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Horningsea, Cambridgeshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAVESTER, Agnes Elizabeth  4 Jan 1894Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I51760 Tree001D 
2 BURLING, Allan  1832Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I11472 Tree001D 
3 BURLING, Mary Ann  1837Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I11471 Tree001D 
4 CHAPMAN, Thomas  1824Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I490 Tree001D 
5 COOTE, Charles  6 May 1863Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I15259 Tree001D 
6 CRACKNELL, Eliza Louisa  18 Oct 1879Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I14075 Tree001D 
7 CRACKNELL, Ernest  1881Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I97458 Tree001D 
8 CRACKNELL, Ernest  25 Feb 1882Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I96037 Tree001D 
9 CRACKNELL, George Herbert  10 Jul 1877Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I31942 Tree001D 
10 ESSEX, Ann  1800Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I51373 Tree001D 
11 HAYHOW, Alice  1819Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I51372 Tree001D 
12 HAYHOW, Caroline  1823Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61837 Tree001D 
13 HAYHOW, Charles  1827Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61839 Tree001D 
14 HAYHOW, Charlotte  1825Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61838 Tree001D 
15 HAYHOW, Louisa  1833Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61842 Tree001D 
16 HAYHOW, Naomi  1831Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61841 Tree001D 
17 HAYHOW, Rowena  1836Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61843 Tree001D 
18 HAYHOW, Samuel  1829Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61840 Tree001D 
19 HAYHOW, William Essex  1821Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61836 Tree001D 
20 HYNER, Elizabeth  1836Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19899 Tree001D 
21 HYNER, Henry William  1861Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19891 Tree001D 
22 HYNER, Louisa  1850Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19893 Tree001D 
23 HYNER, Mary Ann  1842Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19896 Tree001D 
24 HYNER, Rebecca  1847Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19894 Tree001D 
25 HYNER, Robert  1853Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19892 Tree001D 
26 HYNER, Sarah Ann  1838Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19898 Tree001D 
27 HYNER, William Andrew  1844Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19895 Tree001D 
28 PETTIT, Violet Agnes  1898Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I77838 Tree001D 
29 PETTIT, Walter  1895Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I77837 Tree001D 
30 PETTITT, Harry  1871Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I12390 Tree001D 
31 SARGENT, Clara  1851Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18506 Tree001D 
32 SARGENT, Eleanor Emma  1866Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18509 Tree001D 
33 SARGENT, Eliza  1849Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18505 Tree001D 
34 SARGENT, Emma  1843Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18500 Tree001D 
35 SARGENT, Morris  1821Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18051 Tree001D 
36 SARGENT, Morris  1858Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18054 Tree001D 
37 SARGENT, Rachel Janet  1864Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18510 Tree001D 
38 SARGENT, Rhoda Anne  1845Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18502 Tree001D 
39 SARGENT, Sarah Anne  1861Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18511 Tree001D 
40 SARGENT, Susan  1856Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18508 Tree001D 
41 SARGENT, Thomas  1854Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18507 Tree001D 
42 SARGENT, William  1848Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18504 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 HAYHOW, John  Feb 1855Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I15310 Tree001D 
2 HYNER, Elizabeth  Sep 1856Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19899 Tree001D 
3 HYNER, Henry William  12 Jul 1861Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19891 Tree001D 
4 HYNER, Louisa  Mar 1859Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19893 Tree001D 
5 HYNER, Rebecca  Mar 1859Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19894 Tree001D 
6 PETTIT, Rhoda  Jan 1894Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18513 Tree001D 
7 SARGENT, Morris  Apr 1906Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18051 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 ESSEX, Ann  18 Dec 1872Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I51373 Tree001D 
2 HAYHOW, John  21 Feb 1855Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I15310 Tree001D 
3 HYNER, Elizabeth  25 Sep 1856Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19899 Tree001D 
4 HYNER, Louisa  30 Mar 1859Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19893 Tree001D 
5 HYNER, Rebecca  6 Mar 1859Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19894 Tree001D 
6 PETTIT, Rhoda  8 Jan 1894Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18513 Tree001D 
7 SARGENT, Morris  3 Apr 1906Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18051 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURLING, Allan  27 Jan 1833Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I11472 Tree001D 
2 BURLING, Mary Ann  17 Dec 1837Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I11471 Tree001D 
3 CRACKNELL, Ernest  5 Jun 1881Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I97458 Tree001D 
4 ESSEX, Ann  28 Sep 1800Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I51373 Tree001D 
5 HAYHOW, Alice  27 Aug 1820Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I51372 Tree001D 
6 HAYHOW, Caroline  29 Jun 1823Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61837 Tree001D 
7 HAYHOW, Charles  11 Feb 1827Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61839 Tree001D 
8 HAYHOW, Charlotte  17 Jul 1825Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61838 Tree001D 
9 HAYHOW, Louisa  26 May 1833Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61842 Tree001D 
10 HAYHOW, Naomi  13 Mar 1831Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61841 Tree001D 
11 HAYHOW, Rowena  24 Jul 1836Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61843 Tree001D 
12 HAYHOW, Samuel  25 Jan 1829Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61840 Tree001D 
13 HAYHOW, William Essex  25 May 1821Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I61836 Tree001D 
14 HYNER, Elizabeth  16 Oct 1836Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19899 Tree001D 
15 HYNER, Henry William  7 Jun 1861Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19891 Tree001D 
16 HYNER, Louisa  21 Jul 1850Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19893 Tree001D 
17 HYNER, Mary Ann  17 Apr 1842Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19896 Tree001D 
18 HYNER, Rebecca  10 Oct 1847Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19894 Tree001D 
19 HYNER, Robert  19 Jun 1853Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19892 Tree001D 
20 HYNER, Sarah Ann  21 Oct 1838Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19898 Tree001D 
21 HYNER, William Andrew  22 Dec 1844Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I19895 Tree001D 
22 SARGENT, Clara  21 Dec 1851Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18506 Tree001D 
23 SARGENT, Eleanor Emma  13 May 1866Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18509 Tree001D 
24 SARGENT, Eliza  30 Dec 1849Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18505 Tree001D 
25 SARGENT, Emma  2 Apr 1843Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18500 Tree001D 
26 SARGENT, Morris  14 Sep 1821Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18051 Tree001D 
27 SARGENT, Morris  20 Mar 1859Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18054 Tree001D 
28 SARGENT, Rachel Janet  8 May 1864Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18510 Tree001D 
29 SARGENT, Rhoda Anne  20 Apr 1845Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18502 Tree001D 
30 SARGENT, Sarah Anne  14 Apr 1861Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18511 Tree001D 
31 SARGENT, Susan  9 Nov 1856Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18508 Tree001D 
32 SARGENT, Thomas  30 Apr 1854Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18507 Tree001D 
33 SARGENT, William  16 Jul 1848Horningsea, Cambridgeshire I18504 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FLACK / STANTON  25 Mar 1858Horningsea, Cambridgeshire F4276 Tree001D 
2 HAYHOW / ESSEX  25 Feb 1819Horningsea, Cambridgeshire F6009 Tree001D 
3 HYNER / FARROW  15 Oct 1834Horningsea, Cambridgeshire F7296 Tree001D 
4 SARGENT / BENDALL  1821Horningsea, Cambridgeshire F6820 Tree001D 
5 SARGENT / PETTIT  8 May 1842Horningsea, Cambridgeshire F6819 Tree001D 
6 SHADBOLT / HYNER  1 Nov 1864Horningsea, Cambridgeshire F7291 Tree001D 

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