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The 1939 National Register.

The National Registration Act was a critical tool in co-ordinating the war effort at home, being used to issue identity cards and organise rationing, and was used in the founding of the NHS. National Registration Day was September 29th 1939 – forms were issued to more than 41 million people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Enumerators visited every household to collect the information and issue identity cards on the spot.

The 1931 census was destroyed during an air raid on London, and the 1941 census was never taken. The 1939 Register (released on line by FindMyPast in partnership with The National Archives) is therefore the only surviving census of the civil population of England and Wales between 1921 and 1951

What information is available from the 1939 Register? Names, addresses, date of birth, marital status and occupation were recorded. Relationships between the individuals in a household are not given.

Officially closed records: personal details for people in the Register born less than 100 years ago are officially closed, unless known to have died

The 1939 Register only reflects the civilian population: members of the armed forces were not recorded, even if they were billeted in the community or even at home! In some instances the records do include members of the armed services on leave, and civilians on military bases.

Information relating to civilians in Scotland and Northern Ireland are not included in the FindMyPast collection.

Flacks in the 1939 Register

January 2017: Currently there are 3,310 Flack, 11 Flacke and 4 Flach records on the 1939 Register. There are probably an equal number of married Flack females, not to mention those Flack's mis-indexed as Hack, Slack etc. The most useful information contained in the 1939 Register is actual birth dates, which have allowed me to confirm (and correct!) many post 1911 marriages. Also, both surnames are given where a woman changes her surname through marriage; making it possible to document many second and even third marriages that were previously not known about.

To date I am about 75% of the way through including all the Flack information in the Flack database. As a taster, here is a handful of 1939 Register "Featured Families":

Reuben Flack born 05 Mar 1881 died 11 Jan 1961. Son of Peter Flack (1850-1930) and Maria Halls (1854-1933). Married Ada Wallington (1882-1957) in 1908. Three children Leslie Wallington Flack (1908-1992, married Hilda May Dixon), Ruby Maud Flack (1910- , married Leonard Joseph Burgess) and Arthur Reuben Flack (1913-1967, married Ivy Appleby)

Clifford Drage Flack born 15 Jun 1893 died 29 August 1957, son of John Edward Flack (1855-?) and Catherine Mary Drage (1859-1914). Married Frances Shean (1894-1982) in 1920 - one daughter (record still closed)

Albert Edward Flack born 20 Dec 1871 son of Thomas Flack (1834-1909) and Elizabeth Lindsell (1837-1925). Married Mary Ann Read (1872-1936) in 1894. Albert and Mary had 5 children: Edith Maud May Flack (1895-1974 married Joseph Busby), Alice Katherine Read Flack (1898-1971 married Robert H Kirk), Edward Thomas James Flack (1901-1978 married Mabel D Meacham), Albert Edward Flack (1902-1976 married ?), and Ivy Gwendoline Flack (1903-1993 married Frank Robinson)

Henry Flack born 04 Sep 1861, son of Robert Flack (abt 1833-?) and Margaret Campbell (1835-1917). Married Alice Price (1858-1938) in 1883. Henry and Alice had 7 children: Henry Robert Flack (1884-1952, married Charlotte Purdon); Lottie Maria Flack (1885-? married Alfred Bertram Jones); Maud Flack (1887-? married Ernest Hough); Minnie Matilda Flack (1888-1961 married William Taylor); Frederick Milsom Flack 1895-1919; Ivy Irene Flack 1899-1905; Bertram Cecil Flack (1903-1992) married Emma Grace Hodge).

Walter William Flack, born 27 Oct 1885 son of William Flack (1856-1915) and Jane May (1862-1928). Married (1) Emma Elizabeth Horner (1883-1949) in 1913; their daughter Joan Elizabeth (1910-2004) married Percy E Dangerfield. After Emma's death Walter married Alice B Clark (1910-1990).

Walter William Ludgate Flack born 07 May 1890 son of Walter Flack (1858-1932) and Jane Adams (1860-1942). Married Georgina Frances West (1886-1957), daughter of Edwin Henry West and Fanny Prior, in 1914. Walter and Georgina had two children: Eric Walter E Flack (1916-1990) and Winifred G Flack (married Frederick Benning)

John James Flack born 1893 son of Robert Flack (1850 Harlton, Cambs -1930) and Maria Ann Peck (1853 Bourn, Cambs - 1930). While John is not listed, presumably as he was signed up to the armed forces, we have his wife Marguerite Elizabeth Glover (1894-1977) and two of their sons; Robert William Flack (1922-2002) and John James Flack (1924-1977). Living next door is Mabel Joyce Churchill (1919-1997) who married their eldest son Douglas Flack (1919-1944) in 1942

Herbert Charles Flack (01 Sep 1864-1942), son of William Israel Flack and Harriet Chapman. Married Dora Menie Bessie Hadaway (17 Jan 1871-1957) in 1895. Herbert and Dora had 7 children: Dora Jane Flack (1896-1972, married John William Mace (1880-1967) in 1943); Frederick William Flack (1900-1963, married Alexandrina Smith (1899-1973) in 1926); Herbert Edward H Flack 1904-1905; Elizabeth E M Flack (1906-?, married Thomas T Gibson in 1936); John Arthur Flack (1907-1985, married Minnie Stephenson (1908-1977) in 1931); Herbert Charles Flack (1909-1981, married Ruby Spencer Ord (1911-2001) in 1939); and Thomas Flack (1911-1982, married Florence Humphrey Leonard (1913-2002) in 1940.)

Charles Henry Flack (born 1895 In Edinburgh, Scotland and died 1975 in Barnet, Middlesex), son of Henry Edwin Flack and Martha Mary Barrett; married Bertha Wilson (1896-1973) in 1922. Charles and Bertha had two children: son Owen Charles W Flack (1923-2003 married Gladys Irene Harrison (1925-1997) in 1947) and daughter Kathleen.

Sonny Flack, born 23 Dec 1906, one of 11 children born to Dives Flack (1868-1950) and Nancy Hedges (1870-1944). Sonny married Florence Helen Bentley (born 22 Oct 1914 daughter of Watson Charles Bentley and Mary Ryan, died 1989) in 1936 and they had 5 children.

Albert Edward Flack born 26 June 1902 son of Albert Edward Flack (1871-1957) and Mary Ann Read (1872-1936). Albert married Ethel Peach (born 21 April 1899 died 1986) in 1923. Her son Eric (born 23 Jun 1920) married Cynthia Gladys Wallbank (1922-2004) in 1945 - Eric and Cynthia had 7 children all born in Chatham area.

Felix Bodog and Lili Flack, refugees from Austria, living with retired chaplain Thomas H Boyd in St Stephen's Church. Felix, born in 1886, died in 1958 naming Erika Ruth Flack (sister? Daughter?) as executor of his will. Erika R Flack married Ronald E Price in 1962; it is no known what became of Lili.

Edith Eliza Bessie Flack nee Reddie (1864-1945), widow of Charles William Flack (1862-1926), and her daughter Elsa Edith Greene (1892-1948), widow of Captain Quincey Shaw Greene who died 28 March 1918 in Arras, France.

Denise Carr 2/01/2017


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