown, NSW, Australia I38281 Tree001D 
6 BOWIE, Alice Anna  28 Aug 1900Newtown, NSW, Australia I78776 Tree001D 
7 BOWIE, Jessie  25 Apr 1906Newtown, NSW, Australia I81040 Tree001D 
8 BOWIE, Katherine  1918Newtown, NSW, Australia I81041 Tree001D 
9 BOWIE, Louisa  8 Jan 1884Newtown, NSW, Australia I81039 Tree001D 
10 BRUCE, Gordon Stuart  12 Oct 1925Newtown, NSW, Australia I49788 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
11 BURTON, Ellen  1906Newtown, NSW, Australia I79541 TREE999D_REST 
12 BURTON, Mildred  1906Newtown, NSW, Australia I79542 TREE999D_REST 
13 CHAMP, David  1905Newtown, NSW, Australia I55704 TREE999D_REST 
14 COLLESS, Edwin  1949Newtown, NSW, Australia I8249 Tree001D 
15 COLLESS, Elma F A  1935Newtown, NSW, Australia I7962 Tree001D 
16 COLLESS, Harry Aldewin  10 Apr 1970Newtown, NSW, Australia I8193 Tree001D 
17 COLLESS, Oswald  1930Newtown, NSW, Australia I8265 Tree001D 
18 COLLESS, Roy Montieth Bolton  20 Nov 1968Newtown, NSW, Australia I7968 Tree001D 
19 COLLESS, Victor Hugo  18 Apr 1956Newtown, NSW, Australia I8127 Tree001D 
20 COLLESS, Victoria Susannah B  1963Newtown, NSW, Australia I7957 Tree001D 
21 COLLS, Leonard Neil  1973Newtown, NSW, Australia I79324 Tree001D 
22 COOLING, Betty D  1935Newtown, NSW, Australia I80012 Tree001D 
23 CROTTY, Alice Maude  1967Newtown, NSW, Australia I6559 Tree001D 
24 CULLEN, John  1909Newtown, NSW, Australia I84227 Tree001D 
25 DEMPSEY, Catherine Ann  9 Dec 1896Newtown, NSW, Australia I5839 Tree001D 
26 DEMPSEY, James  23 Sep 1888Newtown, NSW, Australia I5840 Tree001D 
27 DRAY, Herbert Australia  1969Newtown, NSW, Australia I79327 Tree001D 
28 DUFFY, Garnet Dudley F  1972Newtown, NSW, Australia I7673 Tree001D 
29 EDWARDS, Charles Frederick  1940Newtown, NSW, Australia I80447 Tree001D 
30 ELLIOTT, Alexander James  3 May 1919Newtown, NSW, Australia I5294 Tree001D 
31 FLACK, Agnes May  19 Feb 1953Newtown, NSW, Australia I71080 TREE999D_REST 
32 FLACK, Alexander Forsyth  11 Oct 1885Newtown, NSW, Australia I55031 TREE999D_REST 
33 FLACK, Mary Ann  6 Jan 1926Newtown, NSW, Australia I11917 Tree001D 
34 FLACK, Mary Anniverary  Sep 1908Newtown, NSW, Australia I16603 Tree001D 
35 FURLEY, Stuart Ebenezer  1968Newtown, NSW, Australia I79660 Tree001D 
36 GAMGEE, George  Feb 1913Newtown, NSW, Australia I16602 Tree001D 
37 GAWTHORNE, Florence Marjorie  May 1920Newtown, NSW, Australia I79159 Tree001D 
38 GRACE, Victor Charles  14 Sep 1955Newtown, NSW, Australia I6135 Tree001D 
39 GRIFFITHS, Margaret Tracey  1946Newtown, NSW, Australia I80660 Tree001D 
40 HARPER, Janet Bowie  20 Aug 1887Newtown, NSW, Australia I6408 Tree001D 
41 HAZELL, Frederick George  15 Dec 1939Newtown, NSW, Australia I11079 Tree001D 
42 HOLLIER, Harold Thomas  4 Jun 1968Newtown, NSW, Australia I80196 Tree001D 
43 HORNER, Edith Hannah  1910Newtown, NSW, Australia I78918 Tree001D 
44 JOHNSTON, Mary Ann  1915Newtown, NSW, Australia I79407 Tree001D 
45 LADEN, James Docherty  27 Jul 1986Newtown, NSW, Australia I8482 Tree001D 
46 LAWSON, George Alexander  1892Newtown, NSW, Australia I79459 Tree001D 
47 LAWSON, Helena Heather  1964Newtown, NSW, Australia I79463 Tree001D 
48 LEES, Sidney Roy  1968Newtown, NSW, Australia I9748 Tree001D 
49 LEWIS, Horace John  14 Apr 1964Newtown, NSW, Australia I10316 Tree001D 
50 MACINNES, Alan Donald  1956Newtown, NSW, Australia I79785 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 GAMGEE, George  25 Feb 1913Newtown, NSW, Australia I16602 Tree001D 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BELL / SMITH  1943Newtown, NSW, Australia F13108 Tree001D 
2 BENNETT / LOVE  1908Newtown, NSW, Australia F2568 Tree001D 
3 BURTON / ROBERTS  1900Newtown, NSW, Australia F22072 TREE999D_REST 
4 COLEMAN / COLLESS  1917Newtown, NSW, Australia F3104 Tree001D 
5 COLLESS / KERSWELL  1902Newtown, NSW, Australia F3233 Tree001D 
6 COOLING / GARRAD  1927Newtown, NSW, Australia F4061 Tree001D 
7 CRAWFORD / LEWIS  1927Newtown, NSW, Australia F3895 Tree001D 
8 DARRAGH / WHELAN  1885Newtown, NSW, Australia F2452 Tree001D 
9 DAVIDSON / MELVILLE  1908Newtown, NSW, Australia F3908 Tree001D 
10 HOBBS / STEWART  1914Newtown, NSW, Australia F3800 Tree001D 
11 MANSERGH / COLLESS  1916Newtown, NSW, Australia F3105 Tree001D 
12 MANSERGH / FOSTER  1887Newtown, NSW, Australia F3171 Tree001D 
13 MCLELLAND / COLLESS  1903Newtown, NSW, Australia F3098 Tree001D 
14 MEDWAY / DEMPSEY  9 Dec 1882Newtown, NSW, Australia F2346 Tree001D 
15 NEWTON / NADIN  1941Newtown, NSW, Australia F2036 Tree001D 
16 PAGE / COLLESS  1908Newtown, NSW, Australia F3079 Tree001D 
17 PEACOCK / SNOW  14 Aug 1913Newtown, NSW, Australia F3812 Tree001D 
18 ROBERTS / LEWIS  1922Newtown, NSW, Australia F3893 Tree001D 
19 SMITH / COLLESS  1901Newtown, NSW, Australia F3101 Tree001D 
20 STEPHENS / SMITH  1932Newtown, NSW, Australia F27095 Tree001D 
21 STERNBECK / ECCLESTON  1945Newtown, NSW, Australia F8871 Tree001D 
22 STONE / GARRAD  1922Newtown, NSW, Australia F4062 Tree001D 
23 TELFER / MURPHY  1920Newtown, NSW, Australia F12516 Tree001D 
24 TRICK / CAIN  1912Newtown, NSW, Australia F25358 TREE999D_REST 
25 WAGSTAFF / QUINN  1899Newtown, NSW, Australia F6366 Tree001D 

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