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Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 ABBOTT, June Gladys Maud  8 Jul 1976Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14238 Tree001D 
2 ALLIN, Grace Ann  17 May 1971Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I19625 Tree001D 
3 BAKER, Gladys Evelyn  30 Mar 1982Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14010 Tree001D 
4 BENTLEY, Florence Helen  13 Apr 1989Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I45905 Tree001D 
5 BIRD, Herbert Flack  13 Mar 1948Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I72604 Tree001D 
6 BLACKBOROUGH, Lily Isabel  25 Sep 1972Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I12129 Tree001D 
7 BLAKE, Florence Rose  18 Apr 1975Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I61514 Tree001D 
8 BOWLES, Elsie Beatrice  11 Oct 1983Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I31876 Tree001D 
9 BURNAGE, Ethel May  20 Mar 1957Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I61946 Tree001D 
10 BYATT, Iris Lena  7 Aug 2000Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I73330 Tree001D 
11 CABLE, Doris Mona  2 Feb 1988Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I13942 Tree001D 
12 CALDECOAT, Kate Elizabeth  19 Jun 1965Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I21815 Tree001D 
13 CAMBRIDGE, Robert Philip  22 May 1981Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I61935 TREE999D_REST 
14 CAMPION, Jessie Maud Matilda  8 Nov 1977Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I20452 Tree001D 
15 CASBOLT, Lily  24 Dec 1981Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I24892 Tree001D 
16 CLARK, Ethel May  14 Dec 1999Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I17520 Tree001D 
17 COBB, Gladys Violet  29 Mar 2005Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I46034 Tree001D 
18 CORNELL, Percival Harry  26 Sep 1973Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I13985 Tree001D 
19 CREASOR, Septimus  17 Jun 1960Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I25072 Tree001D 
20 DRURY, Millicent Ada  22 Jun 1989Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I31831 Tree001D 
21 FARRINGTON, Harry Sidney  23 Sep 1973Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I23936 Tree001D 
22 FENTON-JONES, Beryl Elizabeth May  6 Feb 2006Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I71830 Tree001D 
23 FLACK, Ada Emma  7 Mar 1959Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14131 Tree001D 
24 FLACK, Alan Frederick  3 Aug 2005Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I23866 Tree001D 
25 FLACK, Albert Arthur  15 Nov 2001Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I13994 Tree001D 
26 FLACK, Albert Edward  5 Oct 1978Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I15707 Tree001D 
27 FLACK, Albert Edward  8 Feb 1994Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I22066 Tree001D 
28 FLACK, Alec George  23 Mar 1978Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14260 Tree001D 
29 FLACK, Alexander  26 Apr 1974Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I19617 Tree001D 
30 FLACK, Alfred Arthur Walter  16 Jan 1970Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I17358 Tree001D 
31 FLACK, Alfred James  9 Jul 1957Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14740 Tree001D 
32 FLACK, Arthur Hubert  20 Jun 2006Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I60686 Tree001D 
33 FLACK, Arthur James  7 Jan 1963Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14096 Tree001D 
34 FLACK, Arthur Leonard  13 Jun 1980Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I17675 Tree001D 
35 FLACK, Arthur Richard  26 Mar 1974Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14069 Tree001D 
36 FLACK, Arthur William  21 Apr 1989Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I61428 Tree001D 
37 FLACK, Beatrice  22 Nov 1944Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I25699 Tree001D 
38 FLACK, Brian David  8 Sep 1967Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I25192 Tree001D 
39 FLACK, Charles John  24 Oct 1983Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I43651 Tree001D 
40 FLACK, Clifford Theodore  2 Jun 1994Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14062 Tree001D 
41 FLACK, Clifford Walter  23 Apr 1993Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I18671 Tree001D 
42 FLACK, Cyril Stanley George  19 Nov 1976Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I61916 TREE999D_REST 
43 FLACK, Decimar  19 Sep 1975Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I13647 Tree001D 
44 FLACK, Dennis Edward  30 Apr 1987Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I18564 Tree001D 
45 FLACK, Derrick George  18 Aug 2003Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I24875 Tree001D 
46 FLACK, Doreen Mary  11 Nov 1991Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I46035 Tree001D 
47 FLACK, Edna Phyllis  27 Feb 1981Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I12128 Tree001D 
48 FLACK, Edward John  29 Jan 1992Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I24016 Tree001D 
49 FLACK, Edwin Charles  28 Mar 1978Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I14643 Tree001D 
50 FLACK, Edwin Victor Stanley  20 May 1994Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I22271 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID   Tree 
1 LAIGHT, Brandon  21 Aug 1961Cambridge Crematorium, Cambridgeshire I28204 Tree001D 

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