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Cheddar, Somerset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BESSANT, Alan Edwin  11 Nov 1902Cheddar, Somerset, England I7433 Tree951DJ 
2 BESSANT, Beatrice Louisa  12 Dec 1876Cheddar, Somerset, England I7533 Tree951DJ 
3 BESSANT, Ernest Edward  3 Aug 1871Cheddar, Somerset, England I7539 Tree951DJ 
4 BESSANT, Florence Ada  20 May 1873Cheddar, Somerset, England I7538 Tree951DJ 
5 BESSANT, Frederick John  1 Dec 1874Cheddar, Somerset, England I7534 Tree951DJ 
6 BESSANT, Gilbert  29 Feb 1880Cheddar, Somerset, England I7531 Tree951DJ 
7 BESSANT, Henry James  14 Jul 1872Cheddar, Somerset, England I7423 Tree951DJ 
8 BESSANT, Herbert Edward  6 May 1909Cheddar, Somerset, England I7437 Tree951DJ 
9 BESSANT, Herbert James  9 Feb 1878Cheddar, Somerset, England I7532 Tree951DJ 
10 BESSANT, Ida M  Abt Oct 1912Cheddar, Somerset, England I38666 Tree951DJ 
11 BESSANT, Percival Frederick John  24 Feb 1900Cheddar, Somerset, England I7434 Tree951DJ 
12 BESSANT, William Henry  29 Jun 1870Cheddar, Somerset, England I7987 Tree951DJ 
13 BISGROVE, Blanche  Abt 1889Cheddar, Somerset, England I38670 Tree951DJ 
14 BISGROVE, Henry  Abt 1887Cheddar, Somerset, England I38671 Tree951DJ 
15 BISGROVE, Jessie  Abt 1893Cheddar, Somerset, England I38668 Tree951DJ 
16 BISGROVE, John  Abt 1885Cheddar, Somerset, England I38672 Tree951DJ 
17 BISGROVE, Percy  1890Cheddar, Somerset, England I38669 Tree951DJ 
18 CARTER, Ada Evelyn  Abt Jan 1904Cheddar, Somerset, England I7527 Tree951DJ 
19 CARTER, Alec George  22 Nov 1908Cheddar, Somerset, England I7525 Tree951DJ 
20 CARTER, Ann  1832Cheddar, Somerset, England I7499 Tree951DJ 
21 CARTER, Benjamin  1881Cheddar, Somerset, England I7507 Tree951DJ 
22 CARTER, Bessie Phyllis  12 Nov 1905Cheddar, Somerset, England I7526 Tree951DJ 
23 CARTER, Bevis  1875Cheddar, Somerset, England I7512 Tree951DJ 
24 CARTER, Charles  1861Cheddar, Somerset, England I7537 Tree951DJ 
25 CARTER, Edra Florence  23 Feb 1900Cheddar, Somerset, England I7529 Tree951DJ 
26 CARTER, Edward  1866Cheddar, Somerset, England I7513 Tree951DJ 
27 CARTER, Edward  1902Cheddar, Somerset, England I7503 Tree951DJ 
28 CARTER, Eliza  1879Cheddar, Somerset, England I7511 Tree951DJ 
29 CARTER, Hannah  1845Cheddar, Somerset, England I7495 Tree951DJ 
30 CARTER, Herbert Edward  7 Mar 1902Cheddar, Somerset, England I7528 Tree951DJ 
31 CARTER, Hester  4 Oct 1838Cheddar, Somerset, England I7497 Tree951DJ 
32 CARTER, Irene Ellen  5 Jan 1899Cheddar, Somerset, England I7530 Tree951DJ 
33 CARTER, James  1879Cheddar, Somerset, England I7508 Tree951DJ 
34 CARTER, Jessalina  1883Cheddar, Somerset, England I7506 Tree951DJ 
35 CARTER, Jesse  1864Cheddar, Somerset, England I7514 Tree951DJ 
36 CARTER, John  1847Cheddar, Somerset, England I7494 Tree951DJ 
37 CARTER, Lillian Gladys  23 Dec 1910Cheddar, Somerset, England I7524 Tree951DJ 
38 CARTER, Marion Adeline  Abt Jan 1913Cheddar, Somerset, England I7523 Tree951DJ 
39 CARTER, Mary A  1859Cheddar, Somerset, England I7515 Tree951DJ 
40 CARTER, Mildred  1888Cheddar, Somerset, England I7504 Tree951DJ 
41 CARTER, Molly  11 Jul 1885Cheddar, Somerset, England I7505 Tree951DJ 
42 CARTER, Richard  1838Cheddar, Somerset, England I7500 Tree951DJ 
43 CARTER, Sarah  1842Cheddar, Somerset, England I7496 Tree951DJ 
44 CARTER, Thomas  1834Cheddar, Somerset, England I7536 Tree951DJ 
45 CARTER, Thomas  9 Feb 1857Cheddar, Somerset, England I7516 Tree951DJ 
46 CARTER, William  1836Cheddar, Somerset, England I7498 Tree951DJ 
47 CARTER, William  1877Cheddar, Somerset, England I7509 Tree951DJ 
48 CARTER, William Baker  1853Cheddar, Somerset, England I7517 Tree951DJ 
49 COLE, Elizabeth  Abt 1807Cheddar, Somerset, England I7501 Tree951DJ 
50 HARRIS, Ellen  1836Cheddar, Somerset, England I7535 Tree951DJ 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BESSANT, Ernest Edward  4 Feb 1913Cheddar, Somerset, England I7539 Tree951DJ 
2 BESSANT, Henry  16 Jul 1881Cheddar, Somerset, England I7675 Tree951DJ 
3 BESSANT, Herbert Edward  Abt Apr 1912Cheddar, Somerset, England I7437 Tree951DJ 
4 BESSANT, Herbert James  28 Apr 1913Cheddar, Somerset, England I7532 Tree951DJ 
5 BESSANT, William Henry  Abt Jan 1911Cheddar, Somerset, England I7436 Tree951DJ 
6 BISGROVE, Frederick  Abt Oct 1894Cheddar, Somerset, England I38673 Tree951DJ 
7 CARTER, Charles  22 Apr 1915Cheddar, Somerset, England I7537 Tree951DJ 
8 EVELEIGH, Elizabeth  22 Jan 1927Cheddar, Somerset, England I7435 Tree951DJ 
9 HUMPHRIES, Hannah  Abt Jun 1933Cheddar, Somerset, England I7591 Tree951DJ 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BESSANT / EVELEIGH  3 Apr 1899Cheddar, Somerset, England F2473 Tree951DJ 
2 BESSANT / HAINES  10 Sep 1904Cheddar, Somerset, England F2472 Tree951DJ 
3 BISGROVE / HUMPHRIES  Abt Oct 1884Cheddar, Somerset, England F11588 Tree951DJ 
4 CARTER / BESSANT  24 Aug 1898Cheddar, Somerset, England F2508 Tree951DJ 
5 CARTER / HAM  15 Sep 1877Cheddar, Somerset, England F2505 Tree951DJ 
6 CROCKRAM / CARTER  Abt Jan 1924Cheddar, Somerset, England F9956 Tree951DJ 
7 MCDONALD / CARTER  Abt Apr 1924Cheddar, Somerset, England F9981 Tree951DJ 
8 ROE / BESSANT  30 Jul 1898Cheddar, Somerset, England F3444 Tree951DJ 
9 THOMAS / WILTSHIRE  Abt Jul 1900Cheddar, Somerset, England F11589 Tree951DJ 

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