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Brandon, Suffolk



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BACK, Sarah  1870Brandon, Suffolk I57019 Tree001D 
2 BUTLER, Emily  1865Brandon, Suffolk I101489 Tree001D 
3 CARMAN, Joe  1867Brandon, Suffolk I86370 Tree001D 
4 CARTER, Harriet  1800Brandon, Suffolk I99456 Tree001D 
5 CHALICE, Sarah  1828Brandon, Suffolk I47476 Tree001D 
6 CHALLIS, Hannah  1830Brandon, Suffolk I42998 Tree001D 
7 COLE-WILKIN, Albert William  1 Apr 1903Brandon, Suffolk I58635 Tree001D 
8 COLE-WILKIN, Charles N  1916Brandon, Suffolk I58636 Tree001D 
9 COLE-WILKIN, Ernest  28 Jul 1905Brandon, Suffolk I58642 Tree001D 
10 COLE-WILKIN, Evelyn   I58227 Tree001D 
11 COLE-WILKIN, Frederick Robert  30 Apr 1909Brandon, Suffolk I58639 Tree001D 
12 COLE-WILKIN, Lilian Violet  1901Brandon, Suffolk I58279 Tree001D 
13 COLE-WILKIN, Phyllis R  1919Brandon, Suffolk I58637 Tree001D 
14 COLE-WILKIN, Winifred  1906Brandon, Suffolk I58638 Tree001D 
15 CORNWELL, John  1905Brandon, Suffolk I98705 Tree001D 
16 CRANE, Robert  1799Brandon, Suffolk I53203 Tree001D 
17 CROSS, Ann Elizabeth  1842Brandon, Suffolk I87567 Tree001D 
18 CROWE, Ethel  1883Brandon, Suffolk I85649 Tree001D 
19 CROWE, Ethel  1884Brandon, Suffolk I58298 Tree001D 
20 CROWE, James William  1877Brandon, Suffolk I56965 Tree001D 
21 CROWE, Mary A  Feb 1881Brandon, Suffolk I56967 Tree001D 
22 CROWE, Rosina E  1878Brandon, Suffolk I56966 Tree001D 
23 CURRY, Mary  1786Brandon, Suffolk I101376 Tree001D 
24 DAYNES, William  1859Brandon, Suffolk I100042 Tree001D 
25 DIXON, Emma Louisa  12 Mar 1872Brandon, Suffolk I75154 Tree001D 
26 DIXON, Robert William  15 Sep 1886Brandon, Suffolk I86972 Tree001D 
27 DOCKING, Arthur John  1897Brandon, Suffolk I101409 Tree001D 
28 DOCKING, Bertie William  1896Brandon, Suffolk I101408 Tree001D 
29 DOCKING, Cissy  1901Brandon, Suffolk I101410 Tree001D 
30 DOCKING, Hammond George  17 Apr 1910Brandon, Suffolk I101414 Tree001D 
31 DOCKING, Hector William  25 Apr 1904Brandon, Suffolk I101412 Tree001D 
32 DOCKING, Herbert James  19 Feb 1869Brandon, Suffolk I101403 Tree001D 
33 DOCKING, Herbert James  1893Brandon, Suffolk I101402 Tree001D 
34 DOCKING, Kate  12 Sep 1905Brandon, Suffolk I101413 Tree001D 
35 DOCKING, May Eveline  1903Brandon, Suffolk I101411 Tree001D 
36 DOCKING, Percy Charles  1891Brandon, Suffolk I101417 Tree001D 
37 DYER, Beatrice Hilda  1888Brandon, Suffolk I101400 Tree001D 
38 DYER, Beatrice Hilda  4 Apr 1889Brandon, Suffolk I98526 Tree001D 
39 DYER, Edith Ellen  1885Brandon, Suffolk I101399 Tree001D 
40 DYER, Florence Mary  3 Feb 1882Brandon, Suffolk I102394 Tree001D 
41 DYER, Polly Elizabeth  17 Jan 1891Brandon, Suffolk I101401 Tree001D 
42 DYER, William  1857Brandon, Suffolk I101398 Tree001D 
43 FAYERS, Elizabeth Mary  25 Apr 1872Brandon, Suffolk I102129 Tree001D 
44 FIELD, Albert  Abt 1874Brandon, Suffolk I58294 Tree001D 
45 FIELD, Ambrose  Abt 1838Brandon, Suffolk I58353 Tree001D 
46 FIELD, Amelia  1849Brandon, Suffolk I58354 Tree001D 
47 FIELD, Ann  Abt 1853Brandon, Suffolk I58307 Tree001D 
48 FIELD, Ann Maria  1869Brandon, Suffolk I58557 Tree001D 
49 FIELD, Charles  Abt 1858Brandon, Suffolk I58308 Tree001D 
50 FIELD, Charles Wharf  1867Brandon, Suffolk I58558 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLSOP, Eliza  Feb 1879Brandon, Suffolk I48007 Tree001D 
2 BENNETT, Charles John  9 Jul 1994Brandon, Suffolk I102313 Tree001D 
3 COLEMAN, Gerald William  21 Apr 1981Brandon, Suffolk I102322 Tree001D 
4 FIELD, Isaac  Jun 1892Brandon, Suffolk I58561 Tree001D 
5 FLACK, Raymond Frederick  13 Mar 1994Brandon, Suffolk I59121 Tree001D 
6 GATHERCOLE, Mary  Mar 1836Brandon, Suffolk I49470 Tree001D 
7 HARDING, Mary Ann  Oct 1793Brandon, Suffolk I101054 Tree001D 
8 MORTLOCK, Elizabeth  Aug 1793Brandon, Suffolk I101058 Tree001D 
9 MORTLOCK, William  May 1774Brandon, Suffolk I101053 Tree001D 
10 MORTLOCK, William  Aug 1782Brandon, Suffolk I101055 Tree001D 
11 NORTON, Edward  29 Jan 1871Brandon, Suffolk I100156 Tree001D 
12 PALMER, Alfred  Aug 1856Brandon, Suffolk I101719 Tree001D 
13 ROLPH, Alfred James Peter  16 Feb 1964Brandon, Suffolk I24507 Tree001D 
14 ROLPH, Crystal May  22 Dec 2010Brandon, Suffolk I102629 Tree001D 
15 ROLPH, Isaac  26 Mar 1906Brandon, Suffolk I97854 Tree001D 
16 ROLPH, John  Jul 1874Brandon, Suffolk I49459 Tree001D 
17 ROLPH, John  Jul 1874Brandon, Suffolk I49457 Tree001D 
18 ROLPH, Rosemary  20 Mar 2010Brandon, Suffolk I97748 Tree001D 
19 ROLPH, Susan  Oct 1891Brandon, Suffolk I85996 Tree001D 
20 RUTTERFORD, Isaac  Apr 1887Brandon, Suffolk I47493 Tree001D 
21 SKINNER, Anthony William Prince  20 Dec 1998Brandon, Suffolk I102630 Tree001D 
22 TALBOT, Charles  Jan 1847Brandon, Suffolk I48554 Tree001D 
23 TALBOT, Joseph  Aug 1843Brandon, Suffolk I86045 Tree001D 
24 UTTING, Harriet  Jan 1885Brandon, Suffolk I100160 Tree001D 
25 WILLIS, Phoebe  Apr 1886Brandon, Suffolk I99536 Tree001D 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 ROLPH, Susan  30 Oct 1891Brandon, Suffolk I85996 Tree001D 
2 TALBOT, Charles  10 Jan 1847Brandon, Suffolk I48554 Tree001D 
3 TALBOT, Joseph  6 Aug 1843Brandon, Suffolk I86045 Tree001D 
4 UTTING, Harriet  15 Jan 1885Brandon, Suffolk I100160 Tree001D 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 ROLPH, Mary  13 May 1836Brandon, Suffolk I52660 Tree001D 
2 TALBOT, Charles  26 Dec 1821Brandon, Suffolk I48554 Tree001D 
3 WHARF, Sarah  11 Oct 1824Brandon, Suffolk I101380 Tree001D 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DOCKING / DYER  3 Aug 1913Brandon, Suffolk F31447 Tree001D 
2 FIELD / CROWE  1906Brandon, Suffolk F21844 Tree001D 
3 FLACK / BASHAM  9 May 1939Brandon, Suffolk F27263 Tree001D 
4 FLACK / MACE  23 Mar 1895Brandon, Suffolk F20044 Tree001D 
5 FLACK / ROLPH  12 Dec 1861Brandon, Suffolk F18691 Tree001D 
6 FLACK / ROYAL  18 Aug 1900Brandon, Suffolk F14751 Tree001D 
7 JOHNSON / CROW  15 Oct 1833Brandon, Suffolk F31495 Tree001D 
8 KIDD / FLACK   F22464 Tree001D 
9 MUNCEY / PRESLAND  21 Dec 1834Brandon, Suffolk F31980 Tree001D 
10 PARSONS / FREWER  24 Oct 1818Brandon, Suffolk F16570 Tree001D 
11 ROLPH / BACK  (BET Oct and Dec 1887)Brandon, Suffolk F21422 Tree001D 
12 ROLPH / CARTER  7 Nov 1835Brandon, Suffolk F30463 Tree001D 
13 ROLPH / HENSBY  24 Jun 1834Brandon, Suffolk F17865 Tree001D 
14 TALBOT / CARTER  25 Sep 1819Brandon, Suffolk F26793 Tree001D 

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