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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARMSTRONG, Emily Louise   I28228 Tree001D 
2 ARMSTRONG, Kate Alexandra   I28227 Tree001D 
3 ARMSTRONG, Sarah Margaret   I28226 Tree001D 
4 BAAK, Daniel Richard   I87291 Tree001D 
5 BAAK, Ryan   I87292 Tree001D 
6 BAAK, Stuart David   I28215 Tree001D 
7 BENT, Bernard   I70620 TREE999D_REST 
8 BENT, Enid  Abt 1929South Africa I70619 TREE999D_REST 
9 BENT, Ernest   I70618 TREE999D_REST 
10 BENT, Maureen   I70621 TREE999D_REST 
11 BENT, Mervyn   I70623 TREE999D_REST 
12 BURCH, Richard John  12 Nov 1948South Africa I28238 Tree001D 
13 COETZEE, Elizabeth   I31069 Tree001D 
14 CORYNDON-BAKER, Lyndon Evelyn  23 Dec 1910South Africa I89550 Tree001D 
15 DE VILLIERS, Maria Rebella  13 Jan 1915South Africa I25783 Tree001D 
16 DEETLIFS, Beryl Joan  24 Jul 1930South Africa I70616 TREE999D_REST 
17 DEETLIFS, Desmond   I70614 TREE999D_REST 
18 DEETLIFS, George McCall Theal  1885South Africa I70612 TREE999D_REST 
19 DEETLIFS, Thelma   I70613 TREE999D_REST 
20 FLACK, Andrew Michael   I31253 Tree001D 
21 FLACK, Basil John Ingleby  1887South Africa I51225 TREE999D_REST 
22 FLACK, Bessie Muriel Sutton  19 Aug 1911South Africa I39860 TREE999D_REST 
23 FLACK, Christopher Edward   I31263 Tree001D 
24 FLACK, David Edward  21 Jan 1932South Africa I25969 Tree001D 
25 FLACK, David Robert   I28213 Tree001D 
26 FLACK, Jessica   I92069 TREE999D_REST 
27 FLACK, Justin StClair   I28211 Tree001D 
28 FLACK, Lorraine   I92054 TREE999D_REST 
29 FLACK, Sharon   I92053 TREE999D_REST 
30 FLACK, Wilfred Henry  1888South Africa I51226 TREE999D_REST 
31 FLACK, William   I92070 TREE999D_REST 
32 GIBBS, Glenda May   I30955 Tree001D 
33 GIBBS, John Herbert  28 Oct 1931South Africa I30954 Tree001D 
34 GIBBS, Sebastian Henry  19 Jun 1894South Africa I28262 Tree001D 
35 GOUGH, Alexander Percival  7 Jan 1883South Africa I30883 Tree001D 
36 GOUGH, Charlotte Lucy  13 Nov 1867South Africa I30872 Tree001D 
37 GOUGH, Edith May  25 Oct 1873South Africa I30877 Tree001D 
38 GOUGH, Effie  2 Oct 1869South Africa I30874 Tree001D 
39 GOUGH, Ella Jane  11 Dec 1861South Africa I30869 Tree001D 
40 GOUGH, Enid  Abt 1863South Africa I29020 Tree001D 
41 GOUGH, Fred  Abt 1865South Africa I29021 Tree001D 
42 GOUGH, Henry Valentine  31 Oct 1871South Africa I30875 Tree001D 
43 GOUGH, Herbert Edward  1866South Africa I30871 Tree001D 
44 GOUGH, Lora Gregory  24 Sep 1879South Africa I30882 Tree001D 
45 GOUGH, Sydney  19 Mar 1879South Africa I30880 Tree001D 
46 GOUGH, William Drinkwater Cecil  26 Sep 1884South Africa I30885 Tree001D 
47 HARRIS, Ethel Victoria  24 May 1887South Africa I30932 Tree001D 
48 HARRIS, Frederick Charles  10 Dec 1880South Africa I30924 Tree001D 
49 HARRIS, Gertrude Lucy  28 Apr 1884South Africa I30928 Tree001D 
50 HARRIS, Gordon  21 Mar 1885South Africa I30930 Tree001D 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON, Isabella Elizabeth  1960South Africa I31487 Tree001D 
2 BADENHORST, Felicity Anne  Apr 2000South Africa I30982 Tree001D 
3 BENT, Henry Edward  1971South Africa I70617 TREE999D_REST 
4 BERNEAUD, Henry Charles  Abt 2010South Africa I30398 Tree001D 
5 DE ROME, Leo Anthony  15 Aug 1988South Africa I103557 TREE998D_TWIGLETS 
6 DEETLIFS, Beryl Joan  23 Dec 1932South Africa I70616 TREE999D_REST 
7 DEETLIFS, George McCall Theal  1949South Africa I70612 TREE999D_REST 
8 EDWARDS, Elizabeth Mary  1954South Africa I30914 Tree001D 
9 ELTON, Clara Edith  1927South Africa I75956 TREE999D_REST 
10 EWER, George Guy  1949South Africa I75878 TREE999D_REST 
11 FLACK, Alfred Henry  Aft 1901South Africa I50693 TREE999D_REST 
12 FLACK, Kathleen Ellen Elsie  1997South Africa I62266 Tree001D 
13 FLACK, Nora Sutton  1966South Africa I39859 TREE999D_REST 
14 FLACK, Oswald Sutton  1964South Africa I42909 TREE999D_REST 
15 FLACK, Septimus Matthew Henry  1931South Africa I75906 TREE999D_REST 
16 FRANKLE, Leon Harry  1965South Africa I78708 Tree001D 
17 GIBBS, John Herbert  29 Nov 1966South Africa I30954 Tree001D 
18 GOUGH, Alexander Percival  1965South Africa I30883 Tree001D 
19 GOUGH, Edith May  23 Apr 1941South Africa I30877 Tree001D 
20 GOUGH, Lora Gregory  23 Sep 1912South Africa I30882 Tree001D 
21 GOUGH, Sydney  26 Dec 1939South Africa I30880 Tree001D 
22 GOUGH, William Drinkwater Cecil  2 Sep 1941South Africa I30885 Tree001D 
23 GOYEN, Emma Jane  Abt 1931South Africa I38745 Tree951DJ 
24 GUSH, Milicent  1948South Africa I25923 Tree001D 
25 HARRIS, Arthur Fred  23 Nov 1931South Africa I29048 Tree001D 
26 HULETT, Brett  12 Jun 2015South Africa I28216 Tree001D 
27 INGGS, Agnes Lucy  9 Apr 1933South Africa I30909 Tree001D 
28 INGGS, Charles Henry  1937South Africa I28330 Tree001D 
29 INGGS, Delphine Elfreda  1900South Africa I31247 Tree001D 
30 INGGS, Donald Raymond  7 Mar 2003South Africa I28247 Tree001D 
31 INGGS, Douglas Percy  7 Nov 1963South Africa I85194 Tree001D 
32 INGGS, Emily Louisa  9 Apr 1929South Africa I28329 Tree001D 
33 INGGS, Florence Mary  15 Aug 1934South Africa I28328 Tree001D 
34 INGGS, George  28 Mar 1903South Africa I30911 Tree001D 
35 INGGS, George Alfred  18 Aug 1959South Africa I29030 Tree001D 
36 INGGS, Harriet  1915South Africa I28342 Tree001D 
37 INGGS, Herbert Walter  26 May 1904South Africa I30903 Tree001D 
38 INGGS, James Oliver  30 Dec 1952South Africa I30919 Tree001D 
39 INGGS, Jayde  21 Apr 2015South Africa I85215 Tree001D 
40 INGGS, Kenneth Stanley  7 Sep 1972South Africa I85193 Tree001D 
41 INGGS, Lawrence Gregory  1943South Africa I30907 Tree001D 
42 INGGS, Lillian Maud  4 Jul 1961South Africa I30915 Tree001D 
43 INGGS, Lucy Alice  11 Aug 1945South Africa I28327 Tree001D 
44 INGGS, Sidney Clifford  10 May 1957South Africa I30921 Tree001D 
45 INGGS, Vincent Robert  16 Jun 1976South Africa I31242 Tree001D 
46 INGGS, Walter Herbert  30 May 1956South Africa I30917 Tree001D 
47 KATZENSTEIN, Albert  1965South Africa I78730 Tree001D 
48 KATZENSTEIN, Alice  1955South Africa I78709 Tree001D 
49 KATZENSTEIN, Carl  May 1931South Africa I78712 Tree001D 
50 KROG, Henry de Villiers  6 Sep 1955South Africa I70635 TREE999D_REST 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 FLACK, Charlotte Smallman  8 Sep 1848South Africa I43922 TREE999D_REST 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ARMSTRONG / HULETT   F9664 Tree001D 
2 BAAK / FLACK   F9662 Tree001D 
4 FLACK / DE KLERK   F10539 Tree001D 
5 FLACK / UNKNOWN   F21258 Tree001D 
6 FLACK / WILLIS  1888South Africa F13620 TREE999D_REST 
7 INGGS / PORTER  17 Apr 1884South Africa F9751 Tree001D 
8 KROG / KNELL   F25496 TREE999D_REST 
10 KROG / METZ  4 Jan 1930South Africa F25489 TREE999D_REST 
11 LAIGHT / BUTLER  29 Mar 1943South Africa F9658 Tree001D 
12 LEES / AVIS  Abt 1920South Africa F3710 Tree001D 
13 MINNITT / KATZENSTEIN  Abt 1937South Africa F13153 Tree001D 
14 POTE / YENDALL   F10326 Tree001D 
15 SEPHTON / POTE  Abt 1914South Africa F10518 Tree001D 
16 SHAW / FLACK  Abt 1920South Africa F10542 Tree001D 
17 SNETLER / VAN VUUREN  Abt 1848South Africa F9723 Tree001D 
18 TEETON / RIBBINK   F9553 Tree001D 
19 WARD / GOUGH  28 Oct 1896South Africa F10474 Tree001D 

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