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Iowa, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALEXANDER, Ida F  Nov 1861Iowa, USA I28177 Tree664J 
2 ALLEN, Carol D  10 Jun 1898Iowa, USA I46967 Tree602J 
3 ALLEN, Frances Mignon  7 Sep 1902Iowa, USA I46971 Tree602J 
4 ALLEN, Marcella  19 Nov 1899Iowa, USA I46969 Tree602J 
5 ANDREW, Abby  Sep 1858Iowa, USA I7089 Tree615J 
6 ANDREW, Blythe E  Est 1913Iowa, USA I7087 Tree615J 
7 ANDREW, Carol Jean   I7271 Tree615J 
8 ANDREW, Catherine  Sep 1857Iowa, USA I7113 Tree615J 
9 ANDREW, Charles  Est 1866Iowa, USA I7080 Tree615J 
10 ANDREW, Clara May  May 1886Iowa, USA I7186 Tree615J 
11 ANDREW, Earl T  Dec 1884Iowa, USA I7187 Tree615J 
12 ANDREW, Florence Rebecca Eicher  Jul 1888Iowa, USA I7188 Tree615J 
13 ANDREW, George  Est 1856Iowa, USA I7110 Tree615J 
14 ANDREW, Glen M   I7272 Tree615J 
15 ANDREW, Hannah  Est 1855Iowa, USA I7212 Tree615J 
16 ANDREW, LaVerne I  Est 1917Iowa, USA I7274 Tree615J 
17 ANDREW, Lura Elizabeth  Dec 1894Iowa, USA I7185 Tree615J 
18 ANDREW, Marshall H  18 Aug 1878Iowa, USA I7213 Tree615J 
19 ANDREW, Mattie Amelia Caroline  Dec 1890Iowa, USA I7183 Tree615J 
20 ANDREW, Maurice E  25 Sep 1880Iowa, USA I7214 Tree615J 
21 ANDREW, Merton A  Sep 1884Iowa, USA I7216 Tree615J 
22 ANDREW, Pauline H  Est 1915Iowa, USA I7323 Tree615J 
23 ANDREW, Wilda J  Feb 1883Iowa, USA I7215 Tree615J 
24 ANDREW, William E  Est Aug 1919Iowa, USA I7081 Tree615J 
25 ANDREW, Wilna Pearl  Nov 1892Iowa, USA I7217 Tree615J 
26 ANDREWS, Benjamin  Abt 1868Iowa, USA I46425 Tree602J 
27 ANDREWS, Clare  Est 1907Iowa, USA I7556 Tree720J 
28 ANDREWS, Orville  Est 1905Iowa, USA I7557 Tree720J 
29 ARNOLD, Laura   I7581 Tree720J 
30 ARNOLD, Leona  Est Jul 1918Iowa, USA I7954 Tree720J 
31 ATALL, George  6 May 1875Iowa, USA I7598 Tree720J 
32 BAILEY, David  Abt 1902Iowa, USA I25591 Tree720J 
33 BALDERSON, Minnie J  Feb 1862Iowa, USA I47057 Tree602J 
34 BALES, Clayton L  2 Sep 1924Iowa, USA I46273 Tree602J 
35 BANNING, Beulah Althea  12 Feb 1896Iowa, USA I34321 Tree610J 
36 BANNING, William Anthony  16 Sep 1863Iowa, USA I512 Tree610J 
37 BARBER, Beverly   I18439 Tree615J 
38 BARNES, Harold Thomas   I7120 Tree615J 
39 BARNETT, Beulah  Abt 1905Iowa, USA I35586 Tree656J 
40 BARNETT, Raymond 'Ray' M  Abt 1885Iowa, USA I35641 Tree656J 
41 BATTERN, Dorcas Belle  5 Apr 1893Iowa, USA I23088 Tree656J 
42 BATTERN, Edith Estelle  3 Dec 1885Iowa, USA I23111 Tree656J 
43 BATTERN, Jacquelynn 'Jean'   I22629 Tree656J 
44 BATTERN, Lottie  Sep 1891Iowa, USA I23087 Tree656J 
45 BATTERN, Margie Ellen  Abt 1923Iowa, USA I23071 Tree656J 
46 BATTERN, Myrtle  Jan 1855Iowa, USA I23089 Tree656J 
47 BEALL, Emma Mary  Est 1868Iowa, USA I9065 Tree733J 
48 BECKER, Ernest  Est 1877Iowa, USA I7377 Tree615J 
49 BECKER, Lorraine  Est 1902Iowa, USA I5235 Tree615J 
50 BELL, Emilie May  Abt 1889Iowa, USA I9984 Tree656J 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREW, George  11 Aug 1890Iowa, USA I7126 Tree615J 
2 BATTERN, Frank  21 Sep 1929Iowa, USA I23120 Tree656J 
3 BATTERN, Oral Kerlin  Jul 1957Iowa, USA I22637 Tree656J 
4 BOWEN, Male  10 Aug 1895Iowa, USA I33324 Tree618J 
5 CHACEY, Abner Goff  17 Oct 1912Iowa, USA I47117 Tree602J 
6 CHACEY, Orville (Orval) A  Sep 1966Iowa, USA I47023 Tree602J 
7 COOK, Amy  8 Mar 1877Iowa, USA I5255 Tree615J 
8 COX, Bessie A  1966Iowa, USA I47005 Tree602J 
9 DISSINGER, Ira Ellsworth  Sep 1962Iowa, USA I25613 Tree720J 
10 ENTWISLE, William  Bef 1895Iowa, USA I7980 Tree720J 
11 FERNAU, William 'Wilhelm'  Sep 1955Iowa, USA I47944 Tree656J 
12 FLACK, Benjamin  9 Jan 1898Iowa, USA I7709 Tree720J 
13 FLACK, Cora May  26 May 1915Iowa, USA I7630 Tree720J 
14 FLACK, Henry James  Oct 1965Iowa, USA I45269 Tree733J 
15 FLACK, John Samuel  14 Jan 1868Iowa, USA I4470 Tree615J 
16 FLACK, Manford Wesley  12 May 1956Iowa, USA I7917 Tree720J 
17 FLACK, Samuel  Est 1877/1880Iowa, USA I9066 Tree733J 
18 FLACK, Thomas C  26 Jul 1988Iowa, USA I96240 Tree001D 
19 FLEMING, Samuel T Jr  29 Jan 1957Iowa, USA I46854 Tree602J 
20 FULTZ, John  Est 1885/1895Iowa, USA I7789 Tree720J 
21 FULTZ, John  Est 1900/1910Iowa, USA I7767 Tree720J 
22 GREESON, Dillon I  8 May 1928Iowa, USA I46993 Tree602J 
23 GWIN, Mary  1860/1870Iowa, USA I9001 Tree733J 
24 HALFERTY, Arminda 'Minda'  1900/1910Iowa, USA I47350 Tree602J 
25 HALFERTY, Elenore  10 Mar 1926Iowa, USA I47097 Tree602J 
26 HALFERTY, Elizabeth  8 Jun 1902Iowa, USA I46415 Tree602J 
27 HALFERTY, Faye  1896Iowa, USA I46926 Tree602J 
28 HALFERTY, Greene  Iowa, USA I47190 Tree602J 
29 HALFERTY, Roy Estes  29 Jan 1991Iowa, USA I47226 Tree602J 
30 HALFERTY, William T  30 Dec 1899Iowa, USA I45935 Tree602J 
31 HAWKES, Dora Eva  13 Feb 1961Iowa, USA I49706 USA_pa_strays 
32 HILL, Warren A  22 Mar 1991Iowa, USA I46268 Tree602J 
33 HUGUNIN, Elizabeth M  1941Iowa, USA I7547 Tree720J 
34 JENSEN, Jens  31 Dec 1953Iowa, USA I49800 USA_pa_strays 
35 JOHNSON, Chester Russell  28 Mar 1956Iowa, USA I47066 Tree602J 
36 MAY, Ramona F  1 Jan 1991Iowa, USA I20549 Tree720J 
37 MCCLEMONS, Joseph P  1929Iowa, USA I48966 Tree720J 
38 MCCREA, Clara B  Aft 1930Iowa, USA I45583 Tree602J 
39 MITCHELL, Andrew  11 May 1851Iowa, USA I9809 USA_pa_strays 
40 MITCHELL, Ele W  1900/1910Iowa, USA I47394 Tree602J 
41 MITCHELL, John A  1920Iowa, USA I7827 Tree720J 
42 MITCHELL, Laura A  1939Iowa, USA I7840 Tree720J 
43 NEWVILLE, Gilbert  1904Iowa, USA I23049 Tree656J 
44 OUTTRIM, Merle Andrew  Mar 2003Iowa, USA I18443 Tree615J 
45 PEARSON, Signe  1 Feb 1966Iowa, USA I18442 Tree615J 
46 RAMSEY, Jacob Teeter  1920/1925Iowa, USA I46144 Tree602J 
47 REHER, Harry  Feb 1965Iowa, USA I7538 Tree720J 
48 REICHELT, Harry Harvey  1959Iowa, USA I46989 Tree602J 
49 ROOP, Rachel  20 Apr 1920Iowa, USA I47262 Tree602J 
50 SASSEEN, Mary Ann  1925/1930Iowa, USA I46156 Tree602J 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANDREW / BREDENBURG  Est 1918Iowa, USA F2372 Tree615J 
2 ANDREW / SMITH  Est 1911Iowa, USA F3025 Tree615J 
3 ANDREW / WILLIAMSON  Est 1916Iowa, USA F3023 Tree615J 
4 ANDREWS / WELLER  Abt 1908Iowa, USA F15445 Tree602J 
5 BALES / SIMMERING  Abt 1923Iowa, USA F15394 Tree602J 
6 BALES / SMITH  6 Jan 1888Iowa, USA F15389 Tree602J 
7 BALSKE / BATTERN  Abt 1914Iowa, USA F9329 Tree656J 
8 BATTERN / BURGER  22 Mar 1880Iowa, USA F8396 Tree656J 
9 BATTERN / TRIMBLE  Abt 1912Iowa, USA F17403 Tree656J 
10 BATTERN NEWVILLE / HASBROUCK  Abt 1899Iowa, USA F9345 Tree656J 
11 BRONSON / ATWATER  23 Nov 1918Iowa, USA F16944 Tree608J 
12 BROWN / ALLEN  Abt 1923Iowa, USA F15644 Tree602J 
13 CHACEY / COWGUILL  Abt 1908Iowa, USA F15668 Tree602J 
14 CHACEY / HALFERTY  5 May 1876Iowa, USA F15640 Tree602J 
15 CHACEY / HALFERTY  Abt 1890Iowa, USA F15700 Tree602J 
16 CHACEY / UNKNOWN  Abt 1903Iowa, USA F15666 Tree602J 
17 CLAYPOOL / ATCHISON  25 Nov 1915Iowa, USA F15924 Tree656J 
18 COBLE / HALFERTY  Abt 1915Iowa, USA F15744 Tree602J 
19 COCKERILL / HOUSER  1862Iowa, USA F3087 Tree615J 
20 COX / HALFERTY  Abt 1877Iowa, USA F15641 Tree602J 
21 CRABB / FERNAU  Abt 1925Iowa, USA F16038 Tree656J 
22 DOLAN / EMERSON  22 Mar 1925Iowa, USA F2202 Tree615J 
23 DUNNING / FLACK  Est Oct 1909Iowa, USA F3167 Tree720J 
24 ENTWISLE / HANCOCK  Iowa, USA F3192 Tree720J 
25 FERNAU / UNKNOWN  Abt 1928Iowa, USA F16037 Tree656J 
26 FLACK / BECKER  Est 1919Iowa, USA F2373 Tree615J 
27 FLACK / BYRON  Est 1912Iowa, USA F3205 Tree720J 
28 FLACK / CARPENTER  1910/1920Iowa, USA F2358 Tree615J 
29 FLACK / CHILDS  Est 1900Iowa, USA F3012 Tree615J 
30 FLACK / COCKERILL  Est 1909Iowa, USA F3013 Tree615J 
31 FLACK / EDGE  Est 1913Iowa, USA F3194 Tree720J 
32 FLACK / FRAZER  Est 1918Iowa, USA F3227 Tree720J 
33 FLACK / GROESBECK  Est 1922Iowa, USA F3049 Tree615J 
34 FLACK / HARTLEY  21 May 1844Iowa, USA F3149 Tree720J 
35 FLACK / JENKINS  15 Aug 1896Iowa, USA F3231 Tree720J 
36 FLACK / KELLUM  Est 1865Iowa, USA F3731 Tree733J 
37 FLACK / KNAPPER  Est 1911Iowa, USA F3051 Tree615J 
38 FLACK / LAMB  Est 1912Iowa, USA F3015 Tree615J 
39 FLACK / MORGAN  Est 1915Iowa, USA F11416 Tree608J 
40 FLACK / MURRAY  Est 1925Iowa, USA F3080 Tree615J 
41 FLACK / PARKER  12 Feb 1919Iowa, USA F3239 Tree720J 
42 FLACK / PEMBLE  Est 1913Iowa, USA F3053 Tree615J 
43 FLACK / RATER  Abt 1902Iowa, USA F15105 Tree733J 
44 FLACK / SAUNDERS  Est 1914Iowa, USA F3052 Tree615J 
45 FLACK / UNKNOWN  11 Mar 1880Iowa, USA F2096 Tree615J 
46 FLACK / UNKNOWN  Est 1905Iowa, USA F3001 Tree615J 
47 FLACK / UNKNOWN  Est 1920Iowa, USA F3771 Tree733J 
48 FLACK / VANORMAN  Est 1892Iowa, USA F3810 Tree733J 
49 FLEMING / KENNEDY  Abt 1920Iowa, USA F15602 Tree602J 
50 FOSDICK / BURGER  Abt 1900Iowa, USA F9322 Tree656J 

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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 MCCREA / SKILES  1895/1900Iowa, USA F15151 Tree602J 
2 PLATT / FLACK  Bef 1915Iowa, USA F3218 Tree720J 

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