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Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 COWELL, Sarah  29 Mar 1906Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13349 Tree001D 
2 FLACK, Abel  9 Sep 1866Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18768 Tree001D 
3 FLACK, Alice  21 Oct 1873Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13373 Tree001D 
4 FLACK, Ann  10 May 1852Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13289 Tree001D 
5 FLACK, Arthur John  16 Aug 1911Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18704 Tree001D 
6 FLACK, Charles  11 Feb 1849Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I21689 Tree001D 
7 FLACK, Charles  3 Apr 1857Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I21724 Tree001D 
8 FLACK, Charles  23 Jul 1896Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13400 Tree001D 
9 FLACK, Edward  24 Feb 1865Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I103872 Tree001D 
10 FLACK, Edward  22 May 1866Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I11644 Tree001D 
11 FLACK, Edwin  10 Sep 1952Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13356 Tree001D 
12 FLACK, Eliza  1 Jan 1850Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13297 Tree001D 
13 FLACK, Eliza  17 Feb 1862Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18751 Tree001D 
14 FLACK, Eliza  2 May 1863Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I11645 Tree001D 
15 FLACK, Elizabeth  1 May 1880Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13403 Tree001D 
16 FLACK, Emily  14 Mar 1862Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I22209 Tree001D 
17 FLACK, Ethel Maud  10 Apr 1927Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18636 Tree001D 
18 FLACK, Fanny  27 Feb 1863Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13345 Tree001D 
19 FLACK, George  5 Dec 1877Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13328 Tree001D 
20 FLACK, Henrietta  11 Nov 1872Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13409 Tree001D 
21 FLACK, Henrietta  17 Jun 1893Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13327 Tree001D 
22 FLACK, Herbert  31 Mar 1962Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13637 Tree001D 
23 FLACK, Herbert George  29 Jan 1971Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I88234 Tree001D 
24 FLACK, Hubert  31 Mar 1909Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13232 Tree001D 
25 FLACK, James  12 Aug 1870Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I11643 Tree001D 
26 FLACK, James  11 May 1895Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13325 Tree001D 
27 FLACK, James  1 Sep 1924Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13383 Tree001D 
28 FLACK, John  3 Nov 1870Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18773 Tree001D 
29 FLACK, John  12 Feb 1896Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18771 Tree001D 
30 FLACK, Joseph  30 Mar 1901Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13407 Tree001D 
31 FLACK, Joseph Edward  22 Apr 1871Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13564 Tree001D 
32 FLACK, Lucy  17 Apr 1830Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13293 Tree001D 
33 FLACK, Lydia Dawn  20 Aug 1828Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13295 Tree001D 
34 FLACK, Martin George  17 Mar 1892Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13342 Tree001D 
35 FLACK, Mary  18 Jun 1840Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13285 Tree001D 
36 FLACK, Mary  8 Jun 1887Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18765 Tree001D 
37 FLACK, Minnie  26 Feb 1906Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13233 Tree001D 
38 FLACK, Nathan  10 Oct 1861Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13344 Tree001D 
39 FLACK, Robert  4 Nov 1941Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13353 Tree001D 
40 FLACK, Rose Ann  23 Mar 1948Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13355 Tree001D 
41 FLACK, Stephen  31 Jul 1819Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13389 Tree001D 
42 FLACK, Stephen  27 Apr 1820Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13292 Tree001D 
43 FLACK, Timothy Pratt  22 May 1847Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I22039 Tree001D 
44 FLACK, Ulalia  5 May 1866Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18698 Tree001D 
45 FLACK, Walter  16 Sep 1859Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I21691 Tree001D 
46 FLACK, Walter  21 Dec 1893Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13348 Tree001D 
47 FLACK, William  27 May 1844Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18766 Tree001D 
48 FLACK, William  23 Jan 1858Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18732 Tree001D 
49 HINKIN, Sarah  13 Jan 1855Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13382 Tree001D 
50 LOVEDAY, Mary Ann  15 Dec 1906Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13841 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 FLACK, Abel  28 Dec 1834Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18768 Tree001D 
2 FLACK, Abel  26 Sep 1858Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18731 Tree001D 
3 FLACK, Agnes  5 Aug 1860Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13340 Tree001D 
4 FLACK, Alice  20 Aug 1873Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13373 Tree001D 
5 FLACK, Amelia  27 Nov 1842Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13401 Tree001D 
6 FLACK, Amelia Jane  23 Jun 1878Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13352 Tree001D 
7 FLACK, Ann  4 Oct 1818Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13289 Tree001D 
8 FLACK, Arthur  26 Dec 1880Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13326 Tree001D 
9 FLACK, Arthur Edwin  16 Sep 1917Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I23943 Tree001D 
10 FLACK, Arthur John  17 Jan 1865Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18704 Tree001D 
11 FLACK, Charles  29 Jun 1845Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I21689 Tree001D 
12 FLACK, Charles  26 Mar 1857Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I21724 Tree001D 
13 FLACK, Edna May  29 Dec 1907Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I26811 Tree001D 
14 FLACK, Edward  22 Oct 1815Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13385 Tree001D 
15 FLACK, Edward  23 Aug 1835Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13405 Tree001D 
16 FLACK, Edward  3 Sep 1865Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I11644 Tree001D 
17 FLACK, Edwin  30 Jun 1867Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13356 Tree001D 
18 FLACK, Eliza  19 Nov 1849Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13297 Tree001D 
19 FLACK, Eliza  7 Feb 1869Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I53995 Tree001D 
20 FLACK, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1840Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13403 Tree001D 
21 FLACK, Elizabeth Ann  28 Jun 1857Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I16838 Tree001D 
22 FLACK, Emily  23 Aug 1861Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I22209 Tree001D 
23 FLACK, Emily Jane  25 Mar 1860Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18730 Tree001D 
24 FLACK, Esther  1 Aug 1830Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13321 Tree001D 
25 FLACK, Ethel Annie Challis  21 Mar 1883Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I25195 Tree001D 
26 FLACK, Evelyn  18 Mar 1906Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I26810 Tree001D 
27 FLACK, Fanny  19 Oct 1856Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13345 Tree001D 
28 FLACK, Florence  25 Jun 1865Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I12083 Tree001D 
29 FLACK, Frederick William  9 Feb 1862Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18716 Tree001D 
30 FLACK, George  27 Jun 1830Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18770 Tree001D 
31 FLACK, George  23 Dec 1832Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13406 Tree001D 
32 FLACK, Henrietta  4 Nov 1883Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13327 Tree001D 
33 FLACK, James  30 Mar 1828Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13325 Tree001D 
34 FLACK, James  24 Apr 1836Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13383 Tree001D 
35 FLACK, James  21 Jul 1837Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I16609 Tree001D 
36 FLACK, Jane  18 Jan 1838Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13404 Tree001D 
37 FLACK, Jethro  5 Apr 1857Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13341 Tree001D 
38 FLACK, John  24 Jun 1827Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18771 Tree001D 
39 FLACK, John  26 Aug 1838Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13241 Tree001D 
40 FLACK, Joseph  5 Sep 1830Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13407 Tree001D 
41 FLACK, Lucy  18 Sep 1815Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13293 Tree001D 
42 FLACK, Lucy  18 Sep 1842Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13381 Tree001D 
43 FLACK, Lydia  1 Jun 1834Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13320 Tree001D 
44 FLACK, Lydia  11 Jun 1854Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13346 Tree001D 
45 FLACK, Margaret Mary  23 Oct 1904Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I26809 Tree001D 
46 FLACK, Maria  11 Nov 1821Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13286 Tree001D 
47 FLACK, Mary  10 Jul 1847Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I18765 Tree001D 
48 FLACK, Minnie  1 Apr 1888Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13233 Tree001D 
49 FLACK, Nathan  20 Feb 1859Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I13344 Tree001D 
50 FLACK, Nora  15 May 1910Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex I26812 Tree001D 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARKER / FLACK  8 Feb 1872Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5125 Tree001D 
2 DYER / FLACK  19 Jun 1886Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5045 Tree001D 
3 FLACK / ABRAMS  2 Dec 1854Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5079 Tree001D 
4 FLACK / CORBY  31 May 1856Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F6989 Tree001D 
5 FLACK / COWELL  31 May 1849Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F4353 Tree001D 
6 FLACK / EVERITT  6 May 1858Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F4991 Tree001D 
7 FLACK / HINKIN  18 Nov 1799Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5081 Tree001D 
8 FLACK / KILLINGBECK  25 Jun 1857Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F6374 Tree001D 
9 FLACK / LOVEDAY  31 May 1849Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F4540 Tree001D 
10 FLACK / OVEL  8 Dec 1825Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5093 Tree001D 
11 FLACK / PRATT  5 Apr 1790Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5088 Tree001D 
12 FLACK / PRATT  4 Nov 1790Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5108 Tree001D 
13 FLACK / SMITH  18 Oct 1813Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5077 Tree001D 
14 FLACK / SQUIRES  23 Oct 1886Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5050 Tree001D 
15 GRAVES / FLACK  8 Dec 1781Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5112 Tree001D 
16 KIRBY / FLACK  24 Dec 1855Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F6239 Tree001D 
17 NEEVES / FLACK  26 Jun 1865Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5109 Tree001D 
18 OVELL / FLACK  8 Jun 1839Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F5055 Tree001D 
19 WARREN / FLACK  19 Dec 1815Elmdon, St Nicholas, Essex F17369 Tree001D 

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