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Islington, Middlesex



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALCOCK, Sarah Matilda  1868Islington, Middlesex I95298 Tree001D 
2 ALDUS, Isabella  1814Islington, Middlesex I67508 Tree001D 
3 ALDUS, Jemima  1812Islington, Middlesex I67511 Tree001D 
4 ALDUS, Sarah  27 Sep 1819Islington, Middlesex I67509 Tree001D 
5 ALLENDALE, Catherine  18 Sep 1887Islington, Middlesex I65909 TREE999D_REST 
6 ALLENDALE, Henry George  1859Islington, Middlesex I65910 TREE999D_REST 
7 ALLENDALE, Henry James  29 Apr 1883Islington, Middlesex I65912 TREE999D_REST 
8 ALLENDALE, Margaret  11 Apr 1885Islington, Middlesex I65913 TREE999D_REST 
9 AMERY, Elizabeth  23 Nov 1837Islington, Middlesex I83836 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
10 AMSDEN, Ernest Harrison  8 Oct 1882Islington, Middlesex I66573 Tree001D 
11 BARKER, Henrietta Minnie  1872Islington, Middlesex I15937 Tree001D 
12 BENNETT, Agnes  1876Islington, Middlesex I52222 Tree001D 
13 BENNETT, Ebenezer  1880Islington, Middlesex I52223 Tree001D 
14 BENNETT, Emily  Feb 1892Islington, Middlesex I78799 Tree001D 
15 BENNETT, Horace  1885Islington, Middlesex I78796 Tree001D 
16 BENNETT, Isabella  11 Jun 1889Islington, Middlesex I73411 Tree001D 
17 BENNETT, Jane  Nov 1891Islington, Middlesex I78798 Tree001D 
18 BENNETT, Rose Amelia  14 Jun 1887Islington, Middlesex I78797 Tree001D 
19 BENNETT, Walter Edwin  Nov 1895Islington, Middlesex I78800 Tree001D 
20 BENT, Arthur  1909Islington, Middlesex I91347 Tree001D 
21 BENT, Daniel James  13 Nov 1854Islington, Middlesex I49289 Tree001D 
22 BONEST, Albert Henry  18 Mar 1878Islington, Middlesex I50799 TREE999D_REST 
23 BONEST, Alfred William  1876Islington, Middlesex I50798 TREE999D_REST 
24 BONEST, Amy Alice  1875Islington, Middlesex I50797 TREE999D_REST 
25 BONEST, Dorothy Grace  1891Islington, Middlesex I67787 TREE999D_REST 
26 BONEST, Grace  30 Aug 1879Islington, Middlesex I50800 TREE999D_REST 
27 BONEST, Lillian Maud  20 Nov 1873Islington, Middlesex I50796 TREE999D_REST 
28 BONEST, Marie Louise  18 Mar 1881Islington, Middlesex I50801 TREE999D_REST 
29 BUCK, Walter  12 Aug 1882Islington, Middlesex I76299 TREE999D_REST 
30 BURTON, Lily  1889Islington, Middlesex I49299 Tree001D 
31 BURTON, Stephen  1885Islington, Middlesex I49297 Tree001D 
32 BUTLER, Arthur Sidney  22 Apr 1867Islington, Middlesex I89120 Tree001D 
33 BUTTON, Harry William  1884Islington, Middlesex I17081 Tree001D 
34 BUTTON, Thomas Edgar  1882Islington, Middlesex I17082 Tree001D 
35 CAMPION, Ellen  23 Mar 1888Islington, Middlesex I24689 Tree001D 
36 CAMPION, Florence  1887Islington, Middlesex I24688 Tree001D 
37 CAMPION, Jessie Maud Matilda  16 Oct 1890Islington, Middlesex I20452 Tree001D 
38 CAMPION, William Edward  1854Islington, Middlesex I18567 Tree001D 
39 CANE, Peggy D  1922Islington, Middlesex I6047 Tree951DJ 
40 CANE, Peggy D   I34475 Tree001D 
41 CATER, Frederick Thomas  1831Islington, Middlesex I48800 TREE999D_REST 
42 CHICK, Alfred  1871Islington, Middlesex I48825 Tree001D 
43 CHICK, Alice  1873Islington, Middlesex I48826 Tree001D 
44 CHICK, Florence  1878Islington, Middlesex I48829 Tree001D 
45 CHICK, Francis  1867Islington, Middlesex I48824 Tree001D 
46 CHICK, Frederick George  2 Sep 1880Islington, Middlesex I48830 Tree001D 
47 CHICK, Mary Ann  1866Islington, Middlesex I48821 Tree001D 
48 CHICK, William  1876Islington, Middlesex I48827 Tree001D 
49 CLINTON, Edith Mary  1888Islington, Middlesex I40941 Tree001D 
50 CLINTON, Henry William  1868Islington, Middlesex I53990 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALDUS, Isabella  Dec 1814Islington, Middlesex I67508 Tree001D 
2 ALDUS, Jemima  Jan 1813Islington, Middlesex I67511 Tree001D 
3 ALDUS, Sarah  Mar 1824Islington, Middlesex I67509 Tree001D 
4 ALDUS, William  Jun 1829Islington, Middlesex I54969 Tree001D 
5 BONEST, Alfred  1883Islington, Middlesex I48872 TREE999D_REST 
6 BROWN, Matilda  Apr 1910Islington, Middlesex I14436 Tree001D 
7 COLEBOURN, Robert Flack  1849Islington, Middlesex I72420 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
8 COLEBOURN, Robert Flack  1854Islington, Middlesex I72421 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
9 DAVIES, Elsie Alice  1986Islington, Middlesex I91570 TREE999D_REST 
10 EDNEY, George Henry  18 Mar 1874Islington, Middlesex I54101 Tree001D 
11 FEAKES, Florence  24 Aug 1968Islington, Middlesex I56872 TREE999D_REST 
12 FLACK, Albert  1885Islington, Middlesex I90668 TREE999D_REST 
13 FLACK, Alexander Forsyth  Oct 1883Islington, Middlesex I55038 TREE999D_REST 
14 FLACK, Alfred  10 May 1923Islington, Middlesex I56822 TREE999D_REST 
15 FLACK, Charlotte Elizabeth  1867Islington, Middlesex I50522 Tree001D 
16 FLACK, Dorothy  23 Nov 1920Islington, Middlesex I56829 TREE999D_REST 
17 FLACK, Elizabeth  1873Islington, Middlesex I84413 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
18 FLACK, Elvira  1887Islington, Middlesex I92501 TREE999D_REST 
19 FLACK, Emma  Jul 1895Islington, Middlesex I65230 Tree001D 
20 FLACK, Florence Arabella  1885Islington, Middlesex I56815 TREE999D_REST 
21 FLACK, Florence Mary  Sep 1892Islington, Middlesex I22401 Tree001D 
22 FLACK, Frederick William  Mar 1869Islington, Middlesex I64117 Tree001D 
23 FLACK, Henry  Feb 1877Islington, Middlesex I48831 TREE999D_REST 
24 FLACK, Henry Joseph  20 Sep 1898Islington, Middlesex I56808 TREE999D_REST 
25 FLACK, Lawrence  1928Islington, Middlesex I46261 Tree001D 
26 FLACK, Lettice  1865Islington, Middlesex I95515 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
27 FLACK, Martin Henry  26 Dec 1944Islington, Middlesex I14754 Tree001D 
28 FLACK, Mary Ann  21 Feb 1849Islington, Middlesex I49971 TREE999D_REST 
29 FLACK, Nora Florence  1882Islington, Middlesex I50692 TREE999D_REST 
30 FLACK, Thomas James  Oct 1890Islington, Middlesex I65229 Tree001D 
31 FLACK, Thomas James  Jan 1897Islington, Middlesex I41757 Tree001D 
32 FLACK, Timothy  2 Jul 1865Islington, Middlesex I95512 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
33 FLACK, William  17 Jul 1895Islington, Middlesex I55207 TREE999D_REST 
34 FLACK, William Brown Mynott  1912Islington, Middlesex I13512 Tree001D 
35 FLACK, William Savill  1868Islington, Middlesex I45684 TREE999D_REST 
36 FLACK, William Thomas  1897Islington, Middlesex I65232 Tree001D 
37 FLOCK, Louisa Amy  13 Oct 1940Islington, Middlesex I63870 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
38 GRIMSEY, Olive Victoria  1902Islington, Middlesex I103495 Tree001D 
39 GYER, Dorothy Laura Louisa  1864Islington, Middlesex I91763 Tree001D 
40 GYER, May Louisa  1889Islington, Middlesex I91777 Tree001D 
41 HAGELL, Matilda Elizabeth  1 Apr 1897Islington, Middlesex I78421 Tree001D 
42 HEEL, Walter  1899Islington, Middlesex I43131 TREE999D_REST 
43 RAMUS, John  1963Islington, Middlesex I95066 TREE999D_REST 
44 SAVILLE, Frances Hersilia  1884Islington, Middlesex I40327 TREE999D_REST 
45 SINFIELD, Charles Thomas  6 Oct 1961Islington, Middlesex I49285 Tree001D 
46 STORRAR, Walter Henry  24 May 1930Islington, Middlesex I78484 Tree001D 
47 STRINGER, Rosa Mary D  1976Islington, Middlesex I95234 TREE999D_REST 
48 UNKNOWN, Ann  Jan 1858Islington, Middlesex I42061 Tree001D 
49 WARD, Jane Elizabeth  29 Jan 1935Islington, Middlesex I92206 TREE999D_REST 
50 WOOD, Jane  1889Islington, Middlesex I56095 Tree001D 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 FLACK, Edward Francis  6 Nov 1986Islington, Middlesex I90776 Tree001D 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 BONEST, Beatrice May  4 Jul 1897Islington, Middlesex I67728 TREE999D_REST 
2 METZ, Albert Edward  21 Aug 1870Islington, Middlesex I51190 TREE999D_REST 
3 SCOONES, Helena Annie  16 Sep 1860Islington, Middlesex I65599 TREE999D_REST 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARKER / FLACK  19 Feb 1874Islington, Middlesex F5172 Tree001D 
2 BONEST / BOFFIN  22 Jun 1875Islington, Middlesex F18382 TREE999D_REST 
3 CLINTON / BALL  22 Apr 1888Islington, Middlesex F8938 Tree001D 
4 COLLARD / KEMP  25 Dec 1874Islington, Middlesex F27429 TREE999D_REST 
5 DE ROME / CANHAM  11 Aug 1915Islington, Middlesex F32162 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
6 FLACK / BENNETT  1880Islington, Middlesex F14506 TREE999D_REST 
7 FLACK / HILLYARD  1882Islington, Middlesex F14508 TREE999D_REST 
8 FLACK / HUSSEY  17 Oct 1870Islington, Middlesex F14513 TREE999D_REST 
9 FLACK / JEFFREY  4 Dec 1898Islington, Middlesex F22693 TREE999D_REST 
10 FLACK / KEEFE  25 Dec 1885Islington, Middlesex F5633 Tree001D 
11 FLACK / PORTER  12 Dec 1875Islington, Middlesex F16316 TREE999D_REST 
12 GODSAVE / LEWIS  27 Aug 1898Islington, Middlesex F26436 Tree001D 
13 GYER / CORNWALL  1938Islington, Middlesex F27997 Tree001D 
14 HUNTER / SHORTER  19 Jun 1876Islington, Middlesex F18476 Tree001D 
15 LOVELL / FLACK  25 Oct 1847Islington, Middlesex F14349 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
16 NORBURY / FLACK  1875Islington, Middlesex F14505 TREE999D_REST 
17 WARD / SPECHT  9 Feb 1907Islington, Middlesex F10658 Tree001D 

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