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Balmain, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLUE, William Albert George  1 Dec 1877Balmain, NSW, Australia I10280 Tree001D 
2 BRUCE, Wallace  1886Balmain, NSW, Australia I49785 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
3 BURTON, John William  1911Balmain, NSW, Australia I79543 TREE999D_REST 
4 CLARE, Nellie Daisy Victoria  1886Balmain, NSW, Australia I9342 Tree001D 
5 CLUBB, John Charles  1883Balmain, NSW, Australia I79741 Tree001D 
6 CULLEN, Ethel May  1890Balmain, NSW, Australia I84225 Tree001D 
7 CURRY, Charles  May 1862Balmain, NSW, Australia I9289 Tree001D 
8 CURRY, James  22 Feb 1848Balmain, NSW, Australia I9282 Tree001D 
9 CURRY, Mary  4 Mar 1859Balmain, NSW, Australia I9287 Tree001D 
10 CURRY, Robert  2 Nov 1860Balmain, NSW, Australia I9288 Tree001D 
11 DARRAGH, John Joseph  10 Jul 1912Balmain, NSW, Australia I6572 Tree001D 
12 DEMPSEY, Ann  18 Nov 1853Balmain, NSW, Australia I9295 Tree001D 
13 DEMPSEY, Catherine Mary  30 Jun 1873Balmain, NSW, Australia I9305 Tree001D 
14 DEMPSEY, Elizabeth  2 Jun 1867Balmain, NSW, Australia I9303 Tree001D 
15 DEMPSEY, Henry Robinson  16 Apr 1863Balmain, NSW, Australia I9300 Tree001D 
16 DEMPSEY, James  20 Jan 1851Balmain, NSW, Australia I9293 Tree001D 
17 DEMPSEY, John  18 Jun 1859Balmain, NSW, Australia I9298 Tree001D 
18 DEMPSEY, Thomas  6 Apr 1869Balmain, NSW, Australia I9304 Tree001D 
19 DEMPSEY, William  11 Apr 1865Balmain, NSW, Australia I9302 Tree001D 
20 FLACK, Archibald Clifton  1881Balmain, NSW, Australia I17978 Tree001D 
21 FLACK, Frederick Alexander  1879Balmain, NSW, Australia I17980 Tree001D 
22 FLACK, Reginald Fetherston  1904Balmain, NSW, Australia I49767 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
23 GRIFFITHS, Ernest Alfred A  1911Balmain, NSW, Australia I11826 Tree001D 
24 HARDMAN, Charlotte  1856Balmain, NSW, Australia I78571 Tree001D 
25 HARDMAN, Henry James Metcalfe  25 Nov 1879Balmain, NSW, Australia I9317 Tree001D 
26 HARDMAN, John F  1858Balmain, NSW, Australia I78572 Tree001D 
27 HARDMAN, Leslie Kethel  31 Jul 1883Balmain, NSW, Australia I9319 Tree001D 
28 HARDMAN, Samuel  1861Balmain, NSW, Australia I78573 Tree001D 
29 HARDMAN, Thomas  1863Balmain, NSW, Australia I78570 Tree001D 
30 HARDMAN, Wallace Herbert  31 Mar 1887Balmain, NSW, Australia I9320 Tree001D 
31 JOHNSON, Evelyn Eugene  1884Balmain, NSW, Australia I49774 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
32 JOHNSON, Frederick H  1888Balmain, NSW, Australia I78700 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
33 JOHNSON, Mary F  1886Balmain, NSW, Australia I78699 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
34 JOHNSON, Percy  1891Balmain, NSW, Australia I78701 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
35 LA GRANGE, Alexander L V de  1876Balmain, NSW, Australia I49801 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
36 LA GRANGE, Victor Bernier de  1878Balmain, NSW, Australia I49798 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
37 LITTLE, Ada  1880Balmain, NSW, Australia I5628 Tree001D 
38 MACDADE, Einer J F  1904Balmain, NSW, Australia I79964 Tree001D 
39 NORMAN, Annie V  1888Balmain, NSW, Australia I80125 Tree001D 
40 NORMAN, Arthur Gilford  1875Balmain, NSW, Australia I80124 Tree001D 
41 NORMAN, Frederick  1878Balmain, NSW, Australia I80126 Tree001D 
42 WILLS, Clarice B  1887Balmain, NSW, Australia I80130 Tree001D 
43 WILLS, Harold V  1881Balmain, NSW, Australia I80128 Tree001D 
44 WILLS, Helen E  1884Balmain, NSW, Australia I80129 Tree001D 
45 WILLS, Marion W  1889Balmain, NSW, Australia I80131 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BALLARD, Timothy William Ellis  1898Balmain, NSW, Australia I59263 TREE999D_REST 
2 BATES, Stanley Centennial  12 Sep 1967Balmain, NSW, Australia I5345 Tree001D 
3 BEECROFT, William George  10 Sep 1971Balmain, NSW, Australia I80154 Tree001D 
4 BLANCHARD, Alfred George  11 Jan 1962Balmain, NSW, Australia I9330 Tree001D 
5 BRIEN, Clarence Hastings  20 Jan 2004Balmain, NSW, Australia I8588 Tree001D 
6 BRUCE, George King  25 May 1966Balmain, NSW, Australia I49794 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
7 BURTON, John William  31 Jul 1982Balmain, NSW, Australia I79543 TREE999D_REST 
8 CARTER, George Henry  16 Jan 1957Balmain, NSW, Australia I59357 TREE999D_REST 
9 CLARE, Alma May  14 Apr 1944Balmain, NSW, Australia I9343 Tree001D 
10 COLEMAN, Norma Marjorie  1947Balmain, NSW, Australia I84162 Tree001D 
11 COLLESS, Claude  1960Balmain, NSW, Australia I8250 Tree001D 
12 COLLESS, Dorothy May  12 Jun 1960Balmain, NSW, Australia I8661 Tree001D 
13 CURRY, Charles  1 Jul 1862Balmain, NSW, Australia I9289 Tree001D 
14 CURRY, Mary  2 Sep 1860Balmain, NSW, Australia I9287 Tree001D 
15 DARRAGH, Alice Mary  25 Mar 1963Balmain, NSW, Australia I5337 Tree001D 
16 DEMPSEY, James  8 May 1882Balmain, NSW, Australia I9291 Tree001D 
17 DEMPSEY, Jane  24 Jun 1862Balmain, NSW, Australia I9280 Tree001D 
18 DEMPSEY, Thomas  17 Nov 1871Balmain, NSW, Australia I9304 Tree001D 
19 EVANS, Ethel Viola De R  7 Jul 1958Balmain, NSW, Australia I8810 Tree001D 
20 EVANS, Vincent George  1954Balmain, NSW, Australia I8339 Tree001D 
21 FARLEY, Edward Francis  5 Oct 1966Balmain, NSW, Australia I59355 TREE999D_REST 
22 FLACK, Olive Mary  7 Mar 1961Balmain, NSW, Australia I12434 Tree001D 
23 FLANAGAN, Gertrude Cyclone  5 Dec 1979Balmain, NSW, Australia I8587 Tree001D 
24 GORMAN, Esther  12 Sep 1909Balmain, NSW, Australia I6212 Tree001D 
25 GREY, Susan  1917Balmain, NSW, Australia I83395 Tree001D 
26 HARDMAN, James  9 Nov 1904Balmain, NSW, Australia I78569 Tree001D 
27 HARDMAN, John F  1859Balmain, NSW, Australia I78572 Tree001D 
28 HARDMAN, Samuel  1862Balmain, NSW, Australia I78573 Tree001D 
29 HARDMAN, Thomas  1863Balmain, NSW, Australia I78570 Tree001D 
30 HARVEY, George William  22 Dec 1966Balmain, NSW, Australia I10913 Tree001D 
31 HINES, David James  10 Feb 1912Balmain, NSW, Australia I6161 Tree001D 
32 KENNY, Albert Patrick  1965Balmain, NSW, Australia I7466 Tree001D 
33 LA GRANGE, Victor Bernier de  1878Balmain, NSW, Australia I49798 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
34 MARCH, Leo Charles  3 Oct 1961Balmain, NSW, Australia I81070 Tree001D 
35 MASON, Victor John  1956Balmain, NSW, Australia I79084 Tree001D 
36 MENDEL, Wilfred John  24 Dec 1962Balmain, NSW, Australia I80233 Tree001D 
37 PEACOCK, Sophie Comfort  5 Jul 1975Balmain, NSW, Australia I10186 Tree001D 
38 PINN, May Florence Lenore  26 Dec 1955Balmain, NSW, Australia I80779 Tree001D 
39 PULLMAN, Valletta Olive  26 Jul 1964Balmain, NSW, Australia I10502 Tree001D 
40 REILLY, Jack N  14 Sep 1965Balmain, NSW, Australia I17928 Tree001D 
41 ROBERTS, Elsie Blanche  4 Jun 1970Balmain, NSW, Australia I59354 TREE999D_REST 
42 ROBERTS, Oswald John  27 Jun 1919Balmain, NSW, Australia I59353 TREE999D_REST 
43 ROBINSON, Ruth Emma  1 Jul 2005Balmain, NSW, Australia I8373 Tree001D 
44 SHARMAN, Walter Joseph  27 Oct 1962Balmain, NSW, Australia I80765 Tree001D 
45 SLADEN, Lilian Clara  26 Oct 1949Balmain, NSW, Australia I59376 TREE999D_REST 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 GREY, Susan  24 Jul 1917Balmain, NSW, Australia I83395 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 ROBINSON, Henry  23 Mar 1851Balmain, NSW, Australia I5822 Tree001D 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BUCKINGHAM / FLACK  1877Balmain, NSW, Australia F6312 Tree001D 
2 CULLEN / MCFARLANE  1883Balmain, NSW, Australia F2722 Tree001D 
3 CUMBERLAND / DEMPSEY  1876Balmain, NSW, Australia F3548 Tree001D 
4 DEMPSEY / CROMIE  16 Apr 1850Balmain, NSW, Australia F3546 Tree001D 
5 DEMPSEY / FIGURES  13 Sep 1887Balmain, NSW, Australia F3551 Tree001D 
6 FOG / NEAL  1904Balmain, NSW, Australia F3660 Tree001D 
7 HARDMAN / BEECH  1946Balmain, NSW, Australia F16207 Tree001D 
8 HARDMAN / DEMPSEY  14 Jan 1879Balmain, NSW, Australia F3549 Tree001D 
9 KILBORNE / PORTEOUS  1881Balmain, NSW, Australia F2485 Tree001D 
10 NADIN / ELLIOTT  24 Feb 1892Balmain, NSW, Australia F1832 Tree001D 
11 NADIN / O'TOOLE  1 Sep 1885Balmain, NSW, Australia F1884 Tree001D 
12 SHIELS / DIXON  1942Balmain, NSW, Australia F4376 Tree001D 
13 WILLS / HARDMAN  1880Balmain, NSW, Australia F21892 Tree001D 

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