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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASEPH, Female   I12389 Tree690J 
2 ATKINSON, Male  Est 1885/1895USA I33053 Tree618J 
3 BACON, Cynthia  USA I272 Tree618J 
4 BLACKWELDER, James Fleet  1920USA I60544 Tree001D 
5 BURSLE, William Charles  Abt 1837USA I9608 Tree001D 
6 BUTLER, Bertha Bell  1896USA I10691 Tree001D 
7 BUTLER, Grace M  1898USA I10692 Tree001D 
8 BUTLER, Jessie Cutcher  Abt 1900USA I10693 Tree001D 
9 BUTLER, Vernon L  25 Jul 1906USA I5277 Tree001D 
10 CLARK, Female   I12388 Tree690J 
11 CLARKIN, Sharon Lee   I85066 Tree001D 
12 CURETON, William A  Abt 1824USA I13076 Tree690J 
13 DELBILT, Warren Eugene   I33021 Tree618J 
14 DENSON, Mary  Abt 1804USA I13088 Tree690J 
15 DEWIG, Female   I12380 Tree690J 
16 FLACH, William  Abt 1903USA I63226 TREE999D_REST 
17 FLACK, Anita   I61548 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
18 FLACK, Beverly Christine   I33020 Tree618J 
19 FLACK, Carol E   I103468 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
20 FLACK, Carole Jean   I33017 Tree618J 
21 FLACK, Elizabeth  Est 1780/1790USA I4167 Tree660J 
22 FLACK, James Riley   I77874 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
23 FLACK, Joan   I61547 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
24 FLACK, Norman   I61671 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
25 FLACK, Robert   I61669 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
26 FLAKE, Carlyle Gregory  Est 1900/1910USA I13083 Tree690J 
27 FLAKE, Carol Sue   I13002 Tree690J 
28 FLAKE, Caroline  1824USA I13069 Tree690J 
29 FLAKE, Clarence Lyndon  Est 1910/1915USA I12994 Tree690J 
30 FLAKE, Clarence Lyndon Jr   I12997 Tree690J 
31 FLAKE, Katherine Ida  Est 1900/1910USA I13085 Tree690J 
32 FLAKE, Lenora   I13000 Tree690J 
33 FLAKE, Male   I12379 Tree690J 
34 FLAKE, Matilda  1781/1816USA I13107 Tree690J 
35 FLAKE, Merlyn   I13001 Tree690J 
36 FLAKE, Sally  Est 1786/1806USA I13111 Tree690J 
37 FLAKE, Thomas   I12967 Tree690J 
38 FLAKE, Thomas Keith   I12970 Tree690J 
39 FLAKE, William Chappel  Est 1900/1910USA I13084 Tree690J 
40 FLAKE, William Ellison   I12968 Tree690J 
41 FLAKE, William Ellison Jr   I12971 Tree690J 
42 GURNEY, Callum   I95925 Tree001D 
43 GURNEY, Fraser   I95926 Tree001D 
44 HALFERTY, Bertha  6 Feb 1894USA I47392 Tree602J 
45 HAYTON, Martha  USA I32142 Tree951DJ 
46 JENKINS, James  Est 1786/1806USA I13112 Tree690J 
47 JONES, Madeleine  23 Apr 1910USA I86 Tree618J 
48 LEAH, Emily 'Emma'  Abt 1842USA I20423 Tree608J 
49 PATTERSON, Male   I12393 Tree690J 
50 PLATT, Charles Earl  Abt 1903USA I10482 Tree656J 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ATKINSON, Male  Bef 1930USA I33053 Tree618J 
2 BARBER, Joan  23 Apr 2010USA I103577 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
3 BAYNES, George  1920USA I404 Tree001D 
4 BEESLEY, Constance L  Abt 1974USA I49224 Tree001D 
5 BESSANT, George  1892/1900USA I6695 Tree951DJ 
6 BLACKWELDER, James Fleet  1978USA I60544 Tree001D 
7 DALE, Honoria Joan  14 Mar 2001USA I88136 Tree001D 
8 FLACK, Arthur James  6 Apr 1972USA I55166 Tree001D 
9 FLACK, Edward Thomas  13 Jun 1963USA I55164 Tree001D 
10 FLACK, George William  1889USA I55124 Tree001D 
11 FLACK, James *  USA I30449 USA_kentucky_strays 
12 FLACK, James *  USA I4448 Tree608J 
13 FLACK, Jessie  12 Jan 1976USA I55125 Tree001D 
14 FLACK, John *  USA I33383 Tree603J 
15 FLACK, Louis Alfred  13 Dec 1962USA I55168 Tree001D 
16 FLACK, Mabel Frederrica  25 Jun 1963USA I55163 Tree001D 
17 FLACK, Margeret Norris  28 Oct 1918USA I55169 Tree001D 
18 FLACK, Mary Rebecca  20 Nov 1954USA I56150 Tree001D 
19 FLACK, May  23 Dec 1958USA I55123 Tree001D 
20 FLACK, Patrick *  USA I19247 USA_newjersey_strays 
21 FLACK, William Francis  12 Aug 1878USA I55162 Tree001D 
22 FLETCHER, Addie Eliza  1904USA I10689 Tree001D 
23 HILDRED, Frank  1983USA I94416 Tree001D 
24 HILL, Mabel Daisy  1975USA I65310 Tree001D 
25 HUTCHESON, Robert  28 Jul 1893USA I33461 Tree607J 
26 OGLIVE, Ruth  1924USA I33923 Tree001D 
27 SMART, Florence Georgina Alice  18 May 1992USA I22605 TREE999D_REST 
28 SNYDER, Jacob  27 Sep 1788USA I8019 Tree719J 
29 SPRINGHALL, John William David  26 Oct 1995USA I51592 Tree001D 
30 STOCKDALE, Susannah Joy  USA I8081 Tree951DJ 
31 TEMPEST, William Thomas  1870USA I97022 TREE999D_REST 
32 THOMAS, Wendy P  18 Feb 1969USA I46049 TREE999D_REST 
33 UNKNOWN, Eliza Jane  USA I33384 Tree603J 
34 UNKNOWN, Mary  USA I30450 USA_kentucky_strays 
35 UNKNOWN, Mary  USA I19246 USA_newjersey_strays 
36 WALTHER, Roy  1964USA I48668 TREE999D_REST 
37 WEINBERGER, Jennie Margaret  11 Sep 1964USA I55167 Tree001D 
38 WILKIE, Rachael  12 May 1927USA I33036 Tree618J 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 FLACK, John *  1869USA I30544 USA_kentucky_strays 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FLACK / BURLING  Abt 1870USA F4626 Tree001D 
4 MAKEPEACE / DUBREUCQ  Abt 1930USA F11218 Tree001D 

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