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Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURGESS, Frederick James  31 May 1911Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I19618 Tree001D 
2 BURGESS, James  1 Oct 1861Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20441 Tree001D 
3 BURGESS, James  18 May 1891Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20450 Tree001D 
4 BURGESS, Richard William  24 Mar 1937Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20447 Tree001D 
5 FLACK, George  27 Sep 1934Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20807 Tree001D 
6 FURNISH, Sarah  23 Jan 1862Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I626 Tree001D 
7 OPHIELD, Ann  13 Dec 1894Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I19521 Tree001D 
8 PRESS, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1837Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I34868 Tree001D 
9 WALLMAN, Charles  21 Aug 1849Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I25647 Tree001D 
10 WALLMAN, Charles Derby  8 Apr 1878Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I36523 Tree001D 
11 WALLMAN, David  7 Aug 1842Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I25830 Tree001D 
12 WALLMAN, James  7 Dec 1826Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I36411 Tree001D 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIRD, Henry  8 Feb 1801Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I78348 TREE999D_REST 
2 BURGESS, Alice  4 Aug 1793Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I78334 Tree001D 
3 BURGESS, Ann  23 Dec 1787Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I78335 Tree001D 
4 BURGESS, Charlotte  12 Jun 1859Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I14743 Tree001D 
5 BURGESS, Eliza  9 Dec 1860Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20416 Tree001D 
6 BURGESS, Ernest Thomas  3 Apr 1864Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20415 Tree001D 
7 BURGESS, Frederick James  10 May 1857Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I19618 Tree001D 
8 BURGESS, Harold James  23 Jul 1899Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I42700 Tree001D 
9 BURGESS, Hilda Alice  29 Apr 1888Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I19530 Tree001D 
10 BURGESS, James  8 Aug 1790Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20441 Tree001D 
11 BURGESS, James  22 Mar 1829Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20450 Tree001D 
12 BURGESS, Jemima  17 Sep 1820Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20438 Tree001D 
13 BURGESS, Jemima  27 Jan 1850Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20419 Tree001D 
14 BURGESS, Mary Ann  29 Aug 1852Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20411 Tree001D 
15 BURGESS, Richard William  26 Apr 1861Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20447 Tree001D 
16 BURGESS, Ruth  5 Feb 1797Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I78336 Tree001D 
17 BURGESS, Sarah Ann  1 Nov 1857Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20414 Tree001D 
18 BURGESS, Susan  7 Jun 1818Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20437 Tree001D 
19 BURGESS, Walter Frederick  23 Feb 1890Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I19527 Tree001D 
20 BURGESS, William  16 Jul 1786Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I78337 Tree001D 
21 BURGESS, William  21 Sep 1823Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20439 Tree001D 
22 BURGESS, William Allen  8 Apr 1855Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20413 Tree001D 
23 FLACK, Albert John  1 Jul 1894Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I14738 Tree001D 
24 FLACK, Alfred James  7 Apr 1889Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I14740 Tree001D 
25 FLACK, Donald George Campion  3 Aug 1922Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20451 Tree001D 
26 FLACK, Edith Annie  22 Aug 1897Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I14736 Tree001D 
27 FLACK, Emma Jane  12 Feb 1888Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I13867 Tree001D 
28 FLACK, Gertrude Maud  23 May 1886Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I14741 Tree001D 
29 FLACK, Mildred Susan  26 Jul 1891Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I14739 Tree001D 
30 FLACK, Tresham William  8 Jun 1884Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I14742 Tree001D 
31 NEALE, Abraham  29 Mar 1812Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I4667 Tree001D 
32 NEALE, Edward  28 Dec 1800Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I4675 Tree001D 
33 NEALE, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1809Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I634 Tree001D 
34 NEALE, James  17 Apr 1803Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I4672 Tree001D 
35 NEALE, Maria  2 Nov 1817Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I4674 Tree001D 
36 NEALE, Rebecca  28 Aug 1814Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I58095 Tree001D 
37 NEALE, Samuel  24 Nov 1805Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I4666 Tree001D 
38 NEALE, Sarah  3 Jun 1798Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I4668 Tree001D 
39 NEALE, Thomas  22 Feb 1795Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I4673 Tree001D 
40 PHILLIPS, Anne  22 Jun 1823Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I13869 Tree001D 
41 PHILLIPS, Charlotte  19 Oct 1828Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20449 Tree001D 
42 PHILLIPS, Edward  8 Oct 1793Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20444 Tree001D 
43 PHILLIPS, Edward  22 Jun 1823Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20425 Tree001D 
44 PHILLIPS, Eliza  24 Apr 1825Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20424 Tree001D 
45 PHILLIPS, Elizabeth  22 Jun 1823Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I63747 Tree001D 
46 PHILLIPS, John  18 Aug 1816Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I42698 Tree001D 
47 PHILLIPS, Samuel  19 Oct 1828Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20442 Tree001D 
48 PHILLIPS, William  29 Aug 1819Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I20421 Tree001D 
49 WALLMAN, Benjamin  15 Aug 1813Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I36680 Tree001D 
50 WALLMAN, Charles Derby  17 Nov 1799Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire I36523 Tree001D 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BURGESS / PHILLIPS  25 Jan 1853Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire F5795 Tree001D 
2 BURGESS / STUKINS  9 May 1848Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire F4809 Tree001D 
3 CHAPMAN / SUTTON  1 Jan 1827Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire F15715 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
4 DRURY / FLACK  15 Apr 1916Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire F5789 Tree001D 
5 FLACK / BURGESS  2 Dec 1880Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire F5337 Tree001D 
6 NEALE / STEWKINS  14 Oct 1794Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire F420 Tree001D 
7 SHARP / FLACK  31 Jul 1909Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire F5792 Tree001D 
8 WELLER / FLACK  5 Jul 1930Longstanton All Saints, Cambridgeshire F5787 Tree001D 

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