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Burnet County, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARTON, Sallie Katherine  30 May 1893Burnet County, Texas, USA I27842 Tree664J 
2 BEASON, Henry  1860Burnet County, Texas, USA I27933 Tree664J 
3 BEASON, Louisa  Abt 1862Burnet County, Texas, USA I27932 Tree664J 
4 DAVIDSON, Bobbie K   I27837 Tree664J 
5 DAVIDSON, Dick  16 Jul 1924Burnet County, Texas, USA I27838 Tree664J 
6 DAVIDSON, Dorothy M  Abt 1920Burnet County, Texas, USA I27839 Tree664J 
7 DAVIDSON, Grover Randal  31 Mar 1918Burnet County, Texas, USA I27840 Tree664J 
8 DAVIDSON, John Barton  25 Feb 1916Burnet County, Texas, USA I27841 Tree664J 
9 DAVIDSON, John Warren  22 Mar 1866Burnet County, Texas, USA I27848 Tree664J 
10 DAVIDSON, Johnnie Ruth  15 Jul 1911Burnet County, Texas, USA I27845 Tree664J 
11 DEBO, Mary 'Mollie' Thomas  23 Dec 1876Burnet County, Texas, USA I28080 Tree664J 
12 FRAZIER, Cora Lee  5 Apr 1907Burnet County, Texas, USA I28032 Tree664J 
13 FRAZIER, Dorman Ellett   I28019 Tree664J 
14 FRAZIER, Jackson Thomas  29 Jan 1904Burnet County, Texas, USA I28031 Tree664J 
15 FRAZIER, Nolan B  4 Aug 1905Burnet County, Texas, USA I28030 Tree664J 
16 HESTER, Annie Lee  8 Feb 1901Burnet County, Texas, USA I27964 Tree664J 
17 LEWIS, Clara  18 Jan 1871Burnet County, Texas, USA I27877 Tree664J 
18 LEWIS, Georgia Anna  22 Aug 1868Burnet County, Texas, USA I27881 Tree664J 
19 LEWIS, Hazel Valrie  20 Aug 1908Burnet County, Texas, USA I27800 Tree664J 
20 LEWIS, Horace Dudley  14 Aug 1899Burnet County, Texas, USA I27801 Tree664J 
21 LEWIS, Leonora  14 Jul 1872Burnet County, Texas, USA I27876 Tree664J 
22 LEWIS, Minnie L  17 Apr 1880Burnet County, Texas, USA I27872 Tree664J 
23 LEWIS, Ophelia  18 Oct 1869Burnet County, Texas, USA I27878 Tree664J 
24 LEWIS, Robert Hix 'Hicks'  13 Jul 1883Burnet County, Texas, USA I27871 Tree664J 
25 LEWIS, Wade  17 Apr 1877Burnet County, Texas, USA I27873 Tree664J 
26 MARRS, Carlisle Manson  1885Burnet County, Texas, USA I28012 Tree664J 
27 MCDANIEL - RANEY, Doyle Bruce  26 Oct 1918Burnet County, Texas, USA I27966 Tree664J 
28 MCFARLAND, Amanda Olivia 'Ollie'  2 May 1864Burnet County, Texas, USA I28083 Tree664J 
29 MCFARLAND, Annie  9 Jul 1890Burnet County, Texas, USA I28040 Tree664J 
30 MCFARLAND, Clara Louise  27 Feb 1900Burnet County, Texas, USA I27949 Tree664J 
31 MCFARLAND, Clarence Alexander  14 Feb 1905Burnet County, Texas, USA I27946 Tree664J 
32 MCFARLAND, Clifton   I27962 Tree664J 
33 MCFARLAND, Clifton Choat  13 Aug 1901Burnet County, Texas, USA I28035 Tree664J 
34 MCFARLAND, Edith   I27963 Tree664J 
35 MCFARLAND, Flora  7 Apr 1901Burnet County, Texas, USA I27948 Tree664J 
36 MCFARLAND, Jack Howard  30 Jan 1922Burnet County, Texas, USA I27971 Tree664J 
37 MCFARLAND, James Dorr  7 Feb 1903Burnet County, Texas, USA I27947 Tree664J 
38 MCFARLAND, Lenora Bessie  4 Mar 1892Burnet County, Texas, USA I28039 Tree664J 
39 MCFARLAND, Lora Ruth  2 Aug 1909Burnet County, Texas, USA I27944 Tree664J 
40 MCFARLAND, Lula Lee  8 Dec 1886Burnet County, Texas, USA I28042 Tree664J 
41 MCFARLAND, Martha 'Mattie' Emoretta  1856Burnet County, Texas, USA I28085 Tree664J 
42 MCFARLAND, Nellie Elvira  23 Oct 1911Burnet County, Texas, USA I27943 Tree664J 
43 MCFARLAND, Robert Ray  3 Aug 1878Burnet County, Texas, USA I28081 Tree664J 
44 MCFARLAND, Roberta Holland  7 Oct 1884Burnet County, Texas, USA I28043 Tree664J 
45 MCFARLAND, Rufus Jackson Jr  25 Aug 1894Burnet County, Texas, USA I28037 Tree664J 
46 MCFARLAND, Rufus Jackson 'Jack'  9 Apr 1858Burnet County, Texas, USA I28084 Tree664J 
47 MCFARLAND, Samuel King  25 Apr 1888Burnet County, Texas, USA I28041 Tree664J 
48 MCFARLAND, Samuel Lewis  27 Dec 1906Burnet County, Texas, USA I27945 Tree664J 
49 MCFARLAND, Thelena H  10 Dec 1907Burnet County, Texas, USA I28034 Tree664J 
50 MCFARLAND, William Alexander  28 Sep 1873Burnet County, Texas, USA I28082 Tree664J 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CULTON, Carrie Virginia  16 Aug 1949Burnet County, Texas, USA I28010 Tree664J 
2 DAVIDSON, John Warren  14 Apr 1944Burnet County, Texas, USA I27848 Tree664J 
3 ELLETT, John Franklin 'Dock'  25 Mar 1932Burnet County, Texas, USA I28011 Tree664J 
4 HEREFORD, Robert Hudson  11 Dec 1951Burnet County, Texas, USA I27990 Tree664J 
5 LEWIS, Wade  13 Sep 1905Burnet County, Texas, USA I27873 Tree664J 
6 MCDANIEL, Edward Bruce  28 Sep 1938Burnet County, Texas, USA I27967 Tree664J 
7 MCFARLAND, Amanda Olivia 'Ollie'  17 Mar 1886Burnet County, Texas, USA I28083 Tree664J 
8 MCFARLAND, Clara Louise  7 May 1900Burnet County, Texas, USA I27949 Tree664J 
9 MCFARLAND, Lenora Bessie  6 Nov 1975Burnet County, Texas, USA I28039 Tree664J 
10 MCFARLAND, Roberta Holland  20 Nov 1885Burnet County, Texas, USA I28043 Tree664J 
11 MCFARLAND, Samuel King  17 Jun 1901Burnet County, Texas, USA I38267 Tree664J 
12 MOFFET, Zelma Onita  27 Apr 1941Burnet County, Texas, USA I27974 Tree664J 
13 PETERS, Charles August  10 Apr 1909Burnet County, Texas, USA I27957 Tree664J 
14 ROUNTREE, Amanda Melvina  19 May 1902Burnet County, Texas, USA I28336 Tree664J 
15 ROUNTREE, Elvira  20 Feb 1936Burnet County, Texas, USA I28335 Tree664J 
16 ROUNTREE, James Lewis  13 Apr 1888Burnet County, Texas, USA I38227 Tree664J 
17 SCHOOLEY, Annie Lee  1 Jan 1971Burnet County, Texas, USA I27803 Tree664J 
18 THOMAS, Elisha Franklin 'Frank'  17 Apr 1916Burnet County, Texas, USA I27927 Tree664J 
19 WILSON, Elizabeth 'Lizzie'  24 Aug 1941Burnet County, Texas, USA I27782 Tree664J 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BEASON / ROUNTREE  27 Jan 1859Burnet County, Texas, USA F10175 Tree664J 
2 FRAZIER / MCFARLAND  8 Apr 1903Burnet County, Texas, USA F10209 Tree664J 
3 KNOX / THOMPSON   F10517 Tree610J 
4 MCFARLAND / DEBO  23 Apr 1899Burnet County, Texas, USA F10220 Tree664J 
5 MCFARLAND / HESTER  30 Oct 1919Burnet County, Texas, USA F10147 Tree664J 
6 MCFARLAND / JONES  1 Jan 1884Burnet County, Texas, USA F10210 Tree664J 
7 MCFARLAND / MCCOY  28 Sep 1892Burnet County, Texas, USA F10156 Tree664J 
8 MCFARLAND / MOFFET  29 Mar 1918Burnet County, Texas, USA F10134 Tree664J 
9 MCFARLAND / PETERS  14 Oct 1896Burnet County, Texas, USA F10179 Tree664J 
10 MCFARLAND / ROUNTREE  13 Jun 1854Burnet County, Texas, USA F12834 Tree664J 
11 NAIL / ROUNTREE  17 Dec 1852Burnet County, Texas, USA F9748 Tree664J 
12 THOMAS / ROUNTREE  12 Dec 1866Burnet County, Texas, USA F10140 Tree664J 

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